Free Jim comes home to an unexpected surprise. Videos

A girls night out ends in lesbian encounter.

hand on Rob's thigh saying, "I am, but could you dim the lights a little?"

Rob reached over and took a remote off the end table and dimmed the lights.

"Nice touch. You have a great place here," I said.

He smiled, "I am glad you like it."

"I love your house it is so romantic. Everything about it turns me on."

As she said this she slid her hand up both of our thighs at the same time and rested her hand on our cocks.

"I have been thinking about this for a long time and really want to get it on with both of you."

I was shocked. I never knew she even had thoughts like this. She was always so jealous when we dated and had an absolute fit one time when I said I had fantasized about a threesome with her and another women. I still remember her words very distinctly as she marched out the door, "You're sick!" It was a long time before she even talked to me again.

"Are you shocked?"

"Yeah, a little. Actually a lot more than a little considering how you reacted when I mentioned a threesome with another woman."

"Well, I told you this was going to be a night of firsts."

Rob only looked at me, not saying a word and placed his hand on her breast kissing her neck. She took my hand and slipped it up under her skirt. You can imagine my shock when I touched her pussy, she was not wearing panties and she was already incredibly wet. Her hand was rubbing my cock as she spread her legs to let me access her and her other hand was busy playing with Rob's cock. I saw her pull his mouth to hers and watched her tongue enter his mouth in a deep French kiss. I was still mystified as to how this was happening but decided not to think about it and to just go with the flow.

Rob's hands were busy unbuttoning her blouse as he explored her mouth with his tongue. She took my hand and pressed it against her pussy and pushed my finger in along with her own. I could hear her moaning and bent down to suck her now exposed breast teasing her nipple as I continued to finger her. Rob released her mouth and started sucking her other breast. At first I was uncomfortable with him being so close especially when our cheeks rubbed together as we each enjoyed her breasts, but was soon lost in the moment and never gave it another thought.

"I want to see both your cocks. Take off your pants."

I reluctantly left her pussy and nipple to undue my pants. I slid them down and off of my legs leaving me only in my underwear. She slipped out of her blouse and removed her bra arching her ass off of the couch to remove her skirt. Rob stood up to take off his pants and removed them and his underwear in one quick movement freeing his now erect cock. I couldn't help but to stare at his penis. It was larger than mine and appeared to be at least eight inches. The head was engorged and almost a purple color and I could see the veins running down his shaft. I had seen a lot of cocks in my day from being in the school locker room as a teenager and now at the gym but never this close or this erect. I had to admit it was quite a specimen.

"Aren't you going to take off your underwear?" she said reaching for Rob's cock, which she eagerly put in her mouth.

As she began to suck him I could feel myself getting harder and watched in fascination.

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