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They use his sweet young little wife.

You try to arch up into her but the ropes keep you from achieving your goal.

She laughs at your attempts, the sound soft and sexy...mmmmmmm you don't know it, but you want to hear just about melts you. You start to speak but as you open your mouth ,she puts her lips to yours and sucks your tongue into her mouth...sucking so hard it almost hurts, but at the same time its oh so sexy and you don't want the feelings to stop.

You feel her tongue lashing against yours as her hands run up over your strong arms, tied firmly in place. Frustrated you pull on the ropes but they hold fast. The ropes seem to get tighter as you pull and you finally lay back and decide to just go with it.

Her tongue traces your chin up to your ear and she sucks on your ear lobe pulling it into her mouth, just as she did your tongue...sucking hard until you feel like it will split off...but you notice that it also feels good. Your cock is twitching in the warm moistness between her legs, but you're unable to thrust up into her. You feel her chuckling to herself as you try. The sound is musical and sexy and seductive all at one time and you enjoy the sound.

Her tongue traces down your neck and it makes you tremble as she finds a ticklish spot...but you can't move more than a few inches. Her tongue and hands are constantly moving now...rubbing and touching and licking and sucking all over your body. You squirm, your cock needs attention...its hard and stiff and weeping pre cum. It starts to twitch as you feel drops of pussy juice drip on you. You know she's as excited as you are but she still won't let you lose...won't let you thrust into that warm inviting place.

Then for just a moment she slides down on your cock...capturing it like a prize as she slides back down onto it, taking it swiftly all the way to the hilt. Then she pulls her self off reluctantly.

She slides her body lower until her tits are nudging your knees and her nose brushes your balls...her tongue creeps out and she tickles your balls with it. You moan softly at this new sensation, but you gasp when she sucks a ball into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it. Just as suddenly she lets it plop out of her mouth and just as suddenly she sucks the other ball into her mouth as you gasp again in pleasure. No one has ever sucked on your balls before and the feeling is exquisite...but nothing prepares you for her sucking both balls into her mouth at once. Her tongue never stopping as it swirls between and around and over them.

You strain at the ropes wanting to control the situation but you can't and it makes you tremble with the excitement of it. As she lets both the balls drop from her mouth...they tingle and tighten up with the sudden coolness of the room. You jerk with a start as you feel the fronts of her teeth and her mostly closed lips begin to run up one side or your throbbing hard cock. They pause momentarily before sliding down the other side. You try to arch your hips to get your cock inside her lips but the ropes are too tight. Finally, almost in answer to the pleading in your head she grasps the head of your cock in her lips and teeth, as she tickles the hole with the tip of her tongue. Try as she might she can only take about half of it into her mouth as she tries to deep throat you... but she seems to have more in than anyone else ever has. You moan at the delightful feelings that are washing over you. You feel the cum building in your balls ready to shoot and she senses this too... she stops and pulls away... you wonder what will come next but fear that it won't be you.

Then you feel the bed shake and the spring's creek as she crawls up to you.

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