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Father's panty fetish leads to incest.

It may have been stuff she had learned by reading or just the raw passion that Igor had lit in her soul that was manifesting itself in a physical form. Whatever it was, it was turning on Igor more and more as her fingers explored more of his body, the intensely hairy groin and the crack between his tightly muscled buttocks.

'Baby, we do it the other way now ok?'

'What do you mean Igor?'

'You come on top of me and enjoy my cock.'

He never let his cock slip out from her cunt while they rolled over to him on his back and Anne on top of him.

'Go on fuck my cock now.' He growled in her ear.

As she started to moving, impaling herself more on more on his meaty shaft she felt could control the pain of stretching that his cock was doing to her cunt. She made small movements, which also seemed to inflame Igor, as the animal instinct inside him wanted him to stop being gentle with her and pound her body and take his pleasure. Though he tried to control himself from doing this and causing her pain, almost reflexly his hips seemed to jerk up making his cock penetrate deeper into her. Though this gave her some pain it also brought her intense pleasure and she started welcoming those strong upward thrusts. They seemed make his hard pubic bone almost brush against her clitoris making her intensely stimulated and making her grunt each time.

Meanwhile Igor was paying full attention to her breasts and nipples, fondling, sucking, caressing and biting on as he became more stimulated.

Anne too did not remain the shy virgin, taking her chance to kiss and nuzzle his neck and chest and also becoming bold enough explore his hairy armpits. The strong musky odour seemed only to drive her wilder to start licking and sucking on them. She could not seem to get enough of him.

Igor could not believe his good luck in discovering the passionate woman who seemed to have woken up from a long slumber. As the excitement started mounting he flipped her on to her back again wanting to consummate their love. Anne too sensed the urgency in his mood and knew that he needed to take his pleasure. This time the gentleness was gone, replaced by strong virile male needs and she could only awe the power and intensity of his penetrations. Though she tried to keep up with the speed of his movements she could barely do so, but found her body being driven up a spiral pleasure and pain which she no longer had any control on. As the involuntary whimpering from started getting louder, Igor sealed her mouth with his knowing that others would hear them in the house if they continued any longer. But he never stopped the strong hard thrusts deep into her belly, creating intense pleasure for both of them.

Anne was feeling a fiery pleasure starting at the entrance to her vagina that was being battered by this huge masculine meat, right into her innards.

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