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Teddy has a hard day.

Carefully, he let his arm extend outward and without touching her, brought Sheila within the ambit of his reach. All he needed to do now was curve his hand and it would be on her shoulder. Her skin was tantalizing and within reach. But this conversation was not about her. Yet, his nostrils were loaded with her scent and his eyes were searching out the contours of her body.

"Did she finish? You, of course would finish. What about her?" she asked.

"What about her?" asked Pritam.

Sheila lost it. She turned to face him. "There is more to making love to a woman than just fucking her, ok!" she hissed.

Pritam looked more shocked than ever. Sheila aunty was using words like 'fuck' with him.

"What happened to you, aunty? Why are you talking like this?" asked a flustered Pritam.

Again someone interrupted- this time it was Binita. "Is everything okay? We guys are missing you in there," she said.

"Binita -- tum jao. Everything is fine. I am just talking some sense into Pritam!" she said sharply.

Binita stiffened. Could it be about her and babuji? Could Sheila be blurting out the truth? Surely not after the fucking she so gratefully accepted from Babuji? She went back in, now more tense than ever.

"Come with me," said Sheila to Pritam. "We will never get the privacy we need to talk this through."

She grabbed his wrist and pulled him. He followed her meekly through the bustling room of visitors. Sheila, the party artist, threw casual remarks at her various guests, making them feel comfortable even as she wove through them on an agenda of her own. Cleverly, she made everyone feel she was present even as she was leaving with Pritam.

Quickly she took Pritam to the top floor of the apartment block.

"Where are you taking me?" asked a bewildered Pritam. He followed her, his eyes now checking out Sheila aunty in a way he had never imagined her before. His eyes wandered between her bare back and the round, rolling ass.

"We are building a party lounge on the rooftop for our building. It is still being completed. We can sit there and chat for a bit," said Sheila.

Even though there were no lights in the area, the place had a general low illumination from the surrounding areas.

"This is where the bar is going to be," said Sheila pointing out the work being done. The bar was made with slabs of granite placed at two levels, one for the barman and the other the bar top. "Here is a sink," she pointed out. "It's a good plan. We can have our parties and get togethers here henceforth."

She engaged in minor talk about the work somewhat nervous about the topic she had initiated. She was now here alone with him wondering whether she was doing the right thing. The wine she was sipping had made her heady and talking about sex and Pritam's evident ignorance was playing tricks on her mind. She had a weakness for seduction and Pritam was dear to her. Getting physical with him did not seem so far fetched. But it was completely the wrong direction to take if marriage counseling was her plan. There were enough problems with Binita fucking her father-in-law.

"Let's go," said Sheila abruptly, unable to take the ache in her nipples. She was not in control and this was not how she wanted to do this. Interruptions and all, her house balcony seemed a better bet for control.

"But what about her? What did you bring me here to tell me? You cannot say something is wrong with me and then leave it incomplete," he complained.

"Oh, nothing is wrong with you dear," said Sheila spontaneously. She moved towards Pritam and held him by his arm hoping to reassure him. He felt the wine on her breath as she stood close to him.

"Aunty," murmured the young man.

"Oh, Pritam! I want you two to be so happy," whispered Sheila rubbing his arm.

"But we are!" said Pritam, moving closer to the woman who had meant so much to them. Those magnificent breasts came to rest against his chest.

"There are things missing.

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