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He yanked the chain a few times and each time I whimpered from the pleasure shock it sent from my nipples to my pussy. I could already feel a damp spot on the sheets from my soaking tight hole.

He walked back over to the dresser and picked up a pink dildo. It looked a little bit larger than the one that had just fucked me until I passed out. It was a little thicker and maybe an inch longer. He quickly typed something in his chat room and walked towards me to display the huge pink dildo to the webcam. The closer he got, the larger the dildo looked and I started to squirm thinking about the tip rubbing against my g-spot.

He grabbed the nipple clamp chain and yanked upwards, hard. My nipples were pulled from my body and my tits looked like cones stretching towards the ceiling. I gasped out in pain and begged him to let go.

"Stop before you rip my nipples from my body!" I yelled. "Please let go!!"

He yanked even harder and I arched my back trying to give my nipples some relief. But that only encouraged him as he began to slap my tortured tits with the dildo.

Even though the pain from my nipples made me wish I could just pass out, it also made my pussy get even more soaked and I was on the brink of another orgasm from my nipple torture.

"Let's see if my pretty little slut can take orders. You will ask for my permission to cum, my Asian whore - and you will only give yourself release when I allow you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I replied.

He slapped my tits again with the dildo and yanked on my nipple chain clamp.

"Yes what??"

I yelped out in pain. "Yes, Sir," I complied.

"Good girl."

He released the chain from his hand and my tits bounced back in place. He gave both clamps a cruel twist as I yelled out in pain, then he move down the bed to my bare pussy and began to gently rub my clit with his fingers.

My entire body felt so sensitive and I started to girate my hips against his fingers. He soon replaced his fingers with the dildo as he rubbed my clit, coating the dildo in my pussy juice. I was soaking wet, ready to get fucked again by another huge dildo.

He slowly entered the dildo into my wet hole. My lips were spread around the thick head and I gasped as the feeling of being stretched wide made me almost cum on the spot. My pussy had taken 2 inches of the thick hard cock and he began to fuck those 2 inches in and out of my hole.

"Please, sir. May I cum??" I asked breathing very heavily.


"Oh please, just have to cum. That hard cock is tearing me open. Please let me cuuuum!"

"I said no, you fucking whore. You can't go two minutes without needing to cum?? I knew you were a whore from the second I saw you."

I moaned in pain and pleasure as he pushed another 2 inches inside of me and began fucking me in faster strokes with half the dildo left. My pussy was clenching uncontrollably on the fake cock and my hips were grinding on the rubber trying to get my clit stroked.

He pulled the nipple chain again as he eased the rest of the dildo inside my soaking wet pussy - and I came.

I couldn't help it. The pain in my tits as the chain was pulled from my body, as the cock filled my pussy up entirely hitting me at the same time just made me lose my mind. I didn't care if I came without permission, my body just couldn't control it.

"Oooooh oohhhh ahhhhhhhhh," I moaned loudly and my body shook as an orgasm washed over me.

"You stupid fucking slut!" He yelled at me. "You didn't ask for my permission to cum!" he yelled as he pulled the hard dildo completely out of my pussy. My pussy went from feeling full and stretched to completely empty in a second, which made me yell out in pain!

He walked back over to the dresser and swapped the dildo with an even larger one - this time it was 10" and flesh toned. It was veiny and looked absolutely menacing. He smiled at me as he walked back towards my spread open body.

"You're going to get rammed hard by this monster dildo and because you came without my permission, I

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