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After father dies son inhabits everything including his mom.

It had been three weeks since Jennifer's introduction to Mistress Elaine's playroom and Jennifer had made excuses every weekend with her husband to get away. Jennifer's introduction to BDSM had been everything and more as far as her expectations went. She was more sexually and emotionally fulfilled than she had ever been. But she was learning that it wasn't all peaches and cream for Mistress Elaine's subs. They were also expected to handle the laboring oar on all domestic chores without complaint. The tasks assigned to Jennifer were the ones usually handled by her husband Michael at home, so spending the weekend as a domestic servant was not high on her list of pleasures.

She hadn't yet met other subs but she knew Elaine had several at different levels of training. This Saturday had begun like the others after her initial session. Arriving at the house, she let herself in the back door and removed her clothing in the hall, putting them on one of the shelves installed there for that purpose. She put on the work clothes Mistress had left for her, short gray knit jersey gym shorts and a gray t-shirt cropped to expose her midriff, plus plastic shoes. As a woman in her late 30's she looked a bit ridiculous, and with no bra or panties she was constantly reminded of her status as a sub slut. With her full breasts, she normally never went anywhere without a bra or a supportive fitted top. Now, she had to feel her body moving inside the loose clothing.

As Jennifer was struggling with the plunger Mistress Elaine poked her head into the bathroom. "Oh my Jennifer, you certainly have made a mess. And it stinks in here too. Hop to it, we have guests for lunch in an hour and we can't have the bathroom in this state."

Jennifer glowered at Mistress Elaine and used her arm to wipe the sweat on her face. Her instincts were to suppress any reply and soldier on but her temper got the better of her. "Why don't you put down your newspaper and your coffee and give me a hand? I've been working all morning and you've been in your robe and slippers ordering me around like a trained monkey."

Mistress Elaine's face went blank. Jennifer knew right away that her mouth had run ahead of her brain and that her comment, although fair, was not the right one to make to her Mistress. She had forgotten her place and her training, but she was too old and set in her ways to just be able to set aside years of behavior.

"Jennifer, I'm sorry you feel that way, and you will regret your choice of words. I know you're new to being a submissive but even taking that into account your behavior is simply unacceptable. Follow me to the playroom . . . now!"

Jennifer put down the plunger and feeling like a dog with her tail between her legs followed Mistress Elaine down the hall. Jennifer knew she had really stepped into it this time and was about to see Mistress Elaine's dark side, but she also knew better than to beg or protest, which could only make matters worse.

"Strip and lay down on the bench."

Jennifer meekly pulled off her soiled shirt and shorts, feeling her breasts swaying freely, and laid naked face down on the wooden bench.

Mistress Elaine used soft loops of rope to tie Jennifer's hands together underneath the narrow bench and to secure each ankle to the legs of the bench. Bound face down, Jennifer could only see the floor of low pile industrial carpet; her breasts hung down on each side of wooden slat and with her legs spread wide and her sex and ass prominently displayed.

"Wait here. I have guests to entertain."

With no way to measure time, Jennifer sorted through her feelings of anger, at herself for getting into this twisted relationship, and at Mistress Elaine for her unfair treatment and superior attitude.

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