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Jennifer does some soul searching.

Nothing excited a guy more than a damsel in distress - but not every man is a knight in shining armour. They looked at her posterior, illuminated shadily by the stray rays of light from their torch. After they had finished spreading out their wet clothes on the dirty shanty floor to dry, Imraan walked to the girl, wanting to know what she was doing there. He went and stood beside her, and Ajay followed, flanking her on the other side.

They towered over her - literally. Imraan was 5'10", while Ajay was 6'2", and the girl couldn't have been taller than 5 feet. The girth of her slender body was less than half of either of them, and standing between them, she looked no bigger than a doll. Imraan was the first to speak.

"What are you doing here? And what do you want to go to the city for?"

" this time? In this rain?" Ajay chipped in.

She looked up at Imraan, then at Ajay, then back at Imraan, and told them about her mother, trying to be as brief and specific as possible, but tried to impress upon them the gravity of the situation, so that they would show some haste, and not rest there for long. Her face showed her resolve, and she spoke without being overwhelmed.

Both of them listened attentively, feeling genuinely concerned for her and her mother. They felt sorry that she had to face all this, and decided at once they would help her. At the same time, Imraan also knew that he must have her. Her simple innocence and authenticity had smitten him. He was sure that was going to happen any which way, but his mind was quick to prioritise. He knew that getting medicines was the most important thing right now.

He told Ajay to dressed quickly. Putting on their still drenched clothes, they got back on their bikes. Imraan asked Nisha to ride pillion with him, and they drove away through the dark night and downpour.

Nisha had never rode on a bike before, and she clutched uncomfortably at Imraan's jacket for support. She squinted as the raindrops stung her face. Her long, black hair, heavy with water, flew in the rain. It took them about half an hour to reach the city, and by the time they got there, Nisha was shivering badly. They stopped outside a chemist's, and Ajay went to get the medicines, while Imraan took shelter from the rain under a bus-stop with Nisha.

Under the better lighting, he observed her more closely. Shivering and cowering from the cold, her tiny frame looked even tinier. Her fair skin looked delicious, and her facial features were still developing, but she had a cuteness about her. She had beautiful, shiny black her, that clung to her. Her breasts were very small, hardly discernable. Looking closely, he could just see her nipples, hard, but tiny, sticking out through her wet top. Her jeans were loose, so he could not quite see he shape of her legs or butt, but his imagination was hard at work, when Ajay came back with the medicines. A little reluctantly, he took his eyes off Nisha, and they were on their way back.

It took them a couple of hours to reach her village - the mud roads had all but disappeared and they had to pretty much ride through sludge. It took considerable skill on their part to get there without slipping or falling. Even Nisha had to keep her eyes open, having to navigate in the dark, shouting out directions to Imraan.

Nisha was exhausted and cold when they reached home.

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