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We invited her for dinner as usual, only this time instead of just idle chat about this and that, we settled down in the lounge, to play our special video.

I sat close beside her, watching her reactions. She began to giggle nervously and just to make her feel easier about it I laughed along with her.

"This is good," she whispered to me. "You two are very good. It's very sexy to watch I must say."

"See I told you. Anyone can do it."

Jason sat in a chair across the room and smiled at us both. "Jody, what do you think of Louise in porno? A natural or what?" he asked.

"She's good and so are you. You can tell that you both learned something from watching this type of stuff."

"Thing is, we needed a roving camera to add that little extra."

"Yes, you can tell it's a home made movie." Jody replied with a smile.

"Does it make you feel horny watching me and Jason?" I asked her.

"A little."

"Why not let him take some photographs of us together. Show him how we both feel about each other?"

At first she hesitated. Jason got out his pentax camera and sat waiting as the video still played on the tv. Jody and I began to snuggle up close and then slowly started kissing. He started taking shots of us, moving in closer after each click. "Great you two keep it going, give me some action."

It was not long before Jody was into the scene that we created there and then on the couch, as I pulled down her panties from beneath her skirt. Then I slowly opened the ties on her dress to reveal her magnificent un-cosseted breasts, kissing her nipples into erection and biting them gently. Jason kept on photographing each move and giving his advice, which we took no notice of, as we both knew what we wanted. Eventually we were naked on the couch and I got her to open her thighs wide so that I could show him for the first time how I could pleasure woman just as good as he could.

"Fuck, this is so hot!" he called out as he came closer with the camera, focusing on my tongue lapping Jody's gorgeous wet pussy. The taste was exquisite as usual and I was so absorbed in my actions, I could completely ignore him being there.

Jason took shots of her face contorted by the orgasm that I was giving her. "Oh yes! Fuck me hard Louise with that tongue. Oh Yes, oh yes!" I heard her cry out as she released herself over my lips with a warm gush of sweet juice. Just doing it to her made me so wet myself and we changed positions so that she could eat me in return. Jason was in his element and his finger seemed to slow down on the shutter release as he became so engrossed by what was happening. "I want to join you two," he said. "No no no, you keep taking the pictures darling. This is just me and Jody for now." I told him. That seemed to bring him back to his senses as he continued shooting us.

I could feel her tongue rasping deep into my pussy, licking against my clit each move it made. With a little help of my finger I was able to control the intensity of my impending orgasm. "OK Jody, suck on my clit. Make me have it baby." I requested. At that, she placed her lips over my clit and sucked it gently, knowing how much I liked that. Then I released. Lacquering her face with everything I had, she eased her actions upon me, licking my soaking lips. Jason had photographed it all sparingly, using up every frame of film in the camera to the end.

"You two were just fantastic. There are some great shots here," he explained. Jody and I were too involved in kissing each other passionately, tasting and licking up our juices from around each other's mouths. "You can both stop now." "Jason! Just leave it." I told him. Our session was not quite complete as far as Jody and I were concerned. "Get the bedroom prepared for the video shoot, there's a good boy."

I poured both of us some wine and we chatted for a while.

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