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Just sitting around the pool, gossiping.

It looks like you were stuffing torpedoes under your shirt," said the brunette.

"Why should I be humiliated? These things help me out since I'm not that attractive in other areas," said Patti.

"I know but, I would rather have a guy want me for my personality and not my oversize boobs," the brunette said sadly.

"You should be happy you have boobs," said Janet. "I want mines bigger so I can get people to look at me," she said.

"But you're beautiful and your tits are a nice size. Trust us big breasted girls. You don't want them any bigger then a d cup at least," said the brunette.

"Out of curiosity, how big are your boobs?" Asked Scott very bluntly.

"Could have known he would ask that," said Janet, rolling her eyes in the back of her head.

"It's ok. You people seen like a nice bunch to get to know. I am currently a 38FF. I wore double D's in junior high. In high school they grew up to an E and then double E my junior year. My boobs still kept growing after I graduated last year and so I'm currently a very busty 19-year-old," the brunette explained.

"My sister Patti is 18 and she wears 42GG cups," said Janet. "They look a lot bigger bare then they do under her shirts."

All the talk about huge tits made Scott really horny. He already couldn't keep his eyes off of Patti's tits and now this gorgeous brown eyed brunette, with a whopping 38FF size was at his sights. Janet looked down at Scott's crotch and saw an enormous bulge that anyone could see in plain daylight. She even got him glancing at the brunette's chest as she breathed; her tits were moving up and down under her black loosely sweater.

"You guys talk and each to know each other. I must have a word with Scott," muster Janet, quickly rushing Scott and herself to the side of Percy's Diner.

She got on her knees and pull down his sweats on the side of a dumpster. She took his cock head into her wet mouth. Sucking on it and moving it around her mouth. Scott leans back against the wall, holding Janet's head and closing his eyes.

Janet took his massive boner into her hands and started to stroke it and talk dirty.

"You like that brunette with the big tits don't you? You just want to fuck her big tits like you do Patti's;" she teased and saw his cock grow an inch longer.

"Oh yeah. You want to watch her massive bags bounce up and down while she rides you. Imagine her and Patti both smoothing you with their gargantuan breasts. Beating every inch of you with them," Janet teased on, taking his big dick back into her mouth and sucking furiously on it while jerking it at the same time.

Scott was sweating hard, pushing Janet's bobbing head, deeper and deeper into his crotch. Feeling her mouth engulf his entire cock and started working his balls into her mouth as well.

"Oh JESUS!!!!!" Scott moaned as he blows his a heavy massive of cum into Janet's mouth. She swallows as much as she could but the massive cum overflow and hit some parts of her face and into her hair.

"Damn it. Now I have to find something to get the cum out of my hair," said Janet upset.

"Oh shit. I'm so sorry baby. You were really getting me going and I couldn't take it anymore. You're good," Scott said.

Janet took an old piece of newspaper from the ground and wiped the cum off her face and hair.

"Let's go and meet up with Patti and that girl," Janet said, licking her lips to get the remaining cum off them.

They left the ally way and Patti was sitting at the table, alone.

"What happen to that brunette?" Ask Janet curious.

"Her name is Brandi and she had to go to work. But I told her to come over tonight when she gets off work to we all can get to know each other better and play some interesting games," Patti said devilishly.

"What do you got planning in your head?" Asked Janet.

"Come on Janet.

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