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Kate Upton seduces two men over the phone to visit her.

Seeing her lying like this and lying in a different area then she would normally intrigued me. Seeing her lying in this manner indicated to me this was a time to push the idea of her fucking Jim a bit further and when she came in, I mentioned what I had noticed. Oddly, my mentioning what I had observed did not surprise her, as I thought it would, and her reply was a bit unexpected. She tells me Jim was still flirting with her and the flirting has become a bit more sexual. Again, I asked her if she wants to fuck him and I was expecting that she was going to say her typical reply of, "I enjoy the attention but it is not going to happen." Instead, this time she said it was tempting but did not think she could go through with it.

During the next few weeks, our conversations revolved if she should go through with fucking Jim what would it mean for her. She went from telling me it was not going to happened to wanting to go to his apartment to fuck him but at the last moment deciding not to act on her impulses. As we were discussing it, the issue was not our marriage but the fact she felt deprived of not having more sex with different people before settling down. She said the flirting with Jim opened up an area that she thought was buried but the idea of having sex with him was an idea that kept her quite aroused. After a few weeks of talking about it and having a few incidents where she was preparing to go through with it only at the last moment changing her decision, she finally decides that will approach Jim about her idea. Once she decides she is going to try to fuck Jim, the idea of her fucking him starts getting me hard and all I can think about her enjoying being fucked by another person. So, we came up with a plan that she would start flirting with him but this time let the flirting go further. This time she would suggest that instead of flirting they would actually go through with what they said if Jim knows that she is married.

It was not long after coming up with the plan she told me she spoken with him, told him she was married, her husband agreed to let him fucker if he choose it and it would have to be a one time thing. According to Yvette she said he did not have to think twice, agreed to it and told me the day when it would happen. I can remember it the night. Before leaving she spent, allot of time preparing for that night. Normally she does not shave her pussy but this time she did. Told me, laughingly, she would have to have him gagging on a hair and wanted him to be able to enjoy her without interruption. Plus she spent extra time to ensure her hair and make-up were done just right. That night she wore her black short skirt that sits about mid-thigh that shows everything when she leans forward, with no panties and her low cut white top without a bra underneath thereby showing her erect nipples under her shirt. That night I remember was a warm humid summer night where when the wind blew through our apartment it helped to cool it down and even today, I can remember the smell of impending rain on that night. Also, I can remember the distant sound of the car door closing, the sound of Yvette approaching the house after her night of wild sex and the door creaking as Yvette open it. When she finally came through the door I remember Yvette's asking if I am up. Responding to that question, I tell her, "Where you actually expecting that I would be asleep while you were out fucking Jim?" Yvette's tone in her reply tells me that she is joking when she said, "no."

The next thing I remember is her standing there.