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A young couple, the inn keeper and the gardeners.

How she blamed you for many things. How they had come to surprise her one weekend and found her in bed with a woman. Once again her father blamed you, she had no idea what an effect that had on her father or how much his hatred of you had grown or she wouldn't have let Vince spend so much time there.

You see it was her father that tried to destroy your club and business ten years ago, it was her father that had decided that Vince deserved a nice girl like me from an traditional Italian upbringing. It was her father who finally tried to kill you. Once Vince realised how far his grandfather had gone in his revenge he went to the police. He had hated you for the lies his grandfather had told him about how you treated Jenny.

Don't let him win Master, come back to me. To what we have together, Jenny is flying to Italy to be by Vince's side, he was influenced by lies and the overblown ego of his grandfather, don't be too hard on him, he really had no idea what was going on.

I miss you more than words can say, we are safe now, come home to me, please Master, I need you.

Your, Bella.


My beloved Master

I am numb. There are no tears. Just a vast emptiness where my heart used to beat. I want to sleep now, but they are checking on me. They will not let me sleep anymore but I won't get out of bed, I won't go back to work how can I? How can I go back to my life when everything in it revolved around you, our families, our friends, our work? You had made yourself an integral part of my life before you took me as your willing slave and now I can't face it.

I hate you for leaving me with nothing but an empty life, purposeless, I can't even bury myself in my work. I hate you for making me love you so deeply. I hate you for leaving me here with these people who won't let me sleep any more. If I could just close my eyes the world would disappear and I could stop hurting. I want to sleep. Make those people down stairs leave me alone and let me sleep. They gave me drugs to sleep once when I first knew, and in disbelief called them liars. They gave me more drugs to keep me calm and awake as I faced your body and saw it engulfed by flames and ashes spilled from fingers to the winds on this mountain we both once called home, in more innocent times.

There are no drugs now to numb the pain, sleep which beckons me deeper into oblivion has been withdrawn by constant company and chatter that goes on around me. I do not truly hear it, or understand it as I sit and stare at the macabre forced smiles. Where are you I wonder, will you still come for me? I would go happily just now, even though the vital and living hands of so many try to hold me to this place, I would fly to you my love just to feel your embrace. I have read too much poetry of late. Perhaps I should share with you...


I hope when I am dead that I shall lie

In some deserted grave--I cannot tell you why,

But I should like to sleep in some neglected spot,

Unknown to everyone, by everyone forgot.

There lying I should taste with my dead breath

The utter lack of life, the fullest sense of death;

And I should never hear the note of jealousy or hate,

The tribute paid by passers-by to tombs of state.

To me would never penetrate the prayers and tears

That futilely bring torture to dead and dying ears;

There I should lie annihilate and my dead heart would bless

Oblivion--the shroud and envelope of happiness.

From the French of Massillon Coicou ( Haiti )

Your, Bella.


Beyond Oblivian.

My Beloved Master,

How could you do this to me? I was content at home in my room.

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