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Soon after Andrew had settled into his new routine, he had learned that Chris's own plans for Dallas had been put on hold. It seems that his friend's father had been betrayed by his business partner who had taken most of the construction company's liquid assets and disappeared to avoid gambling debts. Chris's family was on the verge of bankruptcy and his father needed him to help in the business, so Chris had traded an apartment and job in Dallas for sleeping in his childhood bedroom and working twelve hour days on construction sites. In fact, this is how their daily morning calls started. Even though 4:30 a.m. was definitely earlier than even he liked, Andrew was definitely a morning person, and had spent most of their time living together waking Chris for his various classes. Hearing that his friend would need to be up by 5:30 to make it to the work site by 7:00, Andrew decided to be his personal wakeup call.

At 5:29 a.m., the first time he dialed the familiar number. Andrew knew Chris well enough to know that if he needed to wake up at 5:30, his friend would actually set the alarm for 5:40, figuring 10 extra minutes wouldn't matter.

"Hello?" a confused, sleep blurred voice finally answered after several rings.

"Good morning, sunshine," Andrew chirped.

"Andrew? What you need something?"

"Nope. Just decided to call and make sure your lazy ass gets out of bed on time."

"Asshole," Chris said. Then, "Thanks. Well, if I have to get out of bed at this ungodly hour, at least talking to you makes it almost worth it. Almost."

They chatted briefly and hung up. After that, Andrew called Chris every work day morning to make sure he was up, even on Saturdays when Chris worked but he did not. And, Andrew admitted to himself, starting the day with a conversation with Chris definitely made the day better.

One day, about 10 months after the accident, Andrew walked into the kitchen to find his mother making dinner. At this point, she had graduated to using a cane and could stand unassisted for short periods. After so much inactivity, she had started to slowly resume as many of her old tasks as she could handle. Andrew walked behind her, giving her a hug, and peering over her shoulder to peek into the pot she was stirring.

"Oh my God, that smells. Amazing. I am so glad to have you back in the kitchen. Dad did he best, but..." here he paused and looked around to make sure Ned wasn't in earshot and continued in a whisper, "his cooking sucks so bad.:"

Rachel laughed and pushed him away. She turned and looked at him. "You must have been talking to Chris," she said.

"How did you know?" he said, surprised.

"I can always tell. Afterwards, you... I don't get this glow." She turned back to the pot, stirring. "Are you sure you are just friends?"


Turning back to look at her blushing son, she said "i'm just saying. I mean I like to talk to my friends, but I don't glow afterwards." Noticing Andrew's eyeroll, she shrugged. "I just think what you have with Chris is special, and I don't want you to miss an opportunity. Now, would go get one of the other hellions to set the table? Dinner is in 15."

Later, as Andrew lay in his bed trying to sleep, he thought about his conversation with his mother. God, he was confused. Chris was just his friend, right? He wasn't really Andrew's type, but Andrew had to admit that after living with Chris he had started to notice things like how pink and full his lips were, and he had more than once had a twinge of regret that he had only kissed them as a joke. And who couldn't help but notice those big blue eyes. Andrew had also noticed the play of Chris's large calf muscles beneath the smooth tan skin, as well as the shifting of his very nice ass when Chris had dragged him on Saturday hikes. And nobody could hug or cuddle like Chris. Shit!! Andrew realized he had chubbed up thinking about Chris. His sleep was restless that night.

About six weeks after the talk with his mother, Andrew came home to chaos