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He appeared to like this but he seemed to relax a little as well. I then ran my tongue back up to and around the head and began again to suck him deep and fast. His moaning quickly got loader and I noticed that is hands were clinched on the seat, indicating to me that his pleasure was intense. His hips began to rise to meet my mouth and I could feel his cock hardening even more. I assumed he was getting close, and as the thought passed through my mind he began to explode in my mouth. I swallowed and sucked as load after load of his cum shot down my throat. As he relaxed I kept sucking, wanting every drop of his hot semen in my mouth. Finally he went limp and I sat up next to him. He grabbed me and kissed me deeply.
"That was spectacular" I said "If we had time I'd have to stand up again so I could earn another one. However, we are not that far from our first winery stop so we had better freshen up. I brought a couple of lemons and some paper towels. Nothing works better than lemon juice mixed with a little water."

Our first stop was Adelaida Cellars. I have been a member of their Viking Club for many years and they know me well. We enter the tasting room and are warmly greeted by Abe, a retired auto mechanic who is supplementing his social security by helping out in the tasting room. Abe is a jolly guy who always has a bottle of something special under the counter for a lucky few, of which I am one.

We go through the routine tasting and then Abe takes our glasses below the counter and fills them about a quarter full. He places them back on the counter and looks at me expectantly. I lift the glass and give it a swirl and stick my nose in the glass.

"Hmmm, definitely a Pinot", I say. "I don't think its Viking, HMR?"

Abe shakes his head and rolls his eyes like I don't know anything. Knowing there is only one other logical vineyard that it could be, I humor him by giving up and asking.

"It's Glencose you idiot, I don't know why I bother to share it with you." he says with feinted disgust.

"Wow, this is really good" says Suzanne.

"It's a 2003, isn't it?" I say, more of a statement than a question.

"Well you are not totally hopeless after all" he returns.

"Any chance of doing some barrel tasting today?" I ask.

Abe says no, not today, Terry is not around.

Terry Culton is the winemaker and the only one who does barrel tasting.

I buy a couple of bottles of their Reserve Chardonnay and we return to the limo where I place them in the empty ice bucket. The wine is cool but not cold, which is how it should be consumed, and the bucket should keep it that way until needed.

After stopping at a couple more wineries we arrive at Justin winery. I tell Suzanne to sit tight and I run inside to get the code to their private entrance. I return to the limo and we continue down the road about a quarter of a mile.

"Justin is different from any other winery I've been to in that they have a private 'club house' for members." I tell her. "It's fronts their warehouse where they store many of their barrels, and behind that is their caves. Today is the one time in the year when they allow tasting of all of their library wines, and a special barrel tasting of their Isosceles Reserve."

We arrive at the gate and I give the driver the code. The gate opens and we continue up the drive. After parking we go inside the tasting room. There are leather chairs and sofas scattered around and a hostess bringing around glasses of wine. The back wall of the tasting room is all glass, revealing stacks of barrels beyond.

I noticed a love seat to one side and quickly guided Suzanne over and had her sit while I checked in. I was soon back followed by a hostess with 2 glasses of their reserve cabernet. We sat there and went through the tasting, which was accompanied by hors d'oeuvres between each glass, and included the 2005 Isosceles. The 2005 Isosceles won the European competition for best Bordeaux blend made in America.

Once the tasting was complete we gathered with some other people and began a tour of the caves where we ba