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Sometimes you have to go thru hell to get to heaven.

She continued to read until she heard footsteps. Looking up, there was a man leaning against the bookcase, watching her as she read.

"You must be enjoying that book, girl." He spoke to her, and she knew she should retire back to her bed.

He had been watching her, taking note of her beautiful face as she became obviously aroused by the reading. Seeing her arousal built something in him as well, and he could not help but want her.

"Yes sir.. I could not sleep. I, I should go."

As she walked over to put away her book, the man reached out to grab her arm; seizing her. He looked into her eyes and saw the way the flecks of gold danced in the sea of brown. From the moment he saw her in the corner he was entranced by her. Her skin, the color of honey, so perfectly deep and sweet. Her hair, falling wonderfully over her shoulders in deep brown curls. Her lips, perfectly pink with a bottom lip that was full and looked so soft. With his free hand he pulled her closer by her waist.

"Why have I not seen you before? Surely it is not possible to look over such beauty. Where have you come from?" She tried to pull free, but found that his grip tightened on her.

"I have been here only a few weeks, sir. May I have my arm returned, or will I have to fight you for it?" She surprised herself with her own words, and quickly, she began to rethink them.

The man laughed, releasing her arm, but not the grip on her waist. Instead, he moved his hand to her face, and brought his lips down to kiss her gently. "Is that any way to talk to a man who holds you in such a position? I could take you, here in the library and no one would be able to stop me." A menacing smile formed on his lips as he started to lift her gown. "Will you try and stop me?"

She was shocked at this man's behavior, and would not tolerate it. Before she was able to rethink her actions, her hand had made contact with his face. She stormed off to her bedroom, ready to tell Mira all about this pig who dared to raise her skirts as if she were a common whore.


The next morning found her being called down with the rest of the girls to breakfast. She stood about, figuring there was an announcement to be made. She watched in amazement as the king, queen, and her offender came down the grand staircase. He was their son.

The queen spoke, "As you all know, my health as of late has been failing. This kingdom will need a ruler once the king and I are gone, and so it is time we prepare our son, Prince Aden, to take over the throne when the time comes. We know you will all welcome him home."

After breakfast was served, Kylee set about her daily tasks. Changing the queen's bedding, dusting, and readying her afternoon bath. Once the queen had taken her bath, Kylee had a couple of hours to do as she wished. She made her way to the kitchen and chatted with the women there, as they made her a plate for lunch. She had much to learn about this "Prince Aden".

As it turned out, the Prince was nearing his thirtieth birthday and had still yet to pick a wife. He instead enjoyed acquainting himself with all the women in the palace. There were more stories than could be counted- him, taking them in his bedroom, the screams of pleasure that could be heard all throughout his wing of the palace. It was said that he was an amazing lover; and far too lustful to settle down. Unfortunately for him, it seemed he might have to.

The prince would be learning about the ways of a king. Since he had been traveling abroad, he had become unfamiliar with his own people. The queen would see to it that he became familiar with all the eligible princesses in nearby lands, and the king was to teach him how to lead an army and command a kingdom.


That night, Kylee lay in bed when she heard a knock at the door. It opened suddenly, and a guard stepped into the room. "Prince Aden to see you".

How unlucky could she be, that Mira had been transferred to another room just earlier that day? The prince stepped into the room, looking about.

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