Free My wife had never swung, but a sexy couple changed that. Videos

Time spent with a friend becomes a bit more...

Having a ball with a base-BALL bat ... get it? God it was just hilarious!!

Making her way over to the bat, Cally quickly sat in the chair behind the desk, and with a squeal of delight, began to work the head of the long aluminum substitute cock into her pussy. She knew she was "tight" but somehow, she also knew that with enough work, she could make it fit and GOD would it be good once it got in there. That's when she noticed Timmy's laptop, she noticed it coz of the picture of the hot girl rotating on the screen.

"Ceooowllll" she said admiring the pic. There were two of them actually, but the other one was of this skinny flat chested geeky girl with glasses who was totally not hot at all, but the other ... well. She wasn't like, into girls or anything but she knew how to scope out the competition, and, like, this totally hot girl on Timmy's thingee was, like real competition.

She looked the other girl over carefully; getting kinda jealous until she notice the big-breasted cutie on the screen looked an awful lot like her, even down to the pink nails and lips. After a few more moments of furious thinking, she finally realized that the pic of the girl wasn't a lot like her, it was like, TOTALLY her!!!

GAWD, Timmy must have to total thing for me or what. I wonder if he was like making a pic of me so he could ... like think about fucking me when I'm not here? Cally thought, imagining Timmy sitting right here jacking off to her pic on the screen. It was almost enough to make her cum. But why do that if he can, like fuck me whenever he wants???

Her brain grappled with that one for a few more moments until she thought, Or mebe it's like a toy ... something that will like ... make him fuck me more?

That thought had a certain appeal and managed to catch her attention for a while ... almost, almost to the exclusion of worming that baseball bat deeper into her murderously stretched cunt. Anyway, Cally liked compu ... comp ... like ... like the things that made those cewl pics. She was good at them too ... though she couldn't like quite remember how to work them ... still ... if it might help Timmy fuck her ... or make him want to more ... well ... after all, what else could it be?

Brushing a golden blonde strand of silky hair away from her eyes, Cally began to examine the images more closely. Most of them were words she didn't quite understand and yet knew she should. She knew somehow they were important but she just didn't have the patience or the desire to figure them all out.

On the other hand, there were these pretty lines right next to the picture. Most of them were like a pretty pink all the way from left to right, but a few were mostly a dull blue. Cally liked the pretty pink ones, the blue was just dull ... not even a shiney latex like blue ... just totally borriingg.

Cally thought for a bit as she wormed the bat ever deliciously deeper into her cunt. Now how to make the dull blue lines become pretty pink ... she thought and thought and thought until a good through that didn't have to do with baseball bats, nipple clamps or Timmy's cock made its way to the front of her brain.

"Oh yes ... I remember. You have to take the mousey thing over to the thingee where the blue and pink meet, then ... click ... and ... drag? ... yeah ... drag until it's all pretty pick too!" she said as she took her free hand, found the mouse thing and dragged the first blue bar until it was all pink. She did the same thing with a couple of the other boring blue things until it all looked so much better.

Pleased with herself, she squealed in delight for a moment and then, finally getting bored, began to turn her attention back to the bat and her titties until something began to flash on the screen and the compu thingee started to softly beep. It was like, so totally annoying. How was a girl supposed to cum with flashy lights and beepy sounds. Agitated, she took the mousey thing, moved it over to the flashy thing and began to click all over it.

"Go away flashy thing," she

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