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He scowled menacingly at me and turned back to the artwork. I watched him work, tapping my foot quietly to the music, occasionally singing the odd lyric under my breath.

"I want to paint you one day," he said without looking over. "You'd make a beautiful nude."

I smiled and folded my hands on the back of the chair, leaning my cheek on them. Norah's gentle voice drifted through the room and I watched the muscles in Sean's forearm shift as he moved his wrist rhythmically, building layer after layer of colour, creating images on the paper right before my eyes. The hues of green took the shape of leaves, the reds magically transformed into crisp apples.

His ivory face was intense, his piercing blue eyes intent on the paper. My eyes drifted down over the sculpted cheekbone that I'd gently traced many a time, the clean jawline I'd ran a finger along, the bottom lip I'd kissed too many times to count that was now being bitten in concentration. I tried to take in every detail, wanting to burn the image into my brain to pull up at any future time.

"Sean?" I whispered.

He made a couple more strokes and then moved in and touched up a few tiny details, and I thought maybe he hadn't heard me. He leaned back and admired his work and then reached over with a satisfied smile and stroked my leg. "Yes, Meg?"

There were no words. I just sat there, looking deep in his eyes, unable to articulate what it was I wanted to say. I gave him a gentle smile. "Kiss me?"

"Of course." He leaned over and gently touched his lips to mine, letting them linger. I leaned into it, spreading my lips slightly and running my tongue along his. He moaned slightly and pulled back.

"You're giving me a boner, baby." He shifted his pants and tossed me a wink. "If you keep tantalizing me like this, I'll never finish my painting. And it's due in two days."

I groaned as he turned back to the easel. "I'll bet a little break would be good for your creativity. Inspire you!!"

He chuckled. "It's a known fact that sex sucks all intensity and passion out of you. Just ask the professional athletes. A lot of them won't have sex the day or two before a big game."

"Hmmph. Fine. Do your painting then." I felt the most devious look cross my face. "But I hope you don't mind if I just take care of my own needs then."

He gave me a quick sideways glance and shook his head. "Oh, you're BAD! Well, you just go right ahead, but I'll be trying my best to not pay any attention to you."

"Mmmkay. You do that, Seanie, my sean." I slowly pulled my shirt off, making quite a show of cupping my breasts and caressing them through my bra. "You go right ahead and ignore me."

I closed my eyes, arching my back and swaying to the music, reaching behind to unclasp my bra, letting it slide off my arms.

"Mmmmm...." I sighed, as my hands kneaded my warm skin, pinching my hard nipples between my fingers. I reached up and unpinned my hair, shaking it out, letting it fall against my bare shoulders. I smiled, my eyes still closed, knowing he HAD to be sneaking a peek or two.

I let a hint of smile play on my lips as I licked them, then moaned slightly as my hand slid under the silky fabric of my panties and over the trimmed hair. Holding onto the back of the chair with one hand, I leaned back, rocking my hips to give my other hand full range of stroking motion. I could hear the sound of my fingers sliding through the moisture, rhythmic wet accompaniment to the beat of the song.

I had almost forgotten I wasn't alone when I felt strong arms encircle me from behind. He pushed his hips up against my ass, pushing me forward on the chair and I could feel his erection pressing into my back. He slid his hand down my shorts and cupped it over mine, feeling the rhythm I was rubbing with, pushing my fingers harder against my throbbing clit.

I could feel his hot breath in my ear as he leaned his chin on my shoulder. My body quivered as I reached orgasm, and he held me tightly, my back against his chest, his hand hard against mine, intensifying the moment.

When the intensity subsided, he softened

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