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Kari and Grant revisit the quicksand experiment.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, Kels."

Kelsey smiled gently and let her hand squeeze his.

"Don't apologize. I understand. I'm here if you want to talk or anything, ok? I'm still your friend, Nathan. Nothing is going to change that. Promise me that nothing will change that."

"Nothing will change that," he nodded in agreement and forced a small, weak smile.

"Ok. Night."


Kelsey took a deep breath and got out of Nathan's truck. She walked back to her parents house and slipped inside, closing the front door behind her.

"Kelsey? That you? Where'd you go?" her Mom called.

Kelsey rolled her eyes. "Yeah, it's me. Nathan and I ran out for ice cream."

Kelsey hated lying, but she figured that a small lie about ice cream was more appropriate than telling them that she'd just fucked him in the bed of his truck. Kelsey wearily climbed the stairs and went directly to the bathroom.

As she showered away the sweat and the sex, she couldn't stop the tears from falling to the tiled shower floor.

If New York was the best decision, why was it making everyone so miserable?


After a long night of photo editing, Kelsey finished the photos for her parents and the Lowe's. She grabbed the disc as she headed out the door for work the next morning and dropped it in the Lowe's mailbox along with a note:

"Dave and Nancy- Here are your photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Love you both. -Kelsey"

Kelsey got in her car and drove to work. Alison was fumbling with the lock on the back door when she pulled up. Kelsey couldn't help but giggle. Poor Alison just wasn't able to function this early in the morning. Kelsey jumped out and helped her.

"Here, Alison, I've got it."

"Fuck! I hate this fucking door," Alison grumbled.

Kelsey threw the bolt and jerked the heavy door open, motioning for Alison to enter.

"Thanks, Kelsey."

"No problem."

The girls clocked in and started tying on their aprons.

"You know, you're going to need to find someone else to help you out around here in the mornings," said Kelsey.

Alison's head jerked up from the computer screen.

"What do you mean?"

Kelsey took a deep breath. "I am going to accept an internship position in New York. I'll be leaving in less than a month."

Alison's mouth dropped open. "Wait-wh-wait. New York? When did this happen? What happened to your internship here?"

"This is a really good opportunity, Alison."

"Well...what about Nathan?" she blurted.

Kelsey glared at her. "What about Nathan?"

"I just always thought..."

"What? You always thought what? That we'd end up together?" Kelsey could feel her frustration boiling inside of her unexpectedly.


Kelsey shook her head. "I can't base my decisions off of what everyone else expected my life to be, Alison. You sound like everyone else. I figured at least you would be happy for me."

Alison's face softened. "I'm sorry. Ok? I'm sorry, Kelsey. If this is what you want, then that's great. I'm just surprised. I'm sorry."

Kelsey's shoulders sagged. "I'm sorry for snapping at you. I'm snapping at everyone. I don't know why."

"Because you're stressed?"

"I guess so," Kelsey shrugged as she started the espresso machine.

"Because maybe you don't want to leave?"

Kelsey rolled her eyes. "So much for the encouragement, Alison."

"I'm just saying, Kelsey. Just because something sounds like a great opportunity, doesn't always mean that it's the right opportunity, you know?"

Kelsey nodded.

"It's ok to be stressed out, just make sure that the decision you're making is really worth the stress, ok?"

Kelsey walked to Alison and hugged her tightly. She felt Alison's arms wrap around her.

Kelsey giggled as she pulled away from her friend.

"You're actually pretty wise in the morning, Alison."

"Not by choice. Only when my friend springs some kind of shit like that on me."

As the morning went on, Kelsey found her focus shifting from the work at hand, to New York.