Chapter 3. High Quality Sex Pics

Police Lieutenant Brittany Maxwell's dreams come true.

My jeans dropped to the floor at the top of the stairs. I heard Darius' old bronco pull into the driveway so I disappeared around the corner into the hall. The front door clicked when Darius pushed it open. I quickly unsnapped my simple white bra and dropped it to the floor. My panties were moist with anticipation as I heard his footsteps start up the stairs. My nipples tingled in the air-conditioned breeze and I ducked quickly into my room, leaving my damp cotton panties in the hallway. I stripped off my shoes and socks, crawled up onto the bed, and knelt there facing the door.


"Nichole?" I stopped dead in my tracks and tried to swallow the lump that formed in my throat at the sight of her sweet naked body.

"Come here Darius," Nichole breathed quietly, her voice trembled slightly. I wasted no time striding over to the bed and caught her behind the head. My hand tangled in her soft ebony curls and he dropped soft feathery kisses over her cheeks, nose and eyelids before landing on her lush mouth.

"Are you sure?" I asked as I grazed a hand over her smooth shoulder. Nichole tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, unaware that the act became incredibly erotic as her breasts jiggled slightly with the movement.

Third Person:

"I want you to be the first." Nichole said quietly, her voice nervous. She hoped desperately that he wouldn't think she was being silly. Darius had thought she was still a virgin and so he hadn't pushed her to have sex but thinking it and knowing it were two very different things.

Sinking down onto the bed beside her, Darius felt his dick become harder if that was even possible. Nichole was so beautiful, and here she was offering him something special that she had given to no one else. That was an insane amount of pressure. He wanted to make sure that her first rime was special. Nichole grasped Darius' large hand and placed it on her breast, needing no more words to express her feelings. Her nimble fingers began to unbutton his shirt and she reached inside to caress the hard slabs of muscle. She gasped and arched into his hand as he began to rub the pad of his thumb over the tight little nub of her nipple.

Darius shrugged out of his shirt and lay back against the pillows, dragging her down on top of him. Her naked body rubbed against the full length of him. He kissed her slowly and rubbed her back with one hand while the other grazed down her ribs and cupped her ass, tilting her hips so she could feel the full length of his hot throbbing erection. She moaned softly and clutched at his muscular shoulders. Her hips moved against him, instinctively seeking what she needed so badly. Darius groaned softly into her luxurious hair, trying to quiet his growing lust. Nichole squirmed down his body, her tight little peaks burning twin trails down his chest and rippling abdominal muscles. She couldn't resist dropping tiny little wet kisses down the front of his body. Darius shivered, amazed that despite her inexperience, Nichole instinctively knew just what to do to set his blood boiling.

He caught her delicate hands in his large strong ones and his lips captured hers in a soul-searching kiss.