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Even your younger sister seems to understand that."


Kyzu's scream confirmed his suspicions.

"Your jealous is unbecoming," he snarled. "Did you think I would not notice?"

Kyzu froze like a startled deer before her face finally betrayed her true emotions. She sneered at him evilly.

"So the rumors are true. You do desire each other. Did you think I would not notice? How she tries to keep you away from the rest of us so that she can have you all to herself. She comes here pretending to be so "selfless" when she is really a selfish..."


Kyzu looked at ogres face and he could see fear seep into her emotions. She was making him angry, angrier than he had been in a long time. He watched as her face became sensual again as she decidedly switched tactics.

"Listen ogre, there's no need to make this personal. I won't tell her. I know you must be frustrated with her refusal. You might desire her, but that desire could easily be transfered for a night. Can't you see how beautiful and soft I am?" She held her breasts in her hands and smiled. "Compared to Zyra who struts about like a man, I'm a goddess."

Kail smirked at her, his teeth glinting in the lantern light.

"You'd like to be," he quipped. "But you're not. Your jealousy makes you ugly. You are not worthy to speak her name."

Before she could pull her dropped jaw off the floor he exited her tent. He heard her running after him, cursing his name.

"I AM CHIEFTESS!" she screamed. "I AM THE DECIDER OF YOUR FATE YOU FOUL BEAST! I OWN YOU! If you will be exiled permanently!"

Kail chuckled and turned to face the flustered woman.

"The only owner of fates is Zyra, our keromedio. In case you have forgotten, she saved your life and the life of your child. The owner of my fate is not pathetic Kyzu. And that is what you are."

He disappeared back into the forest leaving Kyzu to stew in her hatred.


Henna sighed dreamily as she stared at the stars.

Somewhere under this same sky was Kail.

He could stare at the same stars she looked at and no matter how far apart they were, they would always be together.

"Hey Henna! Why are you sighing so much over there?"

"Ooh I know who she's thinking about."

The huntresses snickered as Henna blushed.

"Oh quiet!" she snapped.

They were at the camp resting before the hunting of the Nemlock. Nemlock were a nocturnal cross between a wildcat and a bear. They were vicious, but could be easily rounded up if there were enough hunters were with great precision. Nemlock were reliable because they were pack animals. Find one Nemlock find them all. As long as you knew their number, you could round them up.

Imjah nudged Henna, handing her a flask of water. She took a swig, passing it on as she plucked a fistful of berries from a passing basket. Crunching on a red one she smiled at their sweetness. Sweet...sweet like Kail.

"You know," Imjah said teasingly. "You've been sighing since you were sent to deliver that message to the ogre."

All eyes turned to her suddenly.

"Oh my...did you?"

"You did, didn't you!"

"Did it fit?"

Henna smiled nervously, the attention addictive. She was about to tell a half truth and let the girls think she had slept with the ogre but Rair interjected.


Henna looked at her in surprise. "Why is it so impossible?"

Rair's mouth thinned and she turned from them. They waited a minute before realzing that was probably all the commentary they would have from her for the rest of the night.

Paj gave her a rueful smile. "Well you know. It is said he only has eyes for one of us."

"And who is that?"

The other huntresses said nothing, but their gaze floated to Zyra. She was braiding the hair of one of the village girls who had come to help them. Her fingers were fast and deft. When she finished she put a small flower in the girl's hair and gave her a smile as the girl thanked her.

Henna's blood began to boil.

"Impossible," Henna s