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" Elena put her hand against Petros's face as she hurriedly reassured him.

He looked up at Adonis - they both seemed a little confused.

"What?" she asked, after catching their silent exchange.

"We were not talking in the hallway, Elena-mou, we were communicating without words." He paused, thinking.

"It's not... normal... for you to hear us when we are not trying to share our thoughts with you. You've been doing this all day, actually. And then there is the thing you did just now..." Petros trailed off.

"What thing just now?" Elena was trying to be calm, but her hands were beginning to shake.

Adonis softly said: "When you fed us from your breasts, my darling. That kind of thing has not happened to us before." He paused, looking deeply into her eyes before finishing the thought. "You 'exerted influence' over us, agape-mou. We were drinking from you - we actually tasted you because you willed it to be so. And it was SO hot." He grinned dangerously at this.

Elena shook her head, assuming there was some mistake. "No - I didn't do anything - I just shared the idea - the fantasy. It was just like 'thinking a message' wasn't it?" They looked at her blankly, not replying. "I didn't actually do that - make you taste anything - did I? I mean - that isn't possible - why would I be able to do anything to you? It had to be you reading me."

Both men shook their heads. "It wasn't us, Elena. We don't understand this ourselves - we don't know how or why -- but you have begun to take on some of the powers that we have." Petros had a curious expression as he spoke. He stared, unseeing, across the room, and seemed to be remembering something.

"This is insane." Elena ran her hand through her tangled hair. Her body still felt the lingering effects of the orgasm she'd just experienced, but her brain was now rapidly firing up again.

"A few days ago I was just a normal girl. I was a sad, lonely and lost girl - but normal, nonetheless." Elena ignored the voice inside her crying 'Bullshit!', and continued on.

"Now, I'm here and it is all so surreal and impossible. I feel like I'm going crazy. I mean - Fuck! - I'm even hearing a strange voice in my head!"

Both men snapped to attention at this. Adonis lifted her chin to look into her eyes and Petros ran a hand along his forehead. "What do you mean by a 'strange voice' in your head?"

The little voice spoke with a sharp word of warning: 'Don't you DARE tell them about me now - this is not the time. Make an excuse - tell them you meant that it was their voices that were strange. Do it. Now!"

"Uh... sorry - I mean - I'm hearing your voices in my head... which is really strange, obviously..." She saw a flash of disbelief in Adonis's eyes.

The voice seemed angry: 'You can do better than that! Make him believe you!' Elena felt compelled to obey, even though she still believed that hearing such a voice was a very, very bad sign. She feared she was losing her grip on reality.

The voice got impatient: 'Stop arguing with yourself and do it already.'

"I'm so tired, Adoni..." She frowned, in the grip of conflicting emotion, reaching up to kiss Adonis and break the stare he was giving her. Petros kissed her hand and spoke quietly in a monotone, suggesting that they allow Elena to get some sleep.
Adonis hesitated for a brief moment before hugging Elena tightly. He released her, pressing his lips to her forehead.

"Yes, you should rest, sweet girl." As Elena looked back into his eyes she noted that though he smiled, he seemed to be attempting to mask concerns. He looked at Petros and rose from the bed. Petros pulled Elena into a long embrace, before running his lips along her cheek.

"Kali nikta, agape-mou. Try to get some sleep." His eyes showed he was preoccupied as he rose reluctantly from the bed. Petros exchanged a silent look with Adonis as they tucked her under the covers.

Pausing at the door, they murmured a few more endearments that Elena returned, before they disappeared into the hall.

She lay still in the dark for a m