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Joe's humiliation continues as he is naked at another party.

"Jen, I'm worried about you. I've seen you when we're out. You need to lay off the hard drugs."

Jen looked sharply at Tina. "I'm okay Tina, I can handle it." She felt edgy. She'd taken the last of Kyle's cocaine over a week before, and she felt empty and jittery.

"Jen, honey, I don't know," Tina persisted. "You have to be careful, you can get addicted on cocaine."

Jen scoffed. "Tina, come on, coke isn't like heroin, it's not addictive!" she snapped. "Tell the truth, you're giving me shit because you're hoping I'll stop partying with the Stallions and you'll have less competition."

Tina looked aghast, and tears rolled down her cheeks. "I'm just trying to be a friend. But now I see what you really think about me. God, Jen, it's all about you, isn't it?"

"Wait, I'm sorry!" Jen cried, as Tina ran away crying. But it was too late. Jen pressed the palms of her hands into her eyes. God, what's wrong with me? he thought. I just need a hit, and I'll be okay.

She called Kyle. He didn't have any left, but he gave her Tyrone's number, and told her how much a bag would cost. Jen gawked at the price, but she went to the ATM and withdrew the money. Then she called Tyrone. He seemed pleased to hear from her. He gave her his address, and she told him she'd be there in half an hour.

"Hi," Jen said as she entered Tyrone's apartment. His place overlooked Central Park and it was magnificent. She looked wide-eyed around his place. "Wow, this must have cost a fortune."

Tyrone shrugged, more interested in taking a good look at Jen. She wore her long blonde hair in a high pony tail and wore no makeup, not even lipstick. She wore a sleeveless tailored white blouse, slim capri pants, and ballet flats that tied around her ankles. Before now, whenever he'd seen her, she'd been dressed to impressed in slinky outfits that showed off just as much as it hid. Now though, she looked like a normal mom and wife. A very pretty mom and wife.

Jen felt his eyes on her and felt uneasy. "So, um, cannot I buy a bag?" She took the money out of her purse and offered it to him.

Tyrone ignored the money and instead took her left hand in his. He looked at her wedding and engagement rings. "So, Jenny, you're really married? That's what I heard, but the way you party and fuck around --"

"My husband and I have a special arrangement," she said interrupting him, her cheeks reddening with embarrassment. She felt awkward talking to him. It was one thing flirting with him when she partied with the Stallions. Then, she could pretend to be someone else. But now, this was her real-life persona, the young wife with 2 kids and married to Mike. "So, um ... can I buy some from you?"

"I can set you up, sure," Tyrone said, and his smile turned wicked. "But it's not money I want. Not from you."

Jen sighed inwardly. She'd expected it might come to this, and she was prepared for it. "Okay, but I only have an hour, my husband will be home soon."

"You make it sound like work," Tyrone said still grinning.

"No, I mean -- " Jen stammered.

"Besides, I thought you said your husband is understanding."

"He is, it's just --"

Tyrone laughed. "That's okay, Jenny, I get it. He's understanding to a point, but not in the middle of the day."

"Right," Jen said sheepishly, embarrassed.

"You seem edgy Jenny. When was your last hit?"

Is it that obvious? Jen thought. "Um ... about a week ago," she told him.

Tyrone nodded understandingly. "Maybe you might enjoy this more if you had a hit before we started. How does that sound? A freebie on me."

"Yeah, that sounds great," Jen said with growing excitement.

Tyrone led Jen into his bed room. On a table, he formed a long line of coke and handed Jen a straw. Jen inhaled the magic dust and she arched her back and rolled her head back as the euphoria and feeling of well-being overtook her. Tyrone watched her. She was a pretty girl, very pretty. And her body was amazing.

She finally opened her eyes and the awkwardness was gone. "Do you want me to let my hair out?" she asked, her hands moving to her hair.

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