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Some additional guests arrive to date night.

At home he fought hard to maintain a normal disposition with Emma and Hester, which became harder and harder as he observed Emma sin and the he had to release his spirit into Hester.

He had dutifully returned to the preacher's office each time her sin occurred. The most recent event had been a surprise to Jonathan and seemingly a disappointment to the preacher. Jonathan described how his daughter began touching her breasts and then balled up her blanket into a large roll which she held between her legs, grinding herself against it.

Frustrated, the preacher asked, "But did you see any of her nether region."

"No, it remained hidden beneath her night shirt, all I could see was her hips moving some and her arse muscles flexing."

"But underneath what did it look like?"

"Well I couldn't see that," Jonathan replied, confused by the preachers frustration.

"Okay!" he shouted and then paused. A moment later her began again, "Okay, I wanted you to know the petition has been filed. It will only be about a month or so and the church surgeon should be here. Well will save her from her sin then."

Fighting back tears of joy, Jonathan stood up and burst out, "Thank you Reverend, thank you so much." He reached out both hands and shook the preacher's hand in thanks.

As Jonathan turned to leave, the preacher, "Now, until he arrives, you must continue telling me of Emma's sin, but only when she uncovers herself. Do you understand?"

Jonathan nodded and headed home, relieved that finally something would be done to save his daughter. In a few short months it would all be over and they could all return to their God fearing ways.

It was actually six months before the surgeon arrived and in that time Hester, Jonathan's wife was growing larger and larger, pregnant just over six months. He had continued releasing his spirit into her for about three months after he knew she was pregnant. What else could he do as he watched Emma sin and felt the vexation grow in his member.

Finally, the preacher explained that since his wife was with child, Jonathan could step outside after watching his daughter and spill his spirit onto the ground. Fearing it was a sin, Jonathan resisted the suggestion, but the preacher explained how different it was for a man and that spilling that spirit onto the ground was certainly less sinful than approaching a woman with child or even worse, his daughter.

"That would be just returning her sin back into her body and besides, any child conceived of a father and daughter union would be the devil reborn," the preacher said, his face red with strain. "You must spill the spirit onto the ground until we can remove the sin from Emma."

Finally the day arrived and the surgeon was ready for Emma. Jonathan took his family to church as normal and then saw his daughter off to the school, thinking "Now a score and one year old, Emma could finally live without sin."

He met her after school and asked her to come to church with him to meet with Reverend Albus. The three of them met for a short while and then Emma was given something bitter to drink. She didn't like the drink but dutifully listened to her father and the preacher completely trusting the two most important men in her life.

Jonathan sat in a room while the preacher took Emma away. Later he heard a few faint screams and then the preacher told him he could come back. He stepped into the dark room and could smell the stench of burned flesh. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw his daughter sitting in a chair sobbing.

The surgeon spoke to him then saying, "She will feel some pain for a day or two, but after that everything will seem normal to her. Well, everything except she will not have the urge to touch herself in sin again."

"Can she walk?" Jonathan asked.

"She can walk a little, Reverend Albus has arranged for a horse and wagon to take you home. When you get her home your wife may want to help her attend to the bandage for a while. Soon everything will return to normal."

Helping Emma up Jonathan whispered, "It will stop hurting soon