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Coworkers embark on a romance with unexpected results.

I drove on into the yard and got out. The girl Lyn works with, Selina, saw me and blushed red - giggling nervously as I said hello and walked past her, as if she knew a dirty secret. Again, the deja-vu as I approached the buildings. Not having seen my wife outside, I looked into the feed room, which was empty - and then I stuck my head around the door of the tack room.

There was my wife, naked from the waist down, pulling up a pair of white cotten knickers exactly as my dream had foretold.

She saw my shadow in the doorway and looked up. Entirely naturally, she said, "Oh, hi Dave. I've just had sex with the feed delivery man and I needed to change my underwear."

I watched dumbly as she picked up her jeans which had been tossed into a corner, and started to pull them up. I was frozen and unable to move.

She smiles at me and, just as in the dream, started to walk past me to carry on with her work. It was here that I broke with the dream and grabbed her arm.

"Stop," I said, voice shaky.

She looked up at me, questioning. I pushed her firmly back into the room and up against the table in the middle, where tack is laid out when it's cleaned. I let go, but stood close.

"Tell me what happened," I said.

"Not much to tell," she answered. "We had sex on this table and then he left."

"Was this the first time?"

"No, love. We've been doing this most weeks for, ooh, about three months. That's why I bring spare knickers on Thursdays." Again, that matter of fact tone. As if it wasn't my business who she fucked, but politely dealing with my enquiries.

I stretched my memory. I've read that unfaithful partners often change their habits, how they dress and how they act - but honestly, there was no change in her that I had detected, nor could now. I guessed it was down to her attitude that she'd done nothing wrong.

"Tell me exactly what happened today," I said. I was feeling the pressure from an erection, and she noticed the bulge. She smiled slightly as she began,

"Well, same as other times really. John comes around three and drops off the week's feed. Then he comes in here, pushes me hard up against the table and kisses me. I kiss him back as he squeezes my tits. Then we release and I remove my jeans and knickers, and we have sex. Sometimes on the table, sometimes up against it, sometimes missionary and sometimes doggy on the floor. Then, when we're done, he pulls up his own trousers and goes off. I imagine he has several women who he has sex with, he's a very cheeky young man."

"How did it start?"

"I fancied it. As simple as that. He started chatting me up and flirting. I liked his smile and when he kissed me, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed it when he groped my chest and then again when he pulled down my trousers and put it in me. It was fun, it still is." - All said matter-of-fact, as if she'd done something very simple, not been unfaithful to me.

"Did you think about me?"

"No. Honestly, you never cross my mind in that way any more. I didn't think you'd mind. You don't mind, do you love?" she asked, some concern finally arriving on her face.

"Does he wear a condom?" I asked, ignoring her question.

"No, that would spoil the moment."

"Is he bigger than me?"

"A bit, and he's much younger and fitter. He has a nice body."

"Does he know you're married?"

"Of course - I never take my ring off, but everyone has flings. It's just sex, Dave. Good sex, but just sex."

"He kisses you?" I asked.


"Like this?" I say, as I push her against the table and kiss my wife forcefully. She resists slightly at first, then her mouth opens and she welcomes my invading tongue. My hand found her breast and I squeezed it through her clothes.

She was responding well, moaning into my mouth.

I released her, then unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped them and slid them down over her hips.