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I noticed the bumps of her nipples start to rise, crisping as her face went a bit pink. But she met my gaze when it came back up.

"Unca B, it is sorta like this little thing we just, um, did now, but it's much worse for Pru at home. At least you are trustworthy and safe."

I thought for a bit, and looked at Pru.

"When was it that your parents decided to take you from school to do home schooling?"

"I was twelve."

"What was the reason, then?"

"The kids were making fun of me for being tall and skinny and ugly, and they were always calling me Prude, when it is really Prudence. And my parents did not want me to do Gym class, it was immodest according to them."

"Girls at that age can be cruel."

"Unca B, girls are cruel at all ages against people who stand out from the crowd."

"I suppose so, Gwen."

So I took a chance, thinking I knew all about what might be happening across the road: "All right girls, I will promise to say yes, as long as I don't have to do something illegal. And -- of course, if Gwen comes through on her side of the bargain."

Gwen said, "Yea! I told you he would. Go get your bag while I fill Unca B in."

As Pru hurried up the path, Gwen said to me, "You just agreed that Pru can move in and stay with us for a while."

"And you Gwen have just agreed to my rule number one. Whenever we are alone you will immediately give me a good look at what is covering your pussy, and if it is nothing, you open it so I can see it all. Now sit up straight, put your feet up on your seat at least six inches apart and hug your knees."

Gwen looked at me a long time as her face began to redden, then slowly drew her knees together and raised them towards her chest. I looked at her pink face as her heels reached the seat edge and she spread them a little on the seat. Then I lowered my eyes. At the bottom, between her slim thighs, peeked a furry patch of blond hair.

"Spread those feet wider, Gwen. And slide your bum to the edge of the seat."

As Gwen slid her thighs more open, I went to my knee before her gap.

"Now reach around and open up. Pull by those lovely blond hairs of yours."

I bent even more forward and began to sniff her crotch, smelling the aroma of aroused woman. I knew she wanted to show off her body.

"Gwen, we don't have much time here -- but do you want me to taste you?"

I could see the slick pink surfaces of her inner lips as they stood proud, and the rising bump of her clit, so I knew the truth even if she denied it.

"Y Yes," she moaned after a short delay.

I placed my tongue flat and wet on the taut skin below the base of her vulva and dragged it slowly all the way to the top, pausing to suck at the nub of her clit. Grasping both ankles I spread them really wide as I slid my tongue back down to the bottom.

I closed her legs and helped her to her feet Hugging her to me I said, "I have wanted to do that ever since you began to really develop. But I always wanted you to feel secure in your own person. I have known you are going around without underwear for quite a while too, you know."

"Have you been peeking under my skirt?"

"No, but I have been doing your laundry for the last six years, and I notice changes in how many pairs of panties I wash a week."


"Later I will teach you all the ways to reveal yourself to me."

Gwen giggled. "Something I have wanted to do for the last two years, but never dared to ask."

"Let's go inside and help Pru."

As we went back up the path, I carried my batch of file folders under one arm, and used the other hand to caress the fine firm rump of Gwen as it waggled up the path, just ahead of me. She paused once and bent to pick a tiny flower, and presented her rump for my hand to delve deep between the cheeks. She pressed back to the pressure.

"I think we are going to have a whole new relationship here, Gwen."

"I'm counting on it Unca B."

We came around the front side of the house just as Pru came across the street lugging a large old fashioned suitcase without wheels.

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