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Boring train journey becomes not so boring after all.

They giggled and pointed out how stiff my penis had become. They noted that my nipples were hard and sticking out.

More and more water filled my guts, until I was sure that I would explode. I couldn't hold my ass shut any more and streams of brown water began to squirt out of my asshole.

"Keep that water in your ass or you'll regret it!" Marsha sneered. I clamped down hard on my sphincter muscles. Cindy reached up and shut off the hose. I knelt there, huddled on all fours, afraid to move.

"Stay there and don't let any of the water out," Cindy admonished. "Watch him," she said to Marsha. Cindy left the bathroom.

"Masturbate for me Slut," Marsha demanded. I reached down with my left hand, balancing on my right forearm, and began to stroke my cock. Pumping my meat only made the pressure in my ass feel worse. As my hand stroked my cock, small goops of cum oozed from the slit.

Cindy returned carrying a wooden paddle with holes drilled through it. I knew this weapon from previous experience and did not relish what I knew was about to happen.

"Count to twenty and then you can go to the bathroom," Cindy said. She leaned over the tub and raised the paddle high over her head. I waited in dread anticipation. Both girls were smiling, enjoying my fear. Then Cindy brought the paddle down. The wood cracked on my right ass cheek and drove my head into the faucet. The paddle left a huge red mark, punctuated by small white circles left by the holes. "One Mistress," I counted.

The second blow landed on the left ass cheek. I grit my teeth and squeezed my ass as tight as I could. The impact of the blow was like striking a ripe watermelon. I could feel the shockwave pulse through the water in my abdomen. "Two Mistress," I said.

Ten blows I counted, each delivered on alternating sides of my ass. Tears streamed down my face and a small line of brown water dripped out of my ass. Cindy said to Marsha, "My arm is getting tired. You take over."

"Oh, goody. Now, we'll see what the little Slut is made off, wouldn't we?" Marsha addressed this question to me. "Are you crying little bitch? You fucking pussy, I'll give you something to cry about."

Marsha wound up like a major league pitcher. The holes in the paddle whistled as she brought the wood down up my ass. The impact was too much for me. My head slammed into the end of the tub and I saw stars. A stream of filth brown water shot out of my ass. "Now you did it bitch." The tone in Marsha voice was pure evil.

I didn't even get a chance to count eleven. Marsha used the paddle like a club beating out a beat. One..two...three...four...five...the blow smashed into my ass in rapid succession. The holes in the wood sent the leaking brown water jetting through the paddle and splattering around the shower enclosure. Six...seven...eight...nine...then a pause. "I told you that you would pay Slut," as Marsha said this she delivered the final blow. She aimed the paddle for a point between my legs where my ass crack met my balls. The paddle connected with my testicles and I screamed. I lost any ass control that I might have had left. All the soapy warm water that remained in my bowels was expelled.

I lay there, flat on my chest with my ass in the air. Filthy brown fetid water surrounded me in the bottom of the tub. I felt so humiliated and abused. I hated Marsha.

"Let's do a final check," Marsha said. She took the enema hose and rammed it back in my ass. Releasing the clamp, she sent the remaining water cascading into my guts. When the bag was empty, she reminded me to stay still.

The girls left and I lay there in the cold smell fluid. After an indeterminable time, they returned. Cindy wore a black bustier, black panties, black stockings, and black pumps. Marsha wore a matching outfit, but all in red.

"Go to the bathroom and empty yourself," Cindy said. "Then, take another hot shower and clean yourself and the tub. When your done put these on."

I watched as she tossed a blue bra and panties on the sink.