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It is as simple as that to compete in Survivor.

Of course if you want a chance at winning some of the prizes or even winning the competition you will need to familiarize yourself with the intricate, often confusing rules and scoring system. Because the basic premise of Literotica's Survivor Competition is to encourage writing a lot of stories in a lot of different categories and to encourage writers to enter stories in the special contests the scoring system has been designed support that goal.

First of all, if you want to have a hope of winning Survivor you must enter all of the six Literotica special contests. Since the establishment of the current scoring system no one has won Survivor without participating in all the special contests. This is because of the amount of points available here, you get five points for simply entering a contest (the most points you can earn for submitting any single story) and if you submit stories in all six contests you earn an additional thirty point bonus. That is sixty points for writing only six stories.

Secondly, you will want to write in as many different categories as possible. Once again this is because of the scoring where you will earn three points (six points for the Novel and Novella category) for your first submission in each different category. Also you can earn bonus points for writing in many different categories (5 addition points for 10 different categories, 10 additional points for 20 different categories, 15 additional points for 30 different categories and 30 additional points for all 35 categories). That is another sixty points in bonuses for writing in every category, all in addition to the points you earn for each story.

If there are categories you may have difficulty, for whatever reason, writing in you can claim immunity but this requires a bit of luck to obtain the immunity. While the immunity may help you achieve those important bonus points be aware that the rules here are complex so read up and if you have questions ask questions on the Forum. Make note that for each immunity you claim you must fill the first tier of another category (three submissions) or the immunity will not count. Also, make sure you are aware that there is only a short period of time after you win the immunity to claim it.

The stories you write must fit within Literotica's guidelines for submission but basically, if the story is accepted by Literotica it is eligible for the contest unless it is submitted as a chapter of a longer work (chapters are allowed in the Novel and Novella and the Chain Story). Additionally, for a story to be eligible for Survivor in the Novel and Novella Category it must be a minimum of 7,500 words (the scoring is increased to 6 points for the first story and two points for each subsequent story posted for this category). Additionally, while stories shorter than 750 words can be submitted for the Text with Audio category they must be at least 750 words for the text portion and the audio must present at least all the words in the text.

Now, you might hear (or read) the whining about story length. When you do, simply ignore it. The length of a story is simply what the author determines is needed to tell the story. Now Literotica requires a story to be 750 words before it will accept the submission (no limit on poetry) so you will need at least that to enter the story in Survivor, but beyond that it is up to you (and only you) to determine what it takes to tell your story. If you have the skill and expertise to tell your story in 750 words then do it. Don't let others try and convince you it is unethical or cheating to concisely present your work. Those who do that are simply using a strategy to undermine you in competing.

Sandbagging is a term you may read in the Survivor Forum.

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