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The game ended and the post-game show came on about nine forty-five. I had already resigned myself to the idea that she wasn't going to call when my cell phone rang. I picked it up off the table and was relieved to see Staci's name on the caller ID.

I answered her call before the third ring. "Hiya Staci." I said.

"I'm so sorry Allen she dilly-dallied around forever before she left." Staci said.

"Not a problem." I replied assuming the late hour didn't mean we wouldn't be meeting.

"Can you give me a couple minutes?" Staci asked.

"Sure how's fifteen?" I asked.

"Perfect, see you in a little bit." Staci answered.

I waited the full fifteen minutes before heading down to Staci's apartment, softly knocking on the door.

She opened the door with a huge smile on her lips. "I didn't think Gina was ever going to leave." She remarked as I entered the apartment. Staci was wearing a form-fitting white tank top that showed off her petite tits perfectly and a pair of cut off jean shorts that hugged her hips and revealed a sexy camel toe at her loins. While this outfit was extremely sexy and revealing what struck me most was that she had pulled her long blonde hair into a pair of tight pigtails. It was almost as if she wanted to give the impression of being a sexy little school girl.

"Where was Gina off to?" I asked.

"She has a date with the latest big cock in an almost never-ending list of big cocks." Staci replied than added. "I don't expect she'll be back tonight.

I was glad to hear that; perhaps Staci and I could have some fun after we talked.

"Would you like something to drink?" She asked.

"Thanks, I'll have whatever you're having." I answered.

"Diet coke." Staci said.

I nodded my approval and followed her into the kitchen where she filled a glass with ice and poured some soda into the glass. Her cut offs were even tighter fitting in the back showing off a little of each ass cheek and the sexy crease where her thighs met her ass. I felt a twinge in my loins as she moved about her kitchen.

"Let's go sit in the living room." Staci suggested.

"Lead the way." I replied wanting to keep checking out her sexy ass. I hadn't planned on trying to seduce her tonight but my mind was telling me she wanted some hard cock.

I sat down on one end of the couch and turned a little toward her as she sat at the other end. Staci curled one leg up onto the couch as she faced me. Her shorts pulled even tighter at her loins and I was rewarded with a perfect view of one side of her pussy. She noticed me looking at her loins and said. "These shorts are so goddam tight."

I just shook my head in approval of how they fit. Having me glance at her exposed pussy must have excited her somewhat causing her nipples to harden a little under the form fitting tank top.

She moved one hand to try and cover her exposed loins, but the image of her moist cunt remained in my brain even after she'd covered it.

"So where do you want to start?" I asked.

She took a sip of soda before speaking. "I want you to know that I agonized over my decision for a long time." Staci started. I didn't reply.

She continued. "I was torn between my hope that someday I will have a loving husband and family and my undeniable needs as a young sexually active woman."

I didn't reply.

"There is only so much pleasure one can get from a sex toy." Staci admitted.

"I understand." I answered wanting her to continue.

"Last weekend when we fucked I realized what or how much I've been missing; the feeling of having a pulsing hard cock inside me, the sensation of having a throbbing erect cock in my mouth or ass just can't be duplicated with a rubber dildo." She said.

"Yes and the feeling of having a man touch you." I added.

"Not to mention the incredible taste of his cum." Staci said.

I smiled knowing she loved the taste of my hot sticky cum load.

Staci moved her hand awa