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Basically, two girls and a guy.

"Kristen thanks for coming. I am glad to see that you are taking some interest in college. I won't lie; I had some doubts. That is part of the reason why I asked you here today." I stated rather bluntly.

I hoped that I wasn't being too rough on her to start and with another girl I might have been but this girl knew her way around the block blindfolded and she simply smiled and shook her head up and down. Even as we talked, I imagined some of things this girl was rumored to have done. Threesomes, seducing innocent girls, even a post game tryst with some of the football team were just some of the stories to have made their way around my local watering hole.

It was at this time that I noticed that Kristen's eyes had moved blatantly to my crotch. What was this? I knew this girl was bad but damn. Then it dawned on me. She was just noticing my slowing mounting erection. I guess my visions had gotten the best of me. After shifting my weight to cover my growing teepee, I cleared my throat and said "Now I know that you aren't the most well behaved girl in school, I need to know that you won't be an undo bad influence on my little girl."

The smile she gave in return was priceless. "Mr. Simmons I hate to break this to you but your little girl isn't exactly little anymore," her eyes moved to my manhood again when she continued with "and neither are you from the look of things."

I could not believe what happened next. This young, nubile girl got right down on her knees and had her hands caressing the outside of my pants before I could garner any resistance.

"Whoa Kristen; this is not at all appropriate! You shouldn't be doing that." I stammered; lying not only to her but to myself as well. She reached down and undid three buttons of her blouse and pulled her bra down under her beautiful tits making them look even fuller. Reaching back up she continued to rub up down and quickly unfastened my zipper.

Then it happened. About the same time she unleashed my throbbing eight inch member that came very close to smacking her right in face; she unexpectedly unleashed what I like to call the "Beast." Now I'm not an angry person or a hateful one but I do keep a lot of emotions and feeling close to the cuff. Unfortunately, every now and then the Beast will rear its ugly head. And right now she was about to see it in all its glory. This little troublemaker was about to be taught a rough lesson.

"So this is what you think you want?" I asked her as I unbuttoned my pants and grabbed the base of my cock. She could see the change on my face; the face of the Beast but nodded her head up and down anyway. The decision was made. When I grabbed a large handful of her hair, she opened her mouth in a moment of pain and protest which gave me ample time for me to guide my dick toward tonsil town.

She hesitated momentarily but regained her composure and didn't miss a beat. This little whore knew how to suck cock. I forcefully moved her head up and down on my length. Looking down I noticed her hand rubbing her pussy through her white panties. This girl was hot and knew it. I quickly pulled my cock from her mouth and turned her over onto my desk without thought of how rough I was with her; not that she was concerned either. She gave an impish whimper and a slight peek-around over her shoulder with a stunned look on her face but I also noticed an ever so subtle parting of her legs. She knew she wanted it.

"This will teach you to corrupt my little girl you slut," I scolded her. Not bothering to take off her clothes, I just lifted her school skirt up and moved her white panties to the side. In one motion I violently rammed the entire length of my cock into her partially shaved, teen pussy adding a smack across a piece of exposed ass.

"Urrgghhh, oh my god, Mr.