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A surprise twist.


Sharon bent down, and whispered into Sandra's ear. Sharon smiled, as Sandra blushed, anew. Sandra spoke aloud.

"Please, abuse me."

"That was nice. However, you will have to wait your turn. Mary was here first."

The people milled about, as they consumed alcohol. Sandra endured, with shame, the groping hands, and wet mouths. Sandra's vagina, was open, and wet. The fondling, became intense. Sandra began her climb to orgasm. She moaned out, her passion.

Sandra was almost, to her climax. Sharon spoke, looking down at Sandra.

"Stop. Now."

Sharon enforced her command, with several sharp whip lashes, on Sandra's ass.

"I think the ladies, are ready. Are you all ready, for the show?" Hoots, hollers, and a jubilant mood of agreement, rose in the air.

"Let the show begin."

The lights, lowered in the room, and raised on the stage.

Both women, were removed from the benches, and pushed, roughly, to the floor. The bench, and coffee table, were removed from the small stage.

Sandra found herself, on her knees, in the spotlight. Her hands were bound, behind her. She was chained, at the neck, to Mary. Mary shared her position, and her shame.

Sharon circled the bound women, on display. Sharon's hands moved, freely, over the bound womens body's. She played, with her new, slut, slaves.

Sharon stood, in front of Sandra.

"You're such a big girl. You'll have to be, the big sister. Mary is not the slut, you are. Her pussy, is barely wet. You'll have to get her hot, for her ravishment. A virgin slave, is of no value to me. Get to work. If you don't get her, as wet, as you are now, I'll beat you."

Sandra could feel the tension, in Mary. Sandra began her seduction. She kissed Mary, with passion. Sandra was quite pleased, when Sharon released her arms.

"Stir the little bitch up. Get her hot, for her date, with destiny.

Sandra's arms, were stiff, and sore. Sandra moved them around, on Mary's nubile body. More to get them moving, than to arouse Mary. She was not unaware, of Sharon, and her whip, standing over her. Sandra put her best effort, into raising Mary's passion.

Sandra's seduction, was not working. Mary was compliant. She was, not aroused. Sandra spoke to her, between kisses.

"You're so beautiful. You're so nice, to kiss. I love, your mouth. I love, your nice tits. Everyone wants to see you, get fucked."

When Sandra spoke, of people watching, she detected a flash of excitement, in Mary's eyes. Sandra positioned Mary, so that she was looking out, towards the audience. Sandra moved behind Mary. She circled Mary's body, from behind her.

Sandra cupped Mary's breasts, in her hands. She fondled them. She spoke into Mary's ear, in a voice, loud enough, for everyone to hear.

"They're watching you. They get off, watching you. They want, to hear you beg. They'll watch the cock, push into your, virgin, pussy. They love, watching you. Let me help you."

Sandra lowered her hands, into Mary's crotch. She began to stroke her. Mary's passion, had not been raised, by the pain, or the humiliation. Being on display, did raise Mary's passion. Sandra continued to talk, to Mary, as she stroked her cunt.

Sandra could feel, Mary's passion rising. She could feel, the heat from Mary's cunt, as it began to blossom.

"It turns them on, to hear you beg. You are, so, hot. You must want it, bad. Tell them, of your need."

Mary was moaning. She tried to speak. The words, would not come.

Mary started crooning.

"Please. Please. Please."

Sharon stood, on the lighted stage. She knelt down, to inspect Mary's passion, with her hand. She kissed Mary, with passion.

"She is as ready, as she is going to get. Bring on the lucky man."

Sandra's eyes flew open. Her heart sank, as she saw Joe, step into the light.

Sharon pulled Sandra's head up, smiling broadly, looking down at her.

"Yes dear, Joe is going to get a virgin tonight, but it will not be you. Help Joe claim his prize. If she's cold, when he gets to her, I will cripple you."

Sandra had tears in her eyes, as she spoke.

"Yes mistress.

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