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The mature husband dies, but there's always the son.

"But we needed a woman's opinion!" Mark protested. "Please!"

I tried to relax. "Well, first of all it doesn't matter how long it is, it depends on how THICK it is..."

Laura saw Mark's curious eyes grow wider. She had already said too much.


"Yes really, but I still don't know why I'm telling you this..."

"But how long should a cock be?"

Laura thought back to the sex ed she had taught the juniors last year. "The average cock is about five inches long, but I would consider six or seven inches large."

"See? I told you!" Mark called to Dave, the assistant captain, who smiled back at him from the line the middle of the line.

"Who cares? Mine is still bigger than yours." Dave shot back. The whole team laughed.

"So Who do you think has the biggest cock on the team?" Mark asked Laura.

Laura looked along the line, she noticed that while most of the guys were hard, some stayed just semi-erect.

"Fully erect or not?" Laura asked.

Mark looked over at the guys. "Come on fellas, get those cocks hard for Mrs. Smithson."

The guys who weren't already at "full attention" as my husband calls it, began to rub themselves timidly, as if they were nervous too.

"Maybe we'd get harder if we had some stimulation." said Tommy Philips, a large built kid that Laura taught a few years ago in history class, standing at the far end of the line. He was always a joker.

"Yeah right!" Laura laughed. "You guys aren't getting any 'stimulation' from this one."

Mark looked a little disappointed at this, "Come on Mrs. Smithson!"

"Don't 'come on' me!" Laura said, before realizing the double entendre. The guys broke out into laughter.

"Look," Mark said, "We're all going to graduate at the end of the month anyway, we won't tell!"

Laura had to admit to herself that it was difficult controlling herself in front of all those young fit guys, but she knew she absolutely couldn't compromise her marriage or career.

"Sorry guys but you aren't going to see one inch of even my boob." She laughed. "But I won't be able to tell you who's the biggest without you all getting hard, so, as they say on the rowing squad, 'Get stroking'."

Laura had to control her authority in this space. What was happening was incredibly inappropriate, but as long as she didn't give in, she felt this incident would soon be forgotten. She knew, after all, they may be seniors and of age, but they were still her students and as such, her responsibility as well.

While the boys stroked, Laura looked over at Mark who was the only one still in his uniform. "Why are you dressed? Not playing?"

He blushed. "Um..."

"Fall in line!" Laura ordered told him. He took off his shorts and underwear and did so.

"Ok boys...hands off your cocks and keep them up for me."

It's amazing how hard young guys can get, Laura reflected. Their cocks were suddenly all completely upward pointing and the guys were easily able to keep hold them in that position even with their hands behind their backs.

Laura moved from right to left down the line. None of the cocks were the same, but Laura could quickly tell the biggest from the big: Charles, Mookie, Danny and Tim were all huge, over nine inches, while the others were between four and seven.

Laura arranged the boys in the line from largest, to smallest. The smallest, Darren, had a penis that was actually only three inches long fully stiffed. It reminded Laura of her sister's baby boy when she changed him.

"How does your girlfriend handle that?" Laura joked as Darren's face turned red.

Actually, all of the guys on the 'small' end of the line were blushing tremendously.

When the guys were finally arranged, Laura noticed some of them were too close in size to call by eye, so she got a ruler from her bag and pressing the ruler's far edge between the guy's thigh and scrotum had him hold his penis against the measurements while she called out the answer.

Of course, she never touched their 'manhoods' once.

Soon, everyone was sorted out except Tommy and the guy beside him Frank.

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