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Hitomi becomes lady bane.

She was lying on her stomach with the top of her almost invisible bikini undone to avoid any unsightly tan lines. The thong bottoms were nearly undetectable as the back of it disappeared into the crack of her round curvaceous ass. It was as if she were lying naked for the world, or him, to see.

As he turned to start picking up his tools he noticed her big green eyes staring him down. He was taken aback by her stark beauty and obvious lust in her eyes.

"You look hot" she coyly said with one eyebrow raised. "Would you like some lemonade?" She asked motioning toward the large pitcher on the table next to her. She stood up not even worrying about the top she left laying on the chaise lounge she was on. She poured him a glass and offered it to him. He almost wasn't aware of the glass, because he couldn't take his eyes off her large magnificent breasts. She touched his chest with the glass. It was cold and it made him jump slightly. "Th-th-thank you" he said shyly. He realized that he was staring and averted his eyes.

She stood back as he drank down the lemonade in one big gulp. She then took the glass from his hand. Reaching inside the glass she removed one of the ice cubes, and started slowly running it down her chin trailing it down to her chest, encircling each nipple raising them to harden nubs in the hot sun. She then reached out and started to rub the same ice cube across his chest. His breathing became slightly more rapid

"I've been watching you all this last week build this gazebo for my husband?" She said.

"Husband?" he thought to himself, "He must be about 70 years old. She can't be more that 25"

"He had this built for me" She told him. "All I have to do is ask for something and he gets it for me. In return I get to be his little trophy wife. I stoke his aging dick every night until he falls asleep. Unfortunately, that leaves me to satisfy my own needs myself. That gets very lonely. Do you understand what I'm getting at?"

His lust had grown tremendously during her explanation. He knew precisely what she was getting at. He reached out and took her in his rams and kissed her deeply. As their tongues intertwined inside each others mouths his hands were on her heaving tits like he was checking the freshness of a couple of melons. And they were real.

Her hands were also busiy opening the front of his cut offs. After she had them down to his ankles she dropped to her knees and swallowed his manhood. After a couple of attempts she had his dick all the way down here throat, taking him to his root. His hands were lost in her brown locks holding her in position for the most glorious blow job he had ever received.

After about five minute of fighting off the urge to cum, he picked her up and carried her to the lounge chair. Laying her on her back he deftly removed her thong. Spreading her legs he dove into her honey pot. It was the sweetest tasting pussy he had had in months. She started to writhe under his ministrations. He inserted one then two fingers inside her sopping wet pussy. This caused her to moan uncontrollably. On a whim he stuck the thumb of his other hand up her ass. This took her over the edge to an earth shattering orgasm.

He allowed her to catch her breath. After which, she took his cock back into her mouth getting him to his ultimate hardness. He then turned her over onto her hands and knees. He inserted his manhood into her waiting love channel. He started slowly sawing in and out of her. She softly started moaning again. He started to hammer into her faster causing her to cry out in ecstasy. "That's right handyman, nail me. Nail me good" she shouted.

He was lost in fuck mode. He started sense she needed something else. He removed his pole and with it lubed up from he natural juices, he started to push it into her back door. "Yes! Yes! Give to me. Fuck My ass!" she demanded.

He buried himself in her rear opening to his ball.