Kelsi's friend introduces her to her strap-on. High Quality Sex Pics

Saturday- Day three of vacation

Very much aware that Ray was still watching me more than the porn on the screen, I said, "Why ain't you stroking that big old cock of yours, Ray?"

My voice had a husky timber to it that I'd never heard in it before.

"C'mon, Ray, let's watch each other, what do you say?" I spread my open shorts apart revealing my semi-transparent undies and moved my fingers. Ray seemed entranced by the slight movement. I closed my eyes, heard the soft sound of his fly unzipping.

I opened my eyes, and gasped, "Oh, my God!"

At first glance his cock looked like a thick snake. Ray wrapped his fingers around it, so I knew it wasn't really gigantic, but it did approximate the black dude's from earlier that afternoon.

Without any conscious effort on my part, two fingers slipped into the soggy morass that was my snatch, going for the G.

Wanting him to see what I was doing, and hoping he'd do the same, I parted my thighs, removed my fingers and brought them to my mouth and sucked on them while staring feveredly into his glazed, lust-filled eyes.

Ray gave his cock a tremendous squeeze and started stroking it.

"...Take your shorts off for me..."

"Go slow," I croaked.

"Huh," he coughed and slowed down. "...Take the shorts off for me..."

"Can't ... Stevie will be coming back. But maybe this will help," I tugged the panties to one side and let him see the matted pubic hair that surrounded my twat.

"Oh ... yeah, nice, very nice," he whispered in a thick voice.

I needed to get off or I'd explode, so I returned the fingers to my cunt and lifting my hips, frigged away, watching as his thumb spread precum over the head of his bulbous cock.

I started to feel it coming on and let the air whoosh out of my lungs, then inhaled.

"Mmmm ... I'm fucking soaked, Ray!"

My free hand was tweaking a stiffened nipple. I realized he had yet to see my puppies and I lifted the tank top and bared my chest.

"Like 'em, Ray?"

"Oh ... you are a cock teaser aren't you?"

"Not really. But you'll have to wait ... see if Stevie wants to share me with you."

"I doubt he will," Ray said after a long moment.

"You've got some cock there, Ray."

"Thanks, you got a great body yourself, Noreen ... some fantastic tits."

"We get a chance I'd like you to suck 'em some."

"I'd like that, Noreen."

I was swimming in lust. My fingers were making a 'squish-squish' sound, and I could hear a similar sound from Ray's cock. I wanted to swallow his cock, balls and all.

But Stevie was due any second now.

"Spread your pussy, show me the pink!" he all but groaned.

I was happy to oblige, and did. A moment later my thumb was massaging my kitty. I was so fuckin' close!

I told Ray.

"Cum for me!" he croaked.

"Yeah ... I ... will ...." I panted and staring at his hand, now a blur on his cockmeat felt my thighs and abdomen seize up as I lurched forward -- once... twice... still intensely looking at his hand stroking that cock.

"Don't you cum, Ray! Not yet." I was rasping for breath. "Please, don't! I want you to cum on me. It may take a while, but we'll work something out. Save that load. I want it. I don't care where, but I want it!"

"All right. But you cum for me. Do it now!"

"Yeah ... yeah ...yeeaaahhh!" I moaned and thrust my hips at him. My fingers sloshed around in my snatch, wringing a terrific cum out of it, and fell in a rag doll-like heap on the couch. Ray was putting his cock back into his jeans. I wasn't sure if he'd cum or not.


I heard Stevie at the door and hurriedly zipped my shorts back up, and pretended to be caught up in the porn directly ahead of me. But my kitty was throbbing, almost sobbing with its need for some hard man meat.

Stevie handed Ray another beer even though he didn't need one and settled back on the couch beside me.

Ray raised the beer in a mock salute and I giggled as I pulled my hand back into my lap.

He made a show of licking the beer foam from his lips.