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She meets a mysterious stranger in the night.


So, I proceeded to write her a very detailed -- and very erotic -- letter that detailed how we might go about our little affair. In this letter, I basically detailed the seduction and ensuing passion we would experience. Prior to sending this letter, I told her I had some ideas but I didn't want to freak her out.

"Oh, I won't be freaked out. Go ahead and send it. I'll read it over the weekend," she said.

So, I sent the letter on a Friday evening. I didn't hear back from Ellen until Sunday night.

"Holy fuck," she exclaimed in her reply. "That was hands down one of the hottest fucking things I've ever read. I really haven't thought of anything else since I read it."

"Well," I asked, "should we ramp up our plans?" I couldn't believe I was asking her to start an affair with me. And in a bit of banter worthy of a Seinfeld episode, I spelled out some possible terms for our relationship. Basically, we would embark on a no strings attached, open ended, tryst. We would begin the affair when we were both comfortable, we would end it when either of us wanted to, and we would meet whenever it was desirable for us. Neither of us could spend the night due to situations at home but we both figured that we could meet on the occasional evening after work and, well, there's no polite way to say this, just fuck and suck ourselves silly. We'd part ways around midnight only to meet up a couple weeks later for a repeat, if we felt like it. Everything was staring to fall into place.

"Well, I'm a very sexual creature by nature," she replied. "I'm really looking forward to this. But, you forgot one little detail. Check your email tonight and you'll see."

Forgot something? Me? Shit. What did I forget? Well, I'd have to wait for the email I guess. Later that night, the message came in.

"You seemed to have forgotten how our little discussion started," she said. "It will be $2,500.00 to embark on this little adventure of ours. No checks please. Of course this includes absolute discretion, drug/disease free (can provide current documentation), no strings or nonsense or blackmail (emotional or otherwise), and of course it's ME - what can I say? No hunting around on the internet dealing with photo fraud and all other types of crazies and dead ends. So let me know . . . if you are agreeable to my terms, as I am to yours, then I am very much looking forward to our first meeting!!"

My heart skipped a beat and you could have heard my jaw hit the floor a mile away. Holy shit! What have I gotten myself into? Now, what do I do? Honestly, my first thought was that she had just played the greatest practical joke in the world on me. I'd been Punk'd just like on MTV. But, after regaining my composure, I realized she was serious.

Then for a split second or two, I actually wondered if she was some sort of escort on the side. But, an escort who's short of cash? Nah. Couldn't be. Well, there was no way I was going to counter offer -- that'd be crass. And if I turned her down, well, that would be equally bad since I would be saying that she's not worth it. That left only one option. Pay her the $2,500.00. Oh, and it was a one time payment. I did get up the nerve to ask that. While the Aries Project was paying me nicely, it wasn't SO nice as to allow me to pay her $2,500.00 a pop!

I emailed her back telling her that I had no issue with her terms and was ready to start our little adventure. She wrote back and mentioned that she was eager to begin as well. Luckily for me, I manage all the home finances and have money stashed away in at least three different accounts. So, I transferred funds from one account to another and then visited the bank with a withdrawal slip in the amount of $2,500.00. I left the bank with a wad of cash in my pocket. Next up, I made reservations for a hotel near work. I emailed Ellen to let her know the date. She replied that she was looking forward to it.

Two weeks later, "date night" rolled around and was upon us.