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Strangers cross paths at an airport at night.

The third button as his hands start wandering over her ass. The fourth button as she puts down her glass of wine onto their nightstand. The fifth button as he does the same, now holding her ass in both hands. The last button as she slowly lets her hand drop down over his belt to his crotch, spreading her fingers wide as she slides them underneath his balls, her palm pressing against his cock.

I am fascinated. I don't move. My cock does though, but I am too busy watching to notice. She unbuckles his belt and quickly opens the first buttons to his jeans. Second, third, fourth, and her hand slides into his gray boxer briefs. He is looking to the ceiling as he stretches his arm out into my direction. I am too far for him to touch me, but he just holds his arm and hand there, and I make a small step towards them as she slides her other hand into the back of his jeans, over his ass. His fingers pull slightly at the arm of my shirt, I make another small step, his fingers pull the arm of my shirt up.

I am pretty sure he means "Take off your shirt."

That's what I want him to mean, so I do. Slowly, never taking my eyes off her hands in his jeans, their wet lips kissing each other deeply now. They don't seem to notice that I let my shirt fall to the floor. I feel small and shy. I am a good deal shorter than him, almost as short as she is, especially now that I am only a foot away from them. But I don't feel like I am intruding. I feel like we are dancing.

They pull me in, ever so slightly; first his hand, strong, but not too strong, then her hand, small and even softer than his, both running from my lower back up to my shoulders and neck, touching me. Touching me more firmly, as she turns away from him to me, so close that I cannot make out her full face any more, just her large brown eyes, her nose with a small diamond stub almost touching my mouth, her mouth, smiling, a little wet from his tongue. Her lips touching my mouth, I feel her teeth on my lips, then her soft warm tongue sliding over my lips, in between my teeth, playing with my tongue, just a little at first, then stronger, her hands going down over my ass, pulling me closer.

I follow the pull with a little step, but they move away from me by the same distance. Another step and another, and they sit down on the bed, next to each other, looking up at me. I am beet red, I feel strong and tall and at the same time shy and unsure. Four hands running over my stomach, up to my chest, down to my belt. Unbuckling me. Five buttons. My jeans to my knees.

I hadn't realized I was this hard, but I was. My cock clearly visible underneath my white boxer briefs, the tip almost looking out. Her palm sliding up against the veins of my cock, her other hand firmly deep inside his open jeans, motioning him to pull them of. He does. I do. His hand on her hand on his hard cock. His other hand running over my stomach. They each slide two fingers into my boxers, carefully unwrapping my cock.

I haven't been this hard in a long time. They no longer look into my eyes, but let their eyes wander around my cock. My veins. My small balls. In this stage, it is hardly noticable that I am uncut. Not that they care, I think. She is smiling, the same smile I had seen on the E train; he is licking his lips, the first time I see him do that.

Her hand wraps around my cock as her other hand tells him to get naked, too. Too naked men, one dressed woman. I am awfully pale compared to them, although my cock is dark red now. She gently slides her fingers up and down my cock to my balls, then holds me again firmly, slowly pulling up, slowly pulling me closer to her mouth. My cock is twitching when her tongue makes first contact with the tip of my cock.

I know her tongue is warm, but it feels cold and all the more wonderfull.