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ed her when she got hit on? Why was Juan different? How could she be so blas__ about it? Couldn't she see how that might look to other people?

I also was not ready to confront her on the reasons why Juan thought he was going get her into bed tonight. I needed more facts first. So, it was time to ask her about something else.

"Can you explain to me why you were out on that boat with Juan and Hector today? I thought you would be out on the cruise with the rest of the reunion. What were you doing out there?"

Jill got up from the table and went into the other room. A few minutes later she walked in with a bottle of our favorite wine and two glasses. She poured us each a glass and looked at me with a wry expression on her face. "I picked this up Thursday thinking that we could have a romantic drink by candlelight the night you came down. Might as well open it now since I don't know how much romance we are going to have tonight.

"O.K., the boat," she went on with a sigh. "The quick answer to your question is that while we were drinking last night, we got to talking about the events that the reunion committee had planned. None of us were that excited about spending an afternoon on a tour boat floating around Miami harbor. When Juan and Hector invited us out on their boat for the afternoon to go snorkeling on the reef we jumped at the chance. You know how much I used to love to snorkel when we lived down here. I thought it would be safe since Steve, Meredith and Sally was invited too."

Jill looked at me nervously. 'Don't get mad, Jake. We did get a little wild on the boat. We were all drinking and Juan brought out some really good pot. After we got done snorkeling, Hector's wife Maria took off her bikini to sunbathe. I couldn't believe it. Then, the guys start to tease us too and Sally, Meredith and I got talked into taking our tops off too. I swear nothing else happened. I know I shouldn't have done it without you there, but you never object to my taking off my top when we go to topless beaches."

"So all that happened is that you took your top off and got wasted?" I asked incredulously. "How about Juan? Did he flirt or hit on you any more?"

"Of course he did. He has a one track mind." She replied, "but I shot him down. Jake, you know he's a pussy hound, but he's harmless. I know how to handle him."

As Jill was talking, I could see the realization dawn in her eyes. "You're worried about Juan and the way I acted tonight. You think I'm attracted to him. I told you, I don't want to have an affair with anyone, especially Juan. After that crap he pulled on me with Hector I wouldn't sleep with him if you paid me.

"Tonight started out as a setup to see how you would react. I was using him because you knew about our past history. Come on Jake, even if I did want to cheat on you, do you think I would be so dumb as to do it in front of Steve and Meredith? The only thing that happened was we all got a little stupid and took out tops off."

Jill was right. I was still worried about her and Juan. I had seen how they had danced tonight and how she had let him touch her in the hot tub. The prevarication in her comments bothered me too. She was acting like the lawyer she was and leaving herself some wiggle room.

Another problem was that she still hadn't told me the whole truth about what happened on the boat. From what I had seen through the binoculars, I knew that she wasn't telling me everything. I saw her behavior. She had not acted like she was rejecting Juan. If anything, she seemed to be encouraging him. But I wanted to give her one last chance to come clean. "What happened to the top of your bikini? You didn't have it on when you came ashore."

Jill frowned at this question and played with the edge of her glass for a moment while deciding how to phrase her answer.

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