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My hands full of fresh oil move to your right shoulder, kneading, pressing, loosening tightness. I slowly work down your arm. Pushing the tightness and tension ahead. I leave a warm glow above.

You begin to notice the distant sound of a small rivulet of water; falling over rocks, gurgling downward.

My hands reach your hand, my thumbs dig deep into the palms, pressing the bones apart. It almost hurts.

The sound of tumbling water almost drowns the cicadae and birds. I whisper in your ear, "You have floated down and landed in the stream. Feel the water rush by as you are stranded on a rock."

My hands trace down your fingers, pulling the tension out of the very tips and sweeping it away. I gently lay the hand down by your side. My fingers trace back up your arm, the nails lightly gliding back to your shoulder. I reach your spine; my hands become firm again, starting across your left shoulder and down the arm.

"A wave washes you off the rock, you float downward, swirling, carried by the flow."

Again, I reach your palm, pressing, rubbing. This time I work each finger slowly, pulling on it, rubbing all the tension to the very tip of each finger. And I sweep it away and lay your hand softly beside you.

"You feel yourself sliding against each rock, sometimes stalled for minutes as the water rushes past and you lay there, stranded." You hear the water tumbling over the rock, the cicadae a faint, distant drone, the song of the birds completing nature's symphony.

My hands trace back up your arm, my nails light as feathers. I get more warm oil, lightly scented with moss and lavender. Starting at the nape of your neck, one thumb on each side of the spine I trace it all the way down. My thumbs press hard between each bone rubbing, releasing tension. When I reach the bottom of your spine, I roll my hands over and as light as a feather, the nails trace their way back up to the nape of your neck.

"You continue floating down the stream, swirling around some rocks, over others. The sound of frogs croaking appears quietly in the background, their rhythm a contrast to the cicada's drone, a natural tension of the forest."

I turn around, still straddling you, resting on the middle of your back. I begin to knead your right buttock, my thumbs pressing deep. My fingers work hard squeezing out your tension, pushing it downward. You startle as I move to the inside of your thigh, but quickly relax, as I continue downward. I reach your knee and pause, bending the leg up and down, stretching the joint, loosening it.

Setting the leg back down, I start down the calf. Kneading, rubbing, pinching to work loose all the tightness I find.

The chirp of the cicadae has completely vanished, drowned by the rhythmical croak of frogs, the bubbling of the stream and the chirp of the birds.

"Enjoy your trip down this stream, let it carry you forward"

I reach your ankle, pick up the foot and twist it this way-that. My thumbs press hard between the bones, stretching the tendons. I work to your toes, pulling each one, stroking the tension out of the tips and sweeping it away. Reluctantly, I lower the foot, roll my hands over and trace the leg back up to the buttock, my nails feeling more like a remembrance of something you once knew than an actual touch.

The sound of the tumbling water is growing quiet.

"You begin to notice sunshine warming you more frequently as you continue to float over the rocks."

My hand, refilled with warm, soothing oil, begin their work on the left buttock, squeezing, pinching, and loosening. This time you only purr as I work the inside of your thigh, relaxing as move on. I repeat the flexing of your knee, my thumbs digging deep to loosen the cartilage. Moving onward, I work on your calf, breaking up the lumps, pushing the tension downward.

"You take one last violent tumble over a rock and find yourself floating in a pond"

I reach your ankle, my fingers prodding pulling, twisting.