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An establishment or resumption of harmonious relations.

As she bent over the fire I stole furtive glances at the delicate curve of her ass, leading to her faultlessly proportioned thighs and her dangerously sexy calves. A tiny sliver of her ass crack was exposed, and the small of her gorgeous back. She got up suddenly and caught me watching her, but she just smiled and came and sat down beside me.

The deep comfortable couches were as delicious as the meal. Jed sparked up a joint and the peaceful vibe was complete. The crickets and tree frogs were quite active, and for a while we just sat quietly and listened.

"I was going to put on some tunes again, but I kind of like the wilderness soundtrack", said Natalie. "You guys wanna sit outside?"

"I went out a while ago, and the mosquitoes are getting pretty bad", said Emma. She hiccuped.

"Hey do we still have those mosquito coils?", asked Natalie. "Jed?" Jed had passed out. Natalie shook him, but he just snored a bit.

"Maybe this was a bit too much too soon. We should go." I started to get up.

"No", said Natalie, "It's early, please don't go. I'll take him up to bed, and then the three of us can hang out for a while. Please, I've really been looking forward to seeing you again. I looked at Emma. She looked pretty relaxed, not in much of a hurry to leave.

"Sure", she shrugged. "I'm down. I'm up. Whatever. I think I'm drunker than I think."

"Let me give you a hand", I said to Natalie, and we each grabbed an arm and heaved Jed up, drunk-walking him up the old creaky stairs. As we helped him along I felt our arms touch behind Jed's back, the symbolism not lost on my hyper-analytical mind. Natalie looked at me and smiled, a smile of innocent gratitude. We got him into their bedroom and plopped him on the bed. I turned to leave but Natalie said "Can you help me get his pants off?"

"Uh, sure. I'll lift him, you pull." Between the wine and the weed, we were pretty clumsy. Natalie got one leg out but the other kept getting snagged on something and she kept falling forward. Once she tumbled right into my arms. My defenses weakened, I couldn't help holding her for several seconds. Again I smelled her subtle and seductive cologne and felt her breath on my neck. Her soft shoulder was touching my cheek, and I could see right down her top. Red alert. I quickly got back into lift position and finally the stubborn pants came off. Natalie covered Jed up and gave his inert face a quick peck goodnight. She turned to me.

"Thanks again for the help. Hero." She reached up and kissed my cheek, again holding my other cheek for a few seconds. This was torture. I was getting hard again and Emma was bound to notice. I smiled back and hooked her arm in mine, and we walked back down to the living room.

Now Emma had passed out. Unlike Jed she had no medical justification, but it wasn't actually all that surprising when I thought about it. Emma is a very cheap drunk - she gets woozy just looking at a grape - and she'd probably had four or five glasses of wine; really, it's a wonder she's lasted this long, I thought. I knew from experience she'd be hard to revive; she slept like a bear at the best of times. There'd be major snoring tonight.

"Oh boy", I said. "Now I really think we gotta go."

"No, nooo", Natalie pouted. "We just finished dinner and there's finally time to talk. What am I, a kitchen slave?"

"I'm sorry, it was a spectacular meal, as always, and I'd love to stay, but half our troops are MIA. Emma should be in bed."

"I know!", she said suddenly.