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She dropped the towel and I looked her over. Her nipples were hard and I could just make out her musk through the strong scent of the body wash she had used for the show.

"I am so glad you came tonight," she purred as she walked around the chair. "I like being watched but when I saw you sitting there I just about came right then and there. I wish I could fuck you here but management frowns on that sort of thing."

She straddled my lap and pressed her tits against my chest. She placed a hand at the back of my head and pulled my face into her cleavage.

"I saw that cock of yours," she moaned. "You are going to feel so good inside of me."

"You are presuming quite a bit," I said just before she wrapped her hand around my erection.

"This never lies," she purred as she stroked me through my jeans. "Tell me you don't want to feel me wrapped around you. Tell me you wouldn't beg for me to suck you off."

"I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop," I told her and she got up and bent over.

"Like this..." she said. "...Or maybe like this?" She said sitting on the edge of the table and spreading her legs wide. "I will let you do whatever you want. I am your little fuck doll. I get off at ten o'clock."

She snatched up the money and left. I sat there panting and got up and left slowly. She may be dumb as a box of rocks but she knew how to get a guy excited. I checked my watch and wondered what the hell I was going to do for the next two fucking hours. I looked at all the other girls and shrugged. I walked out and drove around to clear my head. If I fucked her the ramifications could be disastrous. If I didn't fuck her I'd regret it for the rest of my life.

I drove around with the stereo blaring. It was about a quarter to ten when I went through a drive thru place and picked up some food for two. She was going to be starved after all that dancing. I reached the parking lot with a few minutes to spare. I went around back and picked up Shannon at the employee entrance. She tossed her costume bag in the back seat and plopped down next to me.

"Hi Mr. Robinson," she said giggling. "Long time no see..."

"Hungry, I picked up some burgers and fries," I said pointing at the bag between us.

"Oh you are a life saver, I am so starved," she said and dug in.

I watched her and she was plain old Shannon now. It was like I had met an entirely different person in the private dance area. I drove back into town while she ate. She took a hit off the soda and burped. I asked how she got hired and she just laughed. She found an audition link online and decided what the hell. It was easy as all hell and she had the manager wrapped around her little finger in no time at all.

"Am I just a puppet Shannon," I asked her and she freaked out.

"NO... I meant what I said before," she said eyes wide in shock. "I really like you. I want to be your little fuck doll."

"Why me," I asked and she laughed but it was a genuine giggle from her.

"I've had a crush on you for like forever," she admitted. "We all do. That's one of the major benefits of hanging out with Cindy."

"What time is your mom expecting you home," I asked as we got near to our mutual street.

"Dawn," Shannon said giggling. "I've haven't had a curfew for a while now."

We drove straight into the garage and I closed it behind us. Shannon knelt on the seat and bent over for her bag in the back. I glanced over and saw her bare ass under her skirt. I wanted to start things in the car but she slipped away and into the house before I could act. I got out and followed her into my home. That fear in the pit of my stomach warned me to send her home before it was too late. I walked through the kitchen and into the living room but she was nowhere to be seen.

"In the bathroom," Shannon's voice carried from down the hall. "I am changing it could be a few minutes."

"I'll wait out here," I told her as I sat on the couch.

I sat there nervously staring around the room.

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