A smelly bird lady visits, and a trip to Monday's place. High Quality Sex Pics

Some background on TT himself.

There standing at the edge of the bed was Alex looking handsome as ever.

"Jen", was all he said. His voice was the same but it seemed more angelic, there was something to it that warmed her inside.

Jen thought she was dreaming. She probably was but she didn't want this dream to end. He seemed so real standing there so tall and lean with the glow of the room as his background. Her breath was taken away by the sight of him.

"Alex, Alex, Alex", she whispered over and over not believing that he was standing there. She got up from the bed and walked to where he was. Her eyes started to well up with tears as she came to stand before him. She was afraid to touch him, she would be devastated if she reached out and felt nothing. "Alex, I can't believe this, why have you come to me?"

By this time tears were running down her face, she had missed him so much and now he was standing here gazing at me with such love in his eyes. She had to see if he was real, she had to take that chance. Her arm slowly reached toward him bringing her hand up to his face. She hesitated before bringing all the way to his cheek. Her hand met flesh. "Oh, my God", she whispered.

"Jen, I am here to say goodbye to you. You have so much more to live for, I want you to move on and live your life. You are still alive because you were not meant to be taken, you still have much to accomplish in your life, so much love to give." Alex brought his hand up and gently wiped away the tears from her eyes caught the ones that fell on her cheeks.

"Alex, I can't live without you, my life is nothing without you, I need you so much. It felt like my heart just stopped the moment you were taken away from me, I feel like my soul is gone. You were both of those, Alex, please don't leave me." Jen cried as she looked through her teared eyes at him. She had kept her hand on his cheek and now moved closer until her whole body was up against his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him against her as tight as she could. His arms came up and wrapped around her waist so that they were so close she felt like they were one person.

"Jen, my beautiful Jen. Just because I am not here it does not mean that you aren't in my heart. Do not feel guilty for letting me go, I know that you will always love me and will keep a part of me with you but if you keep this pent up inside you for the rest of your life, you will have learned nothing. It was an unfortunate accident but it was my time to go. You have to let me go Jen, please let me go and go on with your life. You have many wonderful things planned for you and you cannot enjoy them if you are stuck feeling like you can't go on. I love you so much and we will be together again one day but this is your time, Jen, please do this for me."

She sobbed against his neck, she felt the warmth radiate off of his skin and she held him as she cried and cried, the tears streaming down her cheeks.

"My sweet Jen, let me go, let me go", he said softly against her hair. His hand came up and he ran his fingers through her soft brown hair, bringing back the hair from her face and then coming to rest on her face. He wiped her tears away with his thumb, she felt the warmth go through her every time he touched her.

"Alex, please make love to me. Please, please, please...", she said urgently.

He brought his head down and planted soft kisses on her wet face as he gloved her face with his hands.