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Father and daughter forced to conceive to stay undercover.

There you go. Yes, that's it."

So saying, Jim plunged the butt plug in and out of Stephanie's mouth.

"Oh, Thuh, what muth you think," Steven said, as he sucked on the butt plug Jim pumped in and out of his mouth. So totally embarrassed to have had this secret discovered, he added, "Ahm tho vehwy thorry about thith..."

"That's quite alright, Milady," Jim assured him, putting the butt plug in his pocket once he was satisfied it was clean. "It was just a small surprise, that's all. Nothing to deter us from our true course of pleasure, right? You do remember our true course, don't you Stephanie?"

At that he again placed Stephanie's hand upon his large cock while sliding his hand down Steven's back.

Now Jim was able to slide his middle finger into his rosy ass pucker and begin sliding it rhythmically in and out while he continued to massage his ass cheeks very lecherously, as if he'd turned into that man with the funny eyebrows.

Diane had told him how Steven really enjoyed this rear-door action, except that he was too shy to come out and say so. So he decided to try it to see how Steven reacted, figuring to go for broke.

In spite of himself and his situation, Stephanie began picturing Big Jim as that lecherous old man with the rising and falling eyebrows, and started to giggle.

Then he began to pump back and forth onto Big Jim's finger while unconsciously fucking back against the deeply plunging finger and wriggling sensually against Jim's body, still deep in the trance he'd been placed.

"Oh suh," Stephanie moaned. "You dooo take libahties, dontcha?"

"Only when I'm allowed, Milady," Big Jim replied. "Only when I'm allowed."

Jim had always wondered about the soft boy, had always been a bit turned on by his, for lack of anything better to call it, 'feminine mystique'. Although he'd tried out for them, Steven was never very good at the harder sports, the more rugged sports. He was just not built right for them, although he was a heck of a swimmer and gymnast.

Jim was much more ruggedly built than Steven, so was a success on the baseball and football teams, and his larger, muscular physique was probably why he was not as skilled a swimmer as Steven, except for the shorter sprints.

Steven's build would forever limit him to play and excel at the more feminine of the male sports, and would therefore force him to always maintain the more feminine of the masculine body frames, and that was what turned Jim on about Steven.

Then, when Steven had started turning up in that sexy thong, revealing so nicely and sexily his newly acquired feminine assets, Jim just lost it. His desire to finally broach the forbidden love he felt for this girly-boy skyrocketed one hundred-fold.

Especially after Diane had told him of Steven's interest in him as well as in his desire for gay sex while dressed up as a girl, Jim finally decided he had to try seducing the boy/girl, if only to see if there could be any sort of future for the two of them together.

Plunging his finger in and out of Stephanie's anal passageway, Jim was thinking that he really hadn't expected it to have worked out as good as it had so far.

He had planned, through Diane's revelation of her hypnosis of him, to get into Steven's ass sometime today by first putting him into some girl's clothes and play it by ear from there.

Yet after he'd started taking the pictures, and noticed the way Steven took off with this mind-game of his, of actually acting the part of a helpless, bimbo Southern Belle, and as sexy as he really looked all dolled up like that, Jim just got so immediately turned on he felt he couldn't take the time to break the spell of the moment to pursue Stephanie in some form of romantic relationship.

Instead he let Steven partly control the game and, to let him, as Stephanie, take it where she wanted to go with it, knowing pretty sure that Stephanie really had no idea at all just where he, Jim, was going with it.

And now, just to see how far he could take this little game with his sexy buddy, Jim dec