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I was determined to lose my virginity.

Fire traced from my mouth down my chest to my loins.

Her hands moved down my t-shirt and over my budding breasts. I had seen this on tv before, and never really understood it, but her tongue kept pushing my mouth open. And her hands were moving in areas even I didn't touch like that. I was petrified to do or say anything, and it felt really good! Oh yes-suddenly what I had seen on TV made sense. A whole new world had just opened up for me. Multiple worlds even.

Jacques laid there with his hands and feet tied, eyes like saucers and rigid body as his dick started to grow with each touch she placed on my body. Stefani played his desire and stoked further. She would look at him and then touch me some more.

Eventually, my shirt came off somehow, and my sports bra did nothing to conceal my very erect nipples forming. Stefani put her hands on my shorts and tugged. I tried to keep them up as we kissed, but couldn't. It was embarrassing but also highly erotic being in front of this guy, teasing him with what we were doing. Liberating, powerful in our curious sexuality.

Her hands stopped over the folds of my labia. Through my underwear, she rubbed up and down. I was really kissing her back now, and couldn't help but touch her breast through her shirt. It felt very wrong and right at the same time.

Jacques was a tower on a rigid body at this point. He honestly looked as if he was in pain. I felt kind of sorry for him in that moment. Stefani got up suddenly and grabbed the strawberry syrup we both worked together to take his shorts down, exposing him, all of him. He was begging for us to help him out, so we obliged.

Stefani wanted to know if I had ever given head before. Of course not-I was a "good" girl! She poured the strawberry syrup over his dick, which made it look like a popsicle. Jacques was pissed that he was going to be sticky, but Stefani assured him that I would help with that. At first, I just stared at its size. Stefani started to push my head down lightly, encouraging me to try it. So I did. Slowly, I began to lick the syrup as if he was a lolly. He moaned, then told me how hard to lick and how fast.

Eventually he wanted me to put my mouth on it, so I did. I pushed his dick as far as I could and bobbed my head slowly up and down. My jaw was tingling at the size hit my back teeth, he seemed to really like that. Stefani was behind me now, and her hands were touching my ass, rolling down my panties. I was preoccupied with him before I realized her finger was rubbing my clit. I had no idea that something that awesome existed, but it felt really good and I didn't want her to stop. I could feel myself starting to move faster as her fingers swirled inside me.

He was begging to be untied at this point. We felt sorry for him so we stopped what we were doing and untied his arms and legs.

Looking at ourselves, we realized how dirty we were, and we really needed to conserve water, according to Jacques. So, we got into the shower. They were naked, I was still prudishly in my bra and panties. We rubbed each other while taking turns wetting our bodies.

I didn't want to be rude, so offered to wash Stefani's hair. She turned around and handed me the shampoo. After she turned around and put her head back in the water. I poured a larger than needed amount in my hands and started at her roots, massaging her head as I got her scalp and behind her ears. Stefani closed her eyes and sighed, telling me how good that felt. She started to rub soap on her body as I watched the soapy water fall down her much more developed breasts (I was a late bloomer even at 18). While I moved the shampoo through her hair my hands reached out in front of me, around her to those breasts. They were soft, the nipples were not like mine, which were very peachy and pink. Hers were like milk chocolate, and I wondered if they tasted like it.

Jacques started to wash my hair as I felt on Stefani's breasts.