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"I thought a demonstration would be better than any explanation I can give. Luckily one of my other slaves is in need of some punishment today."

He turned away from me, headed towards the girl in the cage and opened the cage door.

"Exit the cage and assume the standard position," he quietly commanded the girl.

Immediately she did as instructed and kneeled in front of him, legs apart, with hands clasped behind her back with her head facing the floor.

"This is the standard position," he explained turning to face me again. "You'll be expected to assume this position whenever I enter the room if I have not instructed you otherwise."

"Now, slut," he said addressing the girl. "Do you know why you're here today?"

The girl nodded.

"Speak!" he barked.

"Yes, sir."

"Very good and why is it that you're here?"

"Because I disobeyed your rules and must be punished, sir"

"That's right, and what sort of master would I be if I didn't punish a slave who required it?" he asked rhetorically.

He marched away from the girl and dragged a small table across the room, positioning it directly in front of me.

"Slut. Come here, bend over this table and keep your hands behind your back."

The girl hurried across the room and did as instructed. I had a front row seat now and despite the situation, the girl's eyes lit up with excitement. She was enjoying this, I thought with horror.

Meanwhile, the man, I'd previously known as Adam (but who could say if that was his real name), had chosen one of the many canes that lined the walls and was walking back over to us.

"Since this is the first time I've had to punish you I won't be as harsh. Ten strikes, you'll count them for me and at no point are you to remove your hands from your back."

What came next happened swiftly. He lifted the cane and struck her ass ten times as she counted, moaning somewhere between pleasure and pain.

The girl was instructed to go back up stairs and clean herself up whilst Adam turned his attention back to me. He started to undress, slowly stripping away his shirt and trousers, until he was as naked as I was.

"Open your mouth."

I was in no position to argue with his instructions but in my moment of hesitation he yanked back my hair as I cried out and roughly forced his now-erect dick into my open mouth. As he savagely face-fucked me I felt so very violated but he continued, ignoring the tears now forming in my eyes from his brutal assault. His face-fucking quickened and I could tell he was close to coming but nothing prepared me for the torrent of cum that hit the back of my throat. It was warm and salty and he left me with no choice but to swallow as his dick was still invading my mouth.

"Swallowing without me having to ask? You will make a good slave. Now that I've tested your oral skills I think it's safe to say that you did more than satisfactorily. Good slaves get rewards," he panted.

Before I could imagine what horrors these rewards would entail I felt the ropes on my hands being pulled, forcing me to stand on tiptoes as my body was stretched upwards, and I now realised the shackles on my ankles had been removed. I tried to kick out at Adam but he caught my legs, chuckling at me.

"Now, now, if you're going to be like that I won't give you any rewards and you'll get what I gave the last slut."

I stopped struggling at that, I didn't want to be caned like the other girl. My ankles were shoved apart and attached to a spreader bar, keeping me completely exposed.

Adam ran his hands along my naked body, caressing the nape of my neck and my shoulders until his hands found their way to my breasts. He gently started to pinch my erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger and without thinking I moaned appreciatively. I could feel myself getting wet at his touch and tried to jerk away but despite my protests he continued, my body to betraying me even further by letting another moan escape.

"You like that? I knew you would. Do you want more, my little slut-in-training?"

I whimpered in anticipation

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