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With good reason. With short-cropped blonde hair, "cupcake" tits (which Sabrina could see easily through the girl's tight top) and long sexy legs in a micro-mini and heels, Stacey was adorable. You could just eat her up and Sabrina hoped to do just that verrrry soon.

The pair made her feel quite welcome, including her in all facets of the conversation. They listened to Sabrina intently, laughed with her, occasionally one of them would lightly caress her arm or hand, to show their interest. That interest was most definitely mutual and Sabrina felt herself heating up, wanting to get out of the club and into some wild sexual action with the hot young couple.

Sabrina was becoming comfortably tipsy on the drinks she was being served. As she become more comfortable, her arousal level increased. She wanted to be fucked, she wanted to be licked, she wanted sex and she wanted it sooonnn! If they didn't ask her to fuck, she was going to ask them - goddamm, she was horny!

Sabrina didn't have long to wait though, as Calvin and Stacey suggested they go to their apartment for some food and to "Sober Up". Sabrina felt her pussy tingle - she hoped they'd be doing some eating alright, but not necessarily food!

Desire for unbridled, three-way, fuck-me-baby sex overcame her common sense and Sabrina found herself riding in the car with the hot young couple. During the car ride, she and Stacey rode in the back. Stacey's gentle, knowing hands gently caressed her legs, teasing, innocently but flirtatiously. Sabrina knew that the second either of their tongues touched her pussy, she'd explode, she was that hot!

The trip to their home seemed excruciatingly long, but was probably less than ten minutes. As the 3 of them exited the car, Stacey surprised Sabrina by pinching her on the butt. She grinned at Sabrina and said "There's more where that came from!" Sabrina purred to the adorable young blonde, "I'll hold you to that darling!"

Sabrina said with a warm smile "Nice home. I can't wait to see all of it." She thought inwardly "Especially the bedroom, and soon!"

True to their word, Stacey and Calvin were convivial hosts. The food, Roast Beef Sandwiches, cheese and wine; was filling, the wine keeping her buzz alive. Finally, Calvin stood up. "It's time for bed!", he announced to Stacey, who nodded.

"You coming?", he said to Sabrina with a wide grin.

Sabrina practically ran to the bedroom, kicking off her heels as she did so. The room was made for seduction.

Candle-lit, the room was beautifully decorated and a soft scent wafted throughout. The flickering glow of the candles illuminated both of Sabrina's soon-to-be partners.

Now attired in a baby-blue silk teddy, Stacey looked even more edible. Sabrina knew something new about herself as she lusted after this luscious new playmate.

She was realizing that although she loved fucking men, she was more selective about them. But women - heck, she loved them in all types. She found Asian women hot, Tera's dark sensuality appealing, women with curves made her drool. This scrumptious blonde was making her head spin. She ached to take those cupcake tits in her hands and fondle them, squeeze them, bounce them. She wanted to suck those beautiful nipples while Calvin watched Sabrina and his girlfriend acting like hot, horny lezzie-sluts.

But it was her friend Heather that flitted through her mind a lot lately. The hot little redhead was in and out of her thoughts and all of those thoughts were wildly erotic. She would have to do something about that, but she pushed those thoughts into the back of her mind for another time.

Stacey walked over to Sabrina, hips swishing seductively, eyes lit with lust. She pulled Sabrina to her, and with a savage growl, kissed her seductively.

Sabrina could feel Calvin's hot breath behind her and his hands squeezing the cheeks of her ass. It was all she could do to keep from cumming as the lusty couple led her to the bed.

They pushed her down on the bed, grinning with wanton lusts as they eyed their ne