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Friendship is on the rocks.

My eyes fall onto the prettiness of her hydrated pussy as massages find her neck and perky breasts with two steamy cotton washcloths existing between Bella and my palms. The strategically placed bowl of hot water surrounded by lavender scented candles on the nightstand is where these two water marinated cotton instruments for massaging originate from. The addition of this liquid activity adds to the wetness that seeps into this mattress from three intimately linked Nubian bodies. I planned ahead and anticipated the tension that is occurring within Bella's tight lusciously brown athletically built body. So, the most soothing of massage therapy techniques were in order. As a man listening thoroughly to encourage clear connection, I reflect on conversations had over the phone nights before this space within time about activities that bring her comfort. Hot steamy baths were at the top of her list, so it was my duty to create that atmosphere for her to achieve peace within this taboo territory. As a man gifted in the craft of intuitively touching a woman in a therapeutic manner, I understand the calm that is accomplished when cloths saturated in nearly sizzling waters are utilized as guides for my dancing hands.

In deep calming tones, my voice rings melodically into her ear to steer her path of thinking towards a tranquil location. "Close your eyes and listen to my voice... You are a beautiful woman and you deserve this attention. You are a goddess that is worthy to be spoiled with ecstasy in a respectful manner. This is for you and only you. This bed is an island in which you share with only two men who are slaves to your fulfillment. The only observation of you is from your two ready and willing sexual workers. The only witnesses to these sights and sounds are lunar light and distant Suns in the form of stars. No one knows what goes on here. Nor will they gain knowledge of this. Right now, we don't exist in the world. We are in our own tranquil hidden location where you are the most beautiful and you are treated as such."

Bella's relaxation begins to materialize as nearly roasted white cotton cloths carry heated waters to travel the innermost reaches of her inner thighs. In amidst of chaotically swirling sexual energies, I deliver warmth coated massages as an addition to the component of comfort. Tone attentively caresses Bella's luscious feet and toes as his anxious saliva oozing mouth seemingly sends electricity throughout her nervous system's entirety. While I reposition myself to the side of her squirming body I stare in awe as it glows beneath orange tinted flickering embers which dance on top of waxed candle wicks. Her moans look edible rolling from her pillowy lips, so I am lured by sight to plant kisses onto their delicious surface. My hands continue their efforts of comfort on the entirety of her roasted honey shaded curvy torso. Moans are felt resonating from her supple breasts and into the palms of my listening hands.

An unexpected request moves forward into our shared hearing space. The feminine voice sings in the key of "Oh My (Breathless moment)... I'm about to cum all over that sexy ass face"...

And cum all over Tone's face, she did. Both of my strong hands surround her neck to anchor her body's spasms to the cum soaked bed. My teeth peacefully latch onto her quivering bottom lip, with a tad bit of force applied so that my dental sinks into her pink softness. Her moans become battle cries which pour from our hotel window and into the neighboring rooms. Everyone on the 21st floor is discovering our taboo hiding place. Bella has breached her former barrier, so we now all mutually exist in a location within ourselves that no longer cares about the ideas of society.

She sits up with force beneath her rising and breaks free from my former grip around her delicate neck.