Evolving relationships between Lisa and the men. High Quality Sex Pics

Cousins continue their affair.

I'm not going to destroy someone else's marriage, even if I could.

Sometimes, I thought he acted the way he did to boost my confidence in my appearance. His inspection and one comment were always as far as he was prepared to go. In a way, it was nice and I had no problem with him.

He was the only man in my life... my boring life.

With his description of the man, I knew who it was... Jim Crowell, a reasonably rich man who was in bioengineering and had started his own company about ten years back.

We had gotten involved with him by chance when he had been engaged to be married and wanted to change his will to protect his fianc__.

Sadly, the woman was killed a week before the wedding by a drunk driver. Kevin told me it almost destroyed the man and he had slipped into a year-long depression.

His presence here today meant that something was up; whether good or bad, I didn't know but I figured it would be interesting.

I'm not usually a clock-watcher but this morning I kept glancing at the corner of my desktop watching the slow passage of time waiting for him. Kevin hadn't given me anything much to do the last few days so I listened to an oldies station on the internet.

A few minutes before eleven he walked into the office and smiled at me. I felt there was a little bit more than just a friendly 'hello' and I smiled back, actually enjoying a man's attention for a change.

"Good morning, Mr. Crowell. Mr. Sales is in his office."

I got up from my desk and opened the door to the inner office giving him a good look at what I thought was supposed to be my fine ass in a fashionable manner, not too trashy, I hoped.

Anything for the client, Mr. Sales would say.

I seemed to catch his eye for I caught him watching me walk back to close the door and go to my desk.

It was one of those things... you know, when you just know you're in the presence of what they call an 'alpha' male. Self-assured and just oozing with charisma. He looked to be about five ten and about 170... at least, well... what did I know?

Myself, I came in at 132... and it took a lot of depriving to do it. On nice afternoons, I ran up and down the block trying to avoid the drunks and addicts near the alley. With these San Francisco streets, it really was up and down the block and I kept in decent shape. I still needed to work on upper-body strength, which meant my arms weren't as strong as they could be... but I didn't want to look like one of the freakish women bodybuilders. The way they looked just scared me.

Usually I would stay to record the meeting but Kevin told me that wouldn't be necessary and I could leave.

Information is power... that's been the truth ever since information was important, probably when the first primates knew where all the good food was and which females were most receptive to attention.

Letting them get settled, I put on my transcription headphones and pushed a button on my desk phone.

One night after Kevin had left me to get some Chinese take-out, I fooled around with it a while and discovered I could listen in without him knowing it.

Information is power.

"... and the family?"

"They're fine, thanks. How are you doing, Jim? You look a lot better than the last time I saw you."

"Thanks... I realized that the company needed more active leadership from me and decided to get my act together before I lose another twenty million."

I wasn't learning too much new but knew enough to wait. They spent some time talking about several new acquisitions and the financial implications each one had.

Finally, something Crowell said caught my ear.

"Your secretary... what's her name?"

"Kaylyn Trent, but I call her Kay. Why?"

"Oh, I don't know... there's something about her that intrigues me. I don't know if it's her hair, her figure or just the way she looked at me when I came in. I've met some other women but they haven't caught my interest like she does right now. The others all seemed to be airheads chasing my money. She's got to have some brains working for you."

Well, yeah.