Nick and Michelle. High Quality Sex Pics

Friends finally submit to their mutual fantasies.

with a girl?"

"I think I would remember it if I had!" I told her.

"You have to be slower, softer than with a man. You have to let her guide you more. I mean with a man you know what he likes, stick it in your mouth and he's happy!" she laughed.

"Believe me," she said, "you won't have any trouble reading your partner."

"I don't know M,' I said, "I guess I'm just so nervous about never doing it and I don't want to blow this deal by running off screaming the first time it happens."

"Stand up Jackie," she told me as she rose from the settee.

I stood and watched as she walked to me. Standing in front of me she ran her hands up my bare arms. I shivered and instinctively drew back.

"Relax," she cooed.

She did it again and I stood still for her. Her hands traveled up my arms and over my shoulders to cup my face. She removed them and did it again. I noticed her shiver this time. She stood with her hands on my cheeks and leaned forward. Her lips just barely touched mine.

"Softly," she said, "always softly." Her lips pressed a little harder and I felt her mouth open. Mine responded.

"Gently," she said, "always lead her gently to what you want."

Her tongue touched my lips and she moved a little closer to me, making contact with her breasts on mine.

I opened my mouth and allowed her inside. It was like nothing I had even felt or tasted before. She didn't push me, just held her tongue in me and me in her arms as the heat rose in us.

Then she broke away. "That's all there is too it," she said.

I was still standing there, still numb from the sensation of her lips and not sure what to do next. So I tried it with her. I moved into her and took her head in my hands. She didn't resist, allowing me to pull my mouth to hers. This time her lips parted and my tongue entered her.

I moved my hand to her arm and traced it over her bare skin. My sense of touch seemed to be magnified and I felt each fine hair of her arm, As I moved it back down her I brushed her breast with my palm. Her lips sucked on my tongue before drawing away to nestle against my neck.

"Is this a lesson you want to continue?" she asked in hot breath against my neck.

"Please," I whispered.

"Unbutton my blouse," she said quietly.

My hands moved to her blouse and I began to fumble with her buttons.

"Easy, just relax and let things happen," she whispered again.

She turned slightly in my arms making it easier for me to reach her fasteners. I took a deep breath and undid them slowly, one at a time, my hand trembling.

"Now move your mouth to me." She instructed.

I lowered my head to her bare breasts and took her right nipple in my lips. It was a different feeling than any I had ever known. The softness and hardness together was only female. The heat of her body was fragrant with sex, with desire. I mouthed her nipple, sucking and licking her. She had said to do what I like, so I did, I pulled her tight nipple out with my mouth and sucked on it. She moaned and pulled her breasts hard to my face.

"Kiss me again," she said.

I moved my mouth to hers, leaving the sweet taste of her breast behind. Now her mouth was hotter, her breath warm with the inner fire of her. I plunged my tongue into her as my hand returned to her bare chest and hers pushed my shirt up to touch mine through my bra.

"Come with me," she told me and turned to her room.

I followed, not thinking, just wanting.

In the room she pulled my shirt over my head and reached behind me to unfasten my bra. The bra fell between us and I was bare. She slipped her blouse off and then took me in her arms and hugged me to her. I had no idea how soft, how smooth and how warm a woman's flesh could be. I dissolved into her and our mouths joined again.

She laid back on the bed and beckoned me to her. I moved as if in a trance.

"Take my shorts off," she said.

My hands found her zipper as I stared into her face. She was calm, much calmer than I was. I shook all over, from fear or need I couldn't tell.

I slipped her shorts down her legs and off her feet.

"Now the panties," she sa