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She gasped slightly and let him pull her to him. When her flesh touched his, she arched her back so she could feel more of him against her. His head lowered to her ear and he whispered to her, "I want you."

"I know," she replied huskily.

His head lowered to her neck and he kissed her just below her ear. She arched her neck, giving him access to her neck. Jasmine loved her neck kissed. His tongue traced small circles there and gently nipped at her sensitive skin there. She moaned with pleasure and pressed back into him, feeling his erection against her ass.

He held her by her hair, took the hand from around her waist and undid the string holding her top together. He raised his hand to the string around her neck and pulled it until it slipped free from its knot. He pulled the bikini top off and let it float in the pool. The cool air on her wet nipples made them pucker and ache for his touch. His hand touched her breast caressing it gently between his fingers; Jasmine moaned once again, her arousal extremely high now.

One swift tug and her hair was free from his grasp. She turned towards him and he saw the intensity in her eyes fueling the fire building inside of him. Their bodies were not quite touching and it was too much for Jasmine to bear, so she pressed against him and kissed him deeply. Her hands slid up and down his wet hard body, while her mouth greedily kissed his. She slipped her tongue inside of his mouth and heard him groan. He grabbed her ass and pulled him against him, grinding his hard cock against her warm pussy.

The material separating them was an annoyance Jasmine no longer wanted, so she pushed Jim away and pulled his bathing suit down his legs exposing his erect cock. Her bikini bottom followed and she kicked it free from her legs then swiftly pulled Jim back to her.

He pulled her hair so that her head was back and she had to look at him as he entered her body. She closed her eyes, he tugged her hair and said "No, look at me while I fuck you." She opened her eyes and looked directly into his. The lust he saw reflected there drove him to increase his rhythm. Her fingernails were digging into his ass and with each thrust he felt their sharpness. The feeling was strangely erotic and slightly painful.

Her mouth curved slightly as her first orgasm hit her, almost causing him to lose control. "You better last longer than that, you know I need more than that," she said in a raspy voice. Her dirty statement caught him by surprise, because she always looked so innocent.

"Don't worry baby, I'll do my best to satisfy. You won't go away wanting more."

"I better not; I'm not easy to satisfy," she warned him.

'God, she's hot and so tight,' he thought. He slowed his pace, stroking her, but she would have none of that. She clenched his cock even tighter with her vaginal muscles. "Fuck!" he yelled as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him, driving him further inside of her body.

"Fuck me, give it to me Jim," she growled into his ear. "Oh, baby, fuck me good and hard, that's right. Oh, Oh, Oh my god, now I'm cumming!" she said as her climax hit her, shaking her deeply inside. Her pussy clenched tightly and squeezed Jim's cock within its velvet grip, bringing him to orgasm.

"Aggghhhh, fuck ..." he said as he climaxed cumming deep within her, each pulse of his cock harder than the last one. His fingers were digging into her soft flesh, but she did not feel it, all she felt was Jim cumming inside of her. She thrust her hips into his and held on to him tightly, keeping him as close to her as possible. Both of them were panting from their extremely erotic fucking, but the feel of him inside her was arousing her once more.

His hard young body was still against hers, the coarse hair on his sculpted chest pressed against her soft breasts, moving with each gulp of air, slipping against her softer feminine body causing her want him again.

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