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Alka discovers about her mother and brother.

Nothing was said. They both walked with smiles on their faces. They knew that they were girlfriends but not friends who where girls.

Rob saw them walking down the pier and wondered what was up. As the women came up to him, Gina stepped forward and kissed Rob as if they had been parted for too long. Rob's eyes searched out Sue and she mouthed the words "Go with it. I'll tell you later." He closed his eyes and responded to the kiss; a kiss of two lovers. When he opened his eyes he saw Sue with a big smile. She mouthed "Yes!" [Have you ever noticed that when you say "yes" emphatically how the corners of your mouth come up as in a big, broad smile?]

Such plays out the mysteries of the Universe.

Once on the boat Sue showed Gina were to stow her gear. Gina changed into her bikini-they were still in the marina-and went up on deck. Sue was already there in hers. She and Rob were stowing lines and putting things in order to leave the dock. They would sail out under power until they were well into the bay before raising the sails. As they powered out, Gina related her sailing experience to them. Gina was not to be a passenger. She was a member of the crew. Once out of the bay the women removed their tops. They kept their bottoms on for the seats were to hot from the sun to sit on without something in between.

The destination for the day was a small cove that Rob wanted to reach by late afternoon. It was a remote, uninhabited cove with great swimming and snorkeling and interesting rocks and cliffs.

They anchored the sailboat and paddled the raft into shore with the gear: a blanket, beers, water and some food. Sue led them to a grassy knoll where she laid out the blanket. They all stepped out of their bottoms.

Sue turned to Gina and said: "Before we settle in let's get the girls' and boys' introduction out of the way." Cupping her breasts in her hands, she jiggled her right one saying: "This is Rachel." and jiggling her left one: "And this is Leah." She turned to Rob and pointing downward "These are the boys, Tom, Dick and Harry."

Gina bent and placed a kiss on Rachel's "nose" and then on Leah's. She turned to Rob and reaching out grabbed Dick in her hand and shook it a few times. "Is is a pleasure to meet you all. I look forward to getting to know you more."

Then Gina cupped her breasts and said: "Let me introduce you to my handmaidens." Jiggling her right breast, she said: "This is Regina" and jiggling her left, "This is Lizbeth." Then she cupped her pussy and said "This is Princess." Then with a figure on her lip she said: "To play with the Princess you have to please these and then get my handmaidens in the mood."

They all laughed.

Sue came over and hugged Gina. Pussy-to-pussy they pushed their upper body apart a bit and looked into each other's eyes. Then they closed the gap and locked lips, mouths open. They kissed one another with an emotional hunger.

When they broke the kiss Sue dragged Gina down onto the blanket laying her on her back, moved partly over her body and resumed the kiss, this time with tongue. It was a passionate exchange. Rob dropped to the blanket and began toying with Regina, first with the tip of his tongue and then with his lips and finally with his whole mouth. What Sue was doing to Gina with her mouth, Rob was doing to Regina with his.

Sue became aware of Gina's whimpering and quiet moans. She pushed down on Rob's head. Rob continued downward until he reached the Princess. He starting kissing the Princess as Sue continued kissing Gina, making love to her face and neck. Rob started making love to the Princes.

When the Princess started opening herself up to him Rob became aware of just how wet, how ready Gina was.

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