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What she was drawing was being displayed on a large wall mounted LCD monitor. Hellcat smiled in recognition that it was her - her costume, at least.

"Jan? Our hero has arrived."

Jan looked up from her desk, and squinted for a moment, before reaching down and putting on her fashionable glasses, and then upon recognising Hellcat she gave a genuine smile. When last she'd seen Jan, it had been in a dark alley and she'd looked roughed up and panicked. Seeing her in this light, Hellcat was struck by her elegant beauty.

Jan wore a light brown, knee length skirt which flared softly near the hem. A brown leather belt secured the smart beige short sleeved blouse, which was light enough to just barely offer a teasing hint of the lacey demi-cup bra she wore underneath.

Her auburn hair was done up in a loose bun, and like Amanda, had two carefully placed loose tendrils which framed her face, and brought attention to her eyes. Hellcat tried to see the colour of her eyes, but light reflected off her glasses, and made them hard to see clearly.

In one instant they were emerald green, then as light glared off of the frames, they appeared aqua blue, then hazel and even violet once. Hellcat kept trying to figure it out, trying to tell what colour her eyes were, but couldn't get the hand of it. Jan finally snapped her out of her revelry, by speaking.

"Hellcat, I'm so glad you came. I've been looking forward to repaying you for the other night."

Jan came and gave Hellcat a warm hug, which she returned. The perfume Jan was wearing filled her nostrils and tickled her nose in a beautiful way. She couldn't place the scent, but it was heavenly. Everything about Jan seemed too measured and perfect. Hellcat began to feel more awkward at her absurd appearance and it must've showed.

"Oh, don't worry about all that. I'm soon going to have you be the envy of the whole superhuman community. I've got some really exciting ideas for your costume. The latest in smart fabrics, tailor fit for that incredible body of yours, and I even have an inventor associate of mine working on a few things for you."

"Wow, Jan, that's a lot, I didn't expect you to go to all this trouble."

"Oh no, my dear. This isn't trouble. You, Hellcat, have been my muse. My inspiration. You're going to be my masterpiece. Allow me to explain." Jan draped her arm behind Hellcat's back, and began guiding her into the workshop section of the studio. Hellcat glanced behind her at Amanda, whom followed behind. For a split second, she thought she noticed Amanda quick glancing up from Hellcat's bum, but she might've been seeing things, and Amanda merely gave her an encouraging smile.

"As you may have noticed from the sketches in the hallway," began Jan, "I've had a bit of trouble finding my niche in the fashion world. I've dabbled in a bit of everything trying to find something that I could really sink my teeth into. Because of you, I think I've found it."

"I think I see where this is going," chimed Hellcat. "Superheroes."

"Exactly! Just think of it. Jan Flynn, Super Fashion Designer! Granted, it's not a very large market, but once my name gets around, I could branch out into far more profitable areas based on name recognition alone. I might even pick a moniker myself. The Fashionista!"

Hellcat couldn't help but become amusedly swept up in Jan's enthusiasm.

"And what's my role in all of this?"

"Don't worry my dear, Hellcat, I'm not asking you to appear on billboards or magazine adverts. Your role is to simply look stunning, which you do so effortlessly."

"I'll say." This from Amanda, whom blushed furiously when they both turned around with questioning looks. "S...sorry."


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