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I was used to seeing white chicks among the members of my predominantly Black church. However, there was something about Linda. The way she moved. The power of her smile. Oh, my. I was curious about this lady.

I asked Matilda to introduce us, and I guess sparks flew. Linda seemed really into me from the start. I was really flattered by that. I'm big and tall, Black and nerdy. The ladies of my church and my school seldom notice that I exist. Well, Linda seemed interested in me and she didn't hide it. I learned a bit about her. Linda was born and raised in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. She was new to the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I've never really been into white chicks, but like I said, Linda was different. For starters, she seemed really comfortable around folks of African descent. Especially us Haitians. A lot of white people in Ottawa act like they're cool with minorities but deep down, they're racist as hell. The capital of Canada is a breeding ground for bigots, man. I've always known this. That's why I basically don't trust anyone.

The last chick I went out with was Monica Anna Tartaglia. Daughter of Gaetano, an Italian businessman from metropolitan Toronto married to Cheryl, a Jamaican schoolteacher. This mixed-race chick didn't consider herself Black, and she had a really low opinion of Black people. Especially Black men. Sometimes I wonder why she said yes when I asked her out. Seriously. Her Italian father was racist as hell and didn't want his precious mixed daughter associating with Black males, whom he considers to be savages. Never mind that his daughter was half Black and half White herself. And you know what? Monica's Black mother had no problem with her Italian husband's hatred of Black males. In fact, she seemed to encourage it. The Tartaglia family turned out to be the most unique clan of racists I have ever met in my entire life. They certainly don't make them like they used to. Even the racists are diversifying now. I hastily got away from them, stunned.

Yeah, all of those negative experiences in the world of dating plus my own shyness didn't make me the most open guy in the world. Yet Linda saw something in me and she was determined to bring me out of my shell. We became friends after exchanging numbers and email addresses that afternoon in my church. And you know what? My life was never the same afterwards, I swear. Linda introduced me to a whole new world. She introduced me to her friends at the University of Ottawa, a really diverse and open-minded bunch. I met her best friend Cindy Daguila, is half Black and half White. After my negative experience with the Tartaglia clan, I had a certain mistrust of mixed race chicks. Especially if they had Black mothers and White fathers. Sorry, but I had a bad experience, okay? Cindy Daguila was nothing like Monica Tartaglia. This mixed chick considered herself Black, and she was engaged to a handsome Nigerian brother named Timothy Adewale. How about that? Thanks to my good friend Linda, I learned that mixed race women were individuals. Some of them embraced their Black heritage, others rejected. It was a matter of personal choice and character rather than anything else.

Yeah, my good friend Linda Saint-Cyr was changing my world and I must say I liked it.

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