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She wants to try again.

Jules? Well, tonight we're hitting the town, just you and me, my little chickadee," then looking as if she had an afterthought, added, "Did you bring that red cocktail dress with you?"

"Yeah, I did, why?"

"Wear that tonight, babydoll, wear that and watch the temperature rise in this town," smiling at me after she said it.

It was true.

If I owned one piece of clothing that did all the right things for my body, it was that li'l ol' red cocktail dress. Especially if I went braless. And tonight? I quickly decided, I would go braless.

"So, clean up, dress up, have a good, but light, meal, then we'll hit a few clubs," Marni announced as she made a turn around in some bar's parking lot for the return trip down the canyon, "sound good to you?"

I remembered.

I remembered what she said just before she dropped off to sleep last night, remembered it all.

"What?" Marni asked when she saw my face reflecting what was obviously some serious mind-shit going on in my head.

"That's what you said last night...just before you fell asleep, when you described what the plans were for tonight," I said.

"And?" She questioned.

"Last night, you also said something else."

"What else?" chuckling a little nervously after asking, like she was wondering 'what the fuck else did I say?', that kind of nervousness.

"You don't remember?" I asked.

"No, swear to God, I don't," She answered.

"Think about it a bit, it'll come back to you," I teased.

I'll say one thing about the drive back to our hotel. It was quiet and you could almost see the smoke rising from Marni's head as she desparately searched every nook and cranny of her brain for what else she might have said.

Kinda' funny, actually...

We were both in the last stages of getting ready for our night out on the town and I was in the bathroom, finishing my makeup, and saving getting into the dress for last. Marni had already finished her makeup and was dressing and such, both of us making chit-chat through the opened door.

"So?" I heard her say as I put on my gloss.

"So? So what?" I replied, smacking my lips together afterwards.

"So, you haven't asked the obvious," was her cryptic reply.

The 'obvious'?

"Give me a hint, Marni, my ESP is not up and running."

Hell, I had no idea.

"The 'Question', the 'Big Question',about me, about me and Beth," she said, "You know, are you a lesbian?" her voice mocking a shocked tone.


Never really thought about asking that I realized and I replied as much. Poking her head into the bathroom, she remarked, "Really?"

"Really...didn't think about it, I guess," I said to her image in the mirror.

"And now? Aren't you curious now?" she asked further, her voice trailing off as she returned to getting ready in the other part of our suite, "I mean, you know, after the last couple of nights and all."


She had me there...I had to think about that for a minute or two. Finally, I stuck my head out of the door and said, "Quite honestly, I'm not sure I care one way or another about what you are or are not. What I do care about, however, is our friendship, above all else. I've enjoyed the past couple of nights, don't get me wrong, but if playing around puts our friendship in danger, I'm not willing to risk that."

"Good to know," She remarked, "But, for the record? I've been with both men and women in bed but dislike 'labels' while most others would call me 'Bi', my own personal view is that I respond, sexually, to the person, not the gender, if that makes sense."

"It sorta' does," I replied, "But, like I said, as much fun as we've had, I don't want to risk our friendship for the sake of an orgasm."

"No danger of that, Jules, no danger of that at all, baby," her reply bringing a small smile to my face.

Okay, the downside of being five-ten is that wearing the 4" 'fuck-me' heels that this cocktail dress deserved would have me towering over most others.