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"I don't know why they love her so much, I'd prefer a bit more meat. But well they have nice showers there, we may use them afterwards, before heading back. If only so we don't look too ravaged when coming back I guess." She sighed.

Ashley listened to her quietly, "They had me this morning, my first time. Yesterday I was found too but they couldn't do anything to me before the horn. Today they were earlier, two guys. They raped me quickly and called me an appetiser."

"They really just only think about themselves. We're just toys to them."

"Living dolls."


"Let them play with your body, don't let them play with your mind."

"What you saying?"

"Emily said that over lunch to me. They just want to play with your body, don't let them play with your mind. She's been there before."

Phoebe was getting agitated. "How can you do that? Let them not play with your mind when they fuck you? I mean, dammit, I get raped, violated, used for their pleasure, and thrown out again. I fucking hate that."

"I know, relax. It's my first time too in this event, this morning was the first time they got me really. I'm so nervous about what's going to happen this evening."

"Don't worry too much, you'll get fucked. A lot. It's going to be the third fucking time for me already, and I hate them for it."

"It's only your body they're interested in, that's what I realised after this morning. And as Emily said, don't let them play with your mind."

"Yeah, whatever."

They didn't say any more. Ashley realised it was no use talking to the girl next to her, it would only make her agitated herself. She could better just relax, try to not worry about what was going to happen, and especially to try to detach herself from her body.

They were sitting there for a while, silently, and then a third woman was brought in: her club colleague and friend Christie.

"Experience doesn't make perfect, those guys also know all the hiding places," she said to the other two captives as they chained her down as well. "By the way, Phoebe, isn't this your third time already?"

Phoebe answered by giving her a dirty look. They didn't say anything after that, just listened to the faraway screams of "appetisers" being found and then the sound of the horn finishing the hunting session.

The men gathered at the gate, where the girls were lined up, still handcuffed, and commented on the girls, "Nice catch," "Looking promising," "Hey, we had her this morning as well," "Yeah, tried and tested," "Lovely," "Can't wait to fuck them all," "Indeed, but who's going to get my load, gonna be a tough choice."

The bus was waiting for them at the gate, and all went aboard. A short ride, just a few minutes, and they stopped in front of a large mansion where all got off.

At the front door the cuffs were undone, and the girls were ordered to change shoes. They had a choice of various stilettos, ranging from high to even higher. Ashley got a black pair that fitted her feet nicely. It forced her to stand tall with her ass and chest pushed out, to the enjoyment of the men.

"Ladies, please come with me, I'll show you the kitchen. The cooks are done cooking, and dinner is ready to be served, which is going to be your first job. When done with that you may sit down with us and eat as well," said one of the men, and he led the girls to the kitchen, down the hallway.

Turning to Phoebe he said, "You know already where the dining room is so I'll leave you guys here," and he left to join the rest of the hunters.

"That was William, the host," Phoebe said.

Ashley, Phoebe and Christie each picked up one of the dishes presented by the cooks, and carefully walked to the dining room. There the men were sitting around the table already, talking loudly, laughing, having a good time.

As soon as she was within reach Ashley was touched by the men.