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More of a storehouse. I don't think the Malian guides leveled with him when he asked what the edifice was."

"Storing what?"

"What is Mali famous for? What was its leading trading good during the Mali Empire? Do you know?"

"You think that gold was stored at this Kongoba site?"

"Not was. Is. Ah, thank you, Tejon. I'll just show our colleague here what we have and then you can take it back."

Bentham opened the rectangular box that was more than a foot long and took out a solid gold rod. It was nearly a foot long, an inch and a half wide up the base, and a good three inches or more at the bulb.

"A dildo?" I said, with a laugh. "Is this a supersized phallus?"

"A dildo perhaps," Bentham said, smiling, "but look again. You of all people should recognize what it is."

I drew in my breath. It wasn't a phallus at all. It was a stylized arm rising up into a fist.

"Is that?" I asked with a stammer.

"Yes, I believe this is an ancient dildo in the form of an arm and fist," Bentham said. "Tejon thinks so too. There are rituals among the Mandinka that go back to that era. They are, as you can see, an outsized race-outsized in nearly every way. Many of their rituals were sexual. Thank you, Tejon. You and Modibo can retire now."

I watched the two, swathed in billowy cloth, walk to Tejon's tent. Bentham had said they were outsized in every way and my mind was savoring what that could mean. Not in every way, I would have said. As with all men, I had assessed the knuckle span of both of the Mali tribesmen when they had met me at the plane. Both had slender hands and were within my tolerances.
I watched them go into the tent and one of them light a lantern and illuminate the interior of the tent, making it a form of shadow play as their figures moved about the tight space, both of them having to bend over for head clearance.

"Where did you get the gold object?" I asked. I thought it would be unprofessional to refer to it as a dildo, although that quite obviously was what it was.

"Where do you suppose? Right here, where we're digging. This could be from the golden trove of the Mali Empire." He had put his arm around me, and a hand went to my thigh. I looked over at the Frenchman, and he was watching us. "I wanted to share this discovery with you, Kyle," he said, and then he brought my head in for a kiss.

Tolbert had his eyes on us but didn't flinch. Of course he would have been told what Bentham and I had been to each other.

I opened my lips to him. I wouldn't deny Geoffrey anything he wanted of me. He was my mentor, my first serious lover. A man with a cock that filled me to near bursting. A man who knew how to use his fist.

"I've missed you, Geoffrey," I whispered when he'd released my lips and I'd immediately kissed him back to signal total submission. He moved his hand to my basket. I was happy to be able to show him that I was hard for him.

"How is it with Miranda?" he asked gently.

"Oh, you know Miranda. It's much like always. Affectionate in public. Beyond that, you'd have to ask Veronica."

"She's still with Veronica?"

"Yes," I answered. I didn't have to guard my voice from bitterness. I was glad Miranda had someone and mostly left me alone.

"And you, Kyle. Who are you with?"

"I'm with you at the moment," I said.

"I meant back in England. Have you not found someone else? Someone who takes care of your needs?"

"No one measures up to you, Geoffrey," I answered, knowing he would know what I meant as well as I did.

"It pains me to hear you say that, Kyle."

"I'm sorry. What do you mean by that?"

"I'm old and I'm sick, Kyle. I couldn't get it up anymore no matter what drug I took. I was hoping that you had found someone who satisfied you. I didn't want you coming down here thinking that that was why I sent for you."

A man that satisfied me? I was satisfied last night.

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