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Nick and Liz take it further.

" I looked over to the 5'9 dirty blond looking hippy guy standing next to grady. He looked as if he just woke up with bed head torn blue jeans, jesus sandals and a black shirt that read roll tide with a marijuana bud on it.

"Hi Tony, I'm Natalia" "Hey, nice place I brought some vodka." He replied handing me a tall bottle

"Everclear? Are you trying to kill us all?" He chuckled "I'll just put this in the freezer"

Tony followed me to the kitchen "I invited someone over, I hope you don't mind, she's getting off work and on her way." He explained leaning on the kitchen counter.I wasn't entirely sure because of his shaggy hair in his eyes but I could now see his eyes scanning me up and down.

"She's getting off work at one in the morning and she's coming to a party? Isn't she going to be tired?"

"Nah she's fine, should be here any minute." Tony was obviously a party guy, he didn't care what you thought or what you said as long as you said it to his face. He didn't like being tied down to anything or anyone, as far as he was concerned he was young and free.

It's officially two in the morning and I'm signing the dining room table, apparently a new tradition Tony started by drawing a well endowed penis, then everyone proceeded to add their own little trademark to the table.

As I scribbled stars along the table I notice a short brunette with a 100 watt smile walk through the door and take a seat on Tonys lap.

"Hi! I'm Nicky!" She spoke with excited voice, way too excited for two am. As I watched her talk gleefully to everyone and become part of the party I wondered how she had the energy after work until two am. Nicky was a complete sweetheart, to Tonys fuck-you attitude. They were polar opposites, Where Tony would take advantage, Nicky would help. She was a short stocky brunette with a permanent smile that reached her eyes and he was a tall medium built blond with a sardonic smile and careless attitude. They were both the life of a party, at least they had that in common, I spent the rest of the night talking with Nicky after Tamberlyn left. I found out she takes classes on campus and she and Tony actually live together, well he stayed in her apartment anyways. We exchanged numbers and made plans to hang out before the night was done. I didn't care too much for Tony on his own but Nicky was a joy to hang out with and I was happy I made a new friend.

Ch. 3

"Hey Camelia, Nicky's coming to pick me up, wanna come hang out at her place?" I asked as I threw my jacket on and grabbed my black purse. Camelia was standing in the kitchen with a worried look on her face.

"You're going over there again? That's the 5th time this week. What about class?"

Taken aback I give her a quizzical look "What about my classes? I don't have class tomorrow and I've got all A's so far. Why so concerned mom?" I noticed the worried look on her face

"It's just that, well Grady told me how hanging with Tony can get a person in trouble and how it has in the past." I stood there with purse in hand, tight lipped as she continued her plea, "and you've been hanging out with them a lot this past month. I've barely seen you and I'm worried you're going to go down the wrong path"

I couldn't believe what I just heard. She was worried about me? Tony told me all about his cousin Grady and his on again-off again slight drug problem that his mother is always able to rescue him from. But I try not to judge people from past actions, especially from things I've never witnessed myself. I consider gossip to be hearsay and try not to let it affect my judgement of a person, but what grady was alluding to about me honestly pissed me off.

"Well I'm not Grady, my grades are fine and since you're my roommate and not my mom I'll be home whenever I feel like it."

I stormed out of the apartment steaming mad and walked to the parking lot to wait for Nicky.