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Helen takes me to her 'special private place'.

With her back now to me I took the opportunity to smack her ass and give it a good squeeze. Marcus guided her back into the house, closing the balcony door. They fell onto the bed still kissing, him grabbing her ass with her legs straddling him, her back bent and her little pink g-string peaking over the top of the white pants.

Her hands gravitated down to his crotch and she began rubbing his growing bulge through the jeans. I slid off my pants, my large thick cock already at its hardest. I grabbed my phone and started taking a video of her and him going at it. She got up off him and undid his belt and then unzipped his pants, sliding them off. His giant cock was now obvious in his boxers and she let a little gasp out.

His cock was obviously very hard and was going sideways across his body, reaching almost all the way across his right thigh and touching the bed. It looked like it may be close to 10". She slide her hand along it and used her other hand to cradle his balls through his boxers. She then slide his boxers down until she had to tug them over his rock hard cock. Out popped a beautiful giant cock, something you only see in the biggest of big cock porn. It was 10" as I suspected and thick to match with a good head. It curved sideways a bit and the shaft had two distinctive colors, the top half darker than the bottom half. She turned to me and said "what the fuck?" in total disbelief.

She grabbed the cock, her little hand barely covering half of it, she grabbd the rest of it with her other hand. It looked like she was holding onto a bar. I quickly took the opportunity to take a picture of her standing in front of him with both hands holding his shaft and his cock head popping out the top. She started to slowly go hand over hand stroking his comically large cock. Then she bent over and started sucking the head of his cock while stroking at the same time and made him moan. I walked over to her and she stopped sucking his cock and put mine in her mouth, still stroking him. She was able to keep this up for a few minutes until getting tired and I suggested we all lay on the bed so we all laid down, her in the middle. Both of us were unclothed, hard cock while she was still totally clothed.

She grabbed each cock in a hand and started stroking. This wasn't the first and wouldn't be the last time in my life where I was in a room with a very large cock, but it would only happen once more where I felt absolutely tiny compared to the cock next to me. Between the extra 2" and extra girth of his cock and balls, it must have been just under 50% bigger than mine. Still her little hands felt great on my cock as she went up and down and as I got to watch her work both of us.

Marcus suggested that she cut down on the clothes so she shed the pants and shirt and climbed back to the bed in her pink g-string and blue bra. He asked that she stroke our cocks but with her back to us which she did. She bent down on her knees with her legs tucked under as she grabbed our cocks again. Marcus slapped her bare ass and snapped her g-string which made her startle a little. I reached up and quickly undid her bra and it fell off and her tits fell out, nipples hard as a rock. I took the opportunity to caress them and rubbed her nipples as Marcus had started to reach under her and rub her pussy.

She began to bounce on his hand as he rubbed and I stood up and stood in front of her so that she could swallow my cock and allocate both hands to his enormous cock. We started to all moan and get closer but I wasn't ready for our first cum like this. I pulled out my cock and stood her up, immediately rubbing her pussy and sliding a finger inside her under the g-string. Marcus stroked his cock with one hand and smacked her ass with the other.

After a moment or two I moved her over, kissed her and whispered "Get ready" as I guided her lower towards a 10" rock hard cock that was pointed straight at her lowering pussy.

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