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Floin is punished by public coercion.

She promised me that this would be a night that I would never forget. I laughed and asked her if it was going to be a good or a bad memory. She put a little extra husky in her voice and a little extra southern and said, "Honey, you're going to have the night of your life. And so am I."

I was so nervous by now. I had to make sure that I smelled fresh so I showered and applied liberal doses of cologne in place that I don't usually use it. I was worried about performance anxiety and the last thing that I did before I left my room was to break out the little blue pills and swallowed one.

"Fuck it! I thought to myself. "I have to be a stud tonight." I took a second one.

When I stepped out of the cab at her hotel, Lila was already waiting under the portico. She hugged me and told me that I was going to be a gentleman and buy her dinner. This was New Orleans, so of course we ended up in an oyster bar. I was careful not to drink too much and made sure that I ate a light meal. I kept thinking how ridiculous I must look with a woman more than young enough to be my daughter but lust has an amazing power to overcome embarrassment. Lila's foot sliding up and down my leg and her toes on my cock under the tablecloth worked wonders too. I don't remember the conversation. I think that I was probably a total dork and talked about my kids and grandchildren and her job. She was gracious and endured my blather until the waiter came back with my approved credit card slip. She took it from him and gave him a huge tip. The expense lady deducted it from my check the next week and sent me an email asking me just how pretty my waitress had been.

We walked the couple of blocks back to the hotel. I was so incredibly awkward I don't think I said three words but then, in the elevator, she pressed up against me and kissed me. When we broke the kiss she told me that I was sweet and that I was going to have a really great evening.

I had sort of planned how I would make love to Lila. I was going to be slow and to touch every inch of her body, kissing down to her pussy and licking it the way I loved to do before I finally mounted her and made sweet slow love to her. Apparently this was not in her plans.

As soon as we got in the door she pushed me down on the bed and began unbuckling my pants. She pulled them down to my knees with my boxers and grabbed hold of my cock. Thank God for Viagra. I immediately got a hardon reminiscent of my teen years. Lila reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties then climbed on top of me and slid down onto my erection.

"Fuck me with that beautiful cock!" she gasped. "Give it to me!" She slammed herself up and down impaling herself on my chemically enhanced erection. I reached around her and held on to her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and moving my fingers towards the center where my cock was plunging into her wetness. I rubbed her juices on my finger and pulled her cheeks further apart.

"Oh my god, Yes!" she moaned and I pushed my wet finger into her tight little ass. I knew what she loves. It didn't take long for her to go over the edge. As she orgasmed, I felt her ass pulsing around my finger and heard her crying out in her passion.

The problem with Viagra is that it gets you hard but it has a really hard time letting you cum. Lila had two orgasms riding me and I wasn't even close. She rolled off of me to take a break and asked why I hadn't cum in her. I told her about the pills, both of them and she laughed.

"This could be a long night. It's a good job that I brought in reinforcements."

I didn't understand but she leaned over to the bedside table, picked up the phone and dialed a number. "You can come up now, "she spoke into the mouthpiece.

I wanted her to tell me what was going on but she just told me that she had promised me the night of my life and so far, it had been for her. Within a minute there was a tap on the door and Lila got up to open it. A very handsome young man in a pilot's uniform, about her age stepped in.

"This is Jim," Lila said.