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He sucked my nipples for a few seconds and them slipped my knickers off, leaving just my stockings. He licked me awhile as the other two stood and watched.

I did not know where to look, I could not look at them for embarrassment. Don soon took my attention with his tongue, I was nearing an orgasm when he stopped and slid up to enter me. He was not huge as far as I know, but could use what he had. He smashed my breasts on and off and then turned to the other two and asked if they would like to see him doggy me.

"Whatever you like mate!" said one.

"Have her ride you first, then dog her" said the other.

I felt as if I was only one step up from a doll as Don pulled out and helped me up. As I lowered myself back on Don,

The man one that spoke second, Brian for now, asked Don if he could "cop a feel".

Don nodded at him, not a word to me, and Brian cupped and fondled my left breast. "Very nice" he said. To Don!

He was still touching me when I came. I couldn't help it, even though I was trying to convince myself I was not enjoying it. I think I screamed a little as I came and Brian and the other one (Ian?) said something I could not catch.

Don then pushed me off and moved behind me. He put two pillows on their end, under my stomach and heaved hard into me again. As Don pumped me hard Ian asked he could have a feel, so I had Brian on one breast and Ian on the other. After a little while I got carried away a bit and could only hear what they men were saying as a background buzz. Don brought me off again just before he came, ramming me hard down onto the mattress.

I was out of breath as Don climbed off. I admit, (I have to be honest or this all is told directly to James) I was not really surprised or too upset when Brian or Ian, I don't know which took Don's place. I know I groaned as he pushed hard into me, and, Yes I admit, It was good. I did not come with whoever it was but, of course the other one took over, and I did come again with him.

When I was finished with, Don told the other two to leave, and we would follow later. I caught my breath and Don told me tp slip the dress on and use the bathroom next door. He would meet me back at the garden wall.

We stayed for about an hour longer, and I am sure by the looks that more than a few people knew I just had sex with three men upstairs.

We got a taxi at around 2 am I think, Don had me dropped off and said he would call me.

I spent Wednesday sleeping, thinking and waiting. It was not until 10ish that Don called and said something had come up and he would pick me up at 11 on Thursday. He did not say what for but to wear the denim skirt.

Thursday morning I awoke to no power. Being all electric this meant no coffee or shower. All I could do was call Don.

Don said he was not going to make 11 as something had come up and he would have the power sorted.

Not an hour later a van pulled up and two young men got out. One was a younger Don, introduced as Donald Junior or, DJ for short. The other was a dark skinned man called Seb. He had a broad London dialect. DJ checked I had turned everything off and went to where Seb was working outside. A few minutes later DJ called me to turn on a light. It worked. A few more checks and they pronounced all well.

DJ then came up to me and said "Dad says we can um, help ourselves!"

Why was I not surprised. All I had on, as I had not showered was my long t-shirt type nightie and the robe I had put on when they arrived. I took the robe off as a sign I understood. Seb whistled and unfolded a trestle chair, asking DJ to sit on it and slouch down a bit. DJ gave him an odd look but sat.

Seb then told me to stand in front of and bend over to kiss him. Then he told DJ to "Grab a breast and scoop up some nightie with it."

Next I had to sit in DJ's knee while DJ slip a finger and then two inside me. At this point I saw Seb was using his phone to take pictures. I did not think I could make an issue of it. Next DJ had my nightie up over my head, (click) and mauled one breast while sucking the other (click).

Then DJ I sto

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