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How well do you know the woman you married?

Did you tell her why you are not allowed the privilege I grant my studs?"

"I told her that you didn't like my cock, er...cockette, that it wasn't big enough and that I didn't last very long. I told her that you thought my little guy was pretty much a waste of time."

The chuckle that came out sounded very malicious. "Good. Very good. How did she take that?"

"Well, even though she was still angry at me, she laughed."

The Goddess chuckled loudly. "She's not as dumb as I thought. Maybe she understands your little problem better than I thought. What else did you tell her?"

A moment ticked by. His tongue snaked out and licked her smooth thigh. "She asked me how I got off if I never was allowed inside you."

"Oh boy, here it comes." She moved her leg slightly to allow him to creep upward. When the tip of his tongue could just reach the far end of her clitty, she held him stationary. A couple of tacitly approved licks kept him obedient.

"I told her that I always have an orgasm while kissing your ass."

"Let's discuss terms again. Kissing isn't exactly the right word, is it?"


"What should it be called?"

"Worship," he whispered.

"That's better. Remember that, I don't want to have to remind you again. Getting back to your little girlfriend, how did your confession about kissing my ass go over?"

"Terrible. She was disgusted."

"Poor baby. No one understands that little peculiar perversion of yours, do they?"


"It doesn't surprise me. I don't imagine too many people understand how someone could get off by worshipping someone's ass, even one as gorgeous as mine. How did she take that nasty confession?"

"Again, not well. At first she was disgusted, then she called me names. I think it's pretty much over between us."

"Well, I did her a favor. Maybe she can go out and find someone who can take care of her sexually now. Did you mention the clean up service? That would clinch it I would think."

His tongue stretched to its farthest point. He was humping the bed, a sure sign that he was getting into the humiliation. "Yes, I did. After she got through insulting me and yelling at me she wanted to know if I did anything else, any other perverted, disgusting things."

"Good for her. By the way, since you were naked, how was the little guy reacting to her insults?"

He ceased the motion on the bed. "You know how. He got excited."

"How excited?"


"Which in your case takes him from his usual two inches to maybe two-and-a-half." She laughed. "That must have showed her how perverted you really are. Was she smart enough to understand the connection between the insults and the turn on?"


"How do you know?"

"She pointed at it and laughed. She said she had never seen me so excited. She said it was almost big enough to use."

"But not quite."

"But not quite. She made it clear that we would not be doing that any more."

"Good for her, maybe there's hope for her after all, but get back to the clean up. How did she react when you told her about that disgusting trait of yours?"

"I had to explain it a couple of times because she didn't understand it at first. So I finally told her how I cleaned your pussy with my mouth and tongue after you fucked one of your studs and it was full of his sperm."

"I can imagine that hearing her boyfriend gets off sucking the cum of one of my lovers out of my nasty pussy really put her off. What did she say about that particular perverted confession?"

"At first she just shook her head. Then I could tell she was thinking about it. After a minute or so she started getting interested."

The Goddess shifted, offering access to her pussy for a quick lick. The slave dove into paradise. A moan of pleasure sprang from his throat as he feasted at the outer folds of her pussy.

"Maybe she shows some potential after all. Did you explain how turned on you get cleaning the juices out of both of my holes after my encounters?"

He shivered.

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