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You walk in on Rachael & her.

Surely she couldn't be having an orgasm this fast just from having her nipples caressed. Then he felt it, or tasted it. He reflectively sucked harder and confirmed what was happening. Her breasts were swollen with milk, and she had wanted him all along to suck it out of her. Jeff felt his cock jump and grow at the thought. He'd never sucked milk from a woman's breast, but it was an interesting sensation. Soon it was flowing fast out of her and into his mouth.

She was grabbing his right hand and pulling it down towards her ass. She had pulled her skirt up and his hand found the naked flesh of her ass. She had no panties on he realized as he instinctively slid his hand around, cupping her ass while his fingertips grazed her pussy lips-they were very wet.

"I thought you'd like my pantyless ass, most guys do," she smiled down at him as she shifted her weight. Her legs spread apart so he could more easily part her cleft, and his middle finger found a new home. Hot wet sex enveloped his hand as his first two fingers slid easily into her wetness. Jeff couldn't believe how turned on she was. It was all he could do to keep up with the milk flowing from her breasts and still fuck her pussy with his hand.

"Don't miss my left boob," she was saying as he looked over and realized that it was beginning to leak, "I hate when it goes to waste, and I'm not really hungry myself at the moment," she had a mischievous grin on her face. Jeff couldn't even begin to imagine that she might suck on her own tits from time to time. Could women really do that? Did you get anything out of it? He didn't know, all he could tell at the moment as he latched on to her left nipple was that his cock was easily harder and bigger than he'd know it in recent memory.

"I picked you out," she was saying, "I bet you didn't know that, but I did." She was moaning now as she tried to talk, and her words were labored. "I wanted someone to suck me off and fuck me, and I saw you and decided you'd be the one today," she closed her eyes and her head tilted back as her voice trailed off. She was beginning to gyrate her hips, fucking the fingers of Jeff's hand that were impaled within her pussy. Jeff didn't think he could wait long before he'd need to push his cock inside her..

"I need something more than your hand in me," she moaned as she pulled away and removed her body from his. Her nipple popped out of his mouth as she stretched upward and then turned around. Her purple skirt was bunched up around her waist as she leaned forward, placing her hands about three steps up as she arched her back. Her ass was beckoning, questing for him to fill her wet pussy. Her pussy lips were pouting open, spread slightly in lubricious excitement.

"Don't make me wait, I don't like waiting," she said as she stretched herself up on the tips of her toes and flexed her desire. Licking the last drops of her milk from his lips he stepped forward he pressed his cockhead against her opening. He watched as she easily split and he slipped inside.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "big, hard and throbbing, my favorite kind," she smiled over her shoulder at him as she pushed her ass back and forced him deep inside of her. His eyes were closed and he was soaking in the feelings as her wet, sticky bliss swallowed him whole.

She was babbling something but he wasn't listening, he was busy feeling. It felt unlike anything he had ever felt before. The only thing he could think to put it in perspective is that it was like that mythical imagined first time. Everyone and everything builds you up to think that sex in and of itself is a mind blowing experience, and then you finally get lucky. That first time is hard pressed to live up to anyone's expectations. This now, he thought, was beyond any expectations. He wasn't sure if it was her body or the way she was so blatantly forward about wanting to fuck him, but everything was coming together to make him see stars through the head of his cock.

Her pussy felt like a soft