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Lust and jealousy make for hot, orgasmic sex.

I worked him into me easily, I was really tight but all of my wetness and my saliva still on his cock helped me force him into me nearly 3/4 of the way. God I had forgotten how big he really was, as I started to move on him I realized how uncomfortable and limited this position was. Andy realized this too and grabbed me and turned to lay me back into the seat, then he lined himself up and in one lunge he buried every thing he had into me. Oh I screamed when I felt him open me up so quickly, stretching me wide and knocking the air out of me when he hit bottom hard. I was no longer used to his size and it hurt, like it had the first time we had sex.

I grabbed him and told him to leave it there and not to move, my breath sounded so ragged and labored from the shock of having some thing that large just rammed right to the bottom and nearly beyond from the way it felt.

"I'm sorry Fallon, everything was just feeling too good. I forgot how long it's been, you ok?"

I told him I was, and it had been way too long to just ram it into me like that. I felt like I had been split in half, but the pain was already starting to lessen and he started to move side to side. He wasn't pulling out at all just moving side to side, kind of like stirring his cock in me. A few moments later it started to feel really good and he started to pull out of me and pushing it back a little at a time, keeping most of himself buried to the hilt inside me making sure that I was adjusting and opening up for him. After five or ten minutes of this slow and deep penetration using my hands I urged him to start really fucking me, he started that off by pulling nearly completely out of me pausing for a moment and then slowly ramming the whole thing home.

He did this for several minutes, both of us breathing heavily and looking down watching his huge pole saw in and out of me. I was so wet that he was already drenched to his balls, when he buried himself completely inside me I felt like I could choke on the fat head of his cock it went so deep. He knew I loved to start out like this, that I loved feeling him cramming it into me. The head of his cock hits my cervix and then the pressure and feeling of things being pushed upward inside, and then the feeling of him coming to rest against my groin. I had a mini orgasm right there. He just kept up his slow teasing for a moment, a moment later though he just burst into movement knocking the breath right out of me in a flash.

I let out long moan that quickly got really loud, it just came out on it's own and kept going until I was completely out of breath. Andy just grinned down at me, he looked like a shark grinning like that. One leg over the back of the seat and the other propped against the side of the other seat in the front, I was wide open to him and he took full advantage of it to really rail me hard and deep. He was not pumping all that fast, but he sure was making sure that I was getting the benefit of every inch of him on every thrust into me, every time he lunged hard into me his balls would slam into my ass and my pussy would make these loud sloppy wet popping sounds. Each time brought out damn near guttural groans and moans, each one getting progressively louder as he was starting to speed up more.

Soon this powerful man had me screaming incoherently, my body twisting all over so uncontrollably he had to grab me by the thighs and wrestle me to stay right where I was.

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