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Kaine vs. Green Goblin.

Most of them worked during the day when she was asleep, keeping only one maid and her accountant at night. Emilie, her current maid met her at the door and took her coat.

"Will you be needing anything Ma'am?"

Bianca smiled at her, she was still young, "No my dear, please make sure Mr. Brigham goes over this month's expenditure reports and bills for the household and pays everything."

"Yes, Ma'am. I was wondering if, since you won't need me today, if I could leave for a bit while you sleep, I will be back in the evening when you wake up."

Bianca smiled again, "Emilie dear, is there something you need to tell me? Do you have a young man?"

Emilie smiled, looking at her toes, "Yes Ma'am, he wants to take me out to dinner and a movie."

"Of course, dear. You go and have fun, but do be careful."

She turned to go up the stairs to her rooms. She went to her bathroom and ran a hot bath in the huge tub; she soaked for a while in the softly rose-scented water. She could feel the sun rising, its weight adding to her exhaustion. She toweled off and padded softly to her bedroom, the heavy drapes on the French doors kept out the light, as well as the curtains around the big four poster bed. She was met at the door by her cat, she liked cats of all kinds, and they seemed drawn to her, as if enthralled somehow.

It rubbed its subtly dappled black side against her leg and butted her hand with its broad forehead. This was no house-cat, but a full grown black jaguar, raised from a kitten in her home. It was as tame as a tabby, but served as a not only a companion and familiar, but as a guardian as well. The servants were safe around him, but woe betide an intruder.

She parted the heavy curtains and slipped between her cool silken sheets, sinking into the deep feather-bed. She felt the bed sink down as Shaman, the jaguar, leapt up to stretch out beside her, huge head resting on her stomach; she slipped into deep slumber as she stroked his velvet fur.

The cavern was dark as a much younger Raven stood outside it. He could smell the leather and fur that made up the armor on hands griping his ax. He had this dream once a month it seemed, with a frequency that allowed him to know it was a dream, but there was very little he could do about it. It always seemed as if his mind forced it on him, making him relive the event.

"Vladmir!!," he could hear men calling, yes that had been his name long ago, he turned to see what they wanted.

He signaled that yes the beast was in there, a wolf larger than a pony and it had been taking their livestock. This cave was the beasts home; they had tracked it from its last kill, a valuable horse. It was time to put an end to this.

Torches where lit and they started into the cave. He was in the lead, axe at the ready. The first man with a torch was behind him so he was not blinded. He knew what was coming yet he could not stop himself; no more than he could have that day. He saw them as they came, glowing amber eyes, then the beast lunging at him. His ax swung, landing a blow in the beast's shoulder, warm blood sprayed, but the beast did not slow at all as it hit him, teeth digging into his shoulder.

He could feel bone crunching and meat being ripped away. Forcing his eyes open against the beast's blood as well as his own, he could see spears hitting the side of the wolf as well as the swords axes of the other hunters.

The beast turned and ran back deep into the cave. He could feel hands grasping his good arm and pulling him out in to the daylight. Raven sat up in the bed, sweat running down his body.

"Always, always the same, it should not scare me every time."

Looking to the window he could see the sun was starting to go down, the club would be open already no one must have needed him. He stretched as he got up, lean muscle standing in sharp relief on his body, the scars from the attack so long ago still visible. He shook himself off like a large dog and started to dress.