Wes and Mark pledge for Omega Rho Gamma. High Quality Sex Pics

(Non erotic) News alert: ET contact, but...

The hairy armpits are used as a psychological tool to degrade, humiliate, and dehumanize the inmates.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the term "gynoid," it is a female android, also known as a fembot. Essentially it is a fully functional female caregiver and matron. Gretchen's skeleton is a Titanium alloy, stronger than any steel; her musculature exceeds that of an industrial fork lift. Gretchen has long brunette hair and gray eyes. She usually wears an orange jump suit but, for action sequences, she may be naked.

Like the Internet Cybersex Prison, Lady Jane's prison complex sells cybersex. The clients pay to see the girls perform or participate in sex games. Fembots are not often used in sex games, due to the Uncanny Valley. Clients are very picky and fussy about their sexual partners. The "Uncanny Valley" generally refers to the sharp decline in an interacting human's comfort zone as the robot approaches, but does not quite perfectly attain, human attributes.

Girls in Lady Jane's cybersex complex are incarcerated no younger than eighteen and no older than twenty. They are discharged to other private facilities when they turn twenty-one. Lady Jane is thereby able to have a young stock to draw from. We examine one of her more popular cells, housing two barely-legal eighteen-year-old girls: "Momoko" and "Mielikki." Lady Jane enters the lobby area and turns on the lights. Momoko and Mielikki are awakened and they sit up in their cells. Both need to urinate badly.

"Good morning, girls," Lady Jane says. The girl's eyes become accustomed to the harsh fluorescent lighting.

"Good morning, Mistress," the two reply.

"You have half-an-hour to prepare yourselves," Lady Jane advises, "then we need to play for some well-heeled European clients." Having said that, Lady Jane remotely unlocks and opens the two cage doors. Mielikki is a poor slave girl, she is always cuffed or put into a yoke. Momoko has to help Mielikki to the food bowl and toilet. When Mielikki has finished her necessities, Momoko eats and hurriedly urinates and defecates. Momoko cleans herself with the water spigot and helps Mielikki position herself. At last the shower is activated and Momoko hurries to rinse off the two of them before the water is turned off. Today the water is ice cold; other days it is scalding warm.

Lady Jane returns with Gretchen. Gretchen has two raven black wigs for the two girls. Gretchen often accompanies Lady Jane to enforce some behavior. She fixes the two beauties with wigs and uncuffs Mielikki's wrists. Then she brings in a wooden stock. Mielikki's head and arms are strapped into place. Her body from neck down is unprotected, vulnerable, and available.

"Today's client wants girls 'au naturale.' This means that we need pubic wigs for you two as well has head hair." Lady Jane explains. "In case you don't know, a public wig is known as a 'merkin.' I'm glad that you two oriental beauties have hairy armpits. Without hirsute pubes and underarms, we might lose this client."

Gretchen applies body glue and affixes the two genital toupees to the girls. Lady Jane goes over the scenario. Mielikki is sentenced to wear a yoke. She was once a princess, but her father lost his kingdom in war. The victorious prince claimed her as spoils of war. She refused his advances, so he had her yoked and available for whomever desired her. To care for her physical needs, a girl from her court, Momoko, attends to her.

"In the beginning," Lady Jane states, "you two are on the bench, kissing and fondling in every way possible. You should try and have several orgasms. You know the routine: French kisses, sixty-nines, and Momoko inserts fingers everywhere."

"Yes, Mistress," Momoko replies.

"Then Gretchen will enter in full dress as a noble. She will be wearing a huge dildo that will be forced into Mielikki's pussy. She will fuck Mielikki for some time," Lady Jane continues, "at last she will pull out and order Mielikki to turn over to be sodomized."

"Oh, Mistress!" Mielikki cries.

"At that point Momoko offers