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A League of Black Slavers tale.

It took away all reasoning, all common sense. She'd acted irrationally. It wouldn't happen again.

A loud knock on the door disrupted her thoughts. She took a deep breath and answered it, relieved to see the man she loved.

"Ante, you're here!" Dez smiled a radiant smile as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Hey, beautiful lady," he said, smiling back. "Ready for our picnic?"

"You bet I am," she replied, ignoring the guilt that nagged her. "I can't wait to spend the day with you." She kissed him then-a long, lingering kiss that swept him away.

Ante kissed her in return, his tongue probing deep inside. He moaned, already feeling the stirring in his crotch. It always amazed him how fast she got him aroused. It took every bit of his strength not to take her in and ravage her. He backed up, breathing hard.

Dez grinned at the state she'd put him in. His condition didn't go unnoticed. The bulge in his shorts was unmistakable. Her gaze held, then drifted upward, and her face broke out in a smile. He looked hysterical with his shirt on the wrong way. "Oh, Ante..." She started to laugh so hard, tears came to her eyes.

"Bloody Hell!" He'd forgotten to turn his T-shirt around. His face turn crimson as tears rolled down Dezerae's cheeks.

Folding his arms across his chest, Ante tried to hide his embarrassment. He was trying hard not to laugh, but her laughter was contagious as she doubled over holding her stomach. He couldn't help but start to chuckle, and he was soon laughing as hard as she.

Brad overheard their laughter. He leaned over the fence, observing them with interest. He watched Dez peel off the shirt, turning it the other way. He grinned when he realized what the giggling was about. Envy filled him. He'd do anything for a girl like her. Maybe someday he'd get lucky. Sighing softly, he watched them as they headed for the truck and sped away.

* * *

Ante was having a hell of a time concentrating on the gravel road. Dez was behaving badly, but he loved every minute of it.

With her seat belt unbuckled, she sat next to him on the bench-seat. She turned to face him, her right hand traveling toward his inner thigh. Dezerae smiled when she heard the sharp intake of his breath. She enjoyed arousing him as she traced the outline of his cock with her fingers. She cuddled closer, slipping her hand inside his shorts.

Pre-cum touched her fingertips as she rubbed them against the satiny tip. She couldn't resist tasting the liquid silk.

Ante watched, mesmerized.

"Shit, the road!" he swore as he jerked the truck back into the proper lane. He had almost forgotten where he was and felt an urge to pull over. He slowed down and set the cruise control, so he would only have to steer. Having his foot on the accelerator at a time like this could get very hazardous.

Ante knew there was no stopping her as she reached down and pulled up his shirt. He gave in when he felt the gentle caress of her lips against his skin.

"Sweet girl," he managed to whisper. His breath quickened as her tongue fluttered back and forth, trailing down his abdomen. It was all he could do to drive when she came to the waistband of his shorts. Somehow, he raised his hips so she could lower them. He groaned-his privates exposed for the entire world to see.

God help me, he thought. Please let this road stay deserted.

Ante knew he could no longer drive this country road. He was quickly responding to Dezerae's tongue. He had to pull over somewhere and fast. He was contemplating where to turn off when a large truck came into full view at the crest of an upcoming hill. His worst fear had materialized.

To make matters worse, the trucker slowed down at the bottom of the hill, coming to a complete stop. There was nowhere to go but straight ahead. Ante tried to ignore the big, burly man giving him the thumbs up signal as he slowly passed. Finally, he gave him a sheepish grin, as if to say, "What can I do?"

Immediately, he took the next left and found himself on a deserted, dead-end road.