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The cool breeze from the ocean instantly made her nipples hard and erect. Her fingers continued to make small circles around the tips...enjoying the sensations that were beginning to course throughout her body....making the soft sighs become soft moans. She gave no thought to anyone as her eyes remained closed and her body came to life beneath her soft caresses. The breeze became stronger as the sun set. The light from inside cast a dim glow upon her.

Her imagination continued to dream and wish for this special lover who could make her body feel on fire...with the need for more. In her mind she could see him...see his lips that held promise as he sucked on her nipples, squeezing while he gently sucked them. Ahhhhh the moans became louder. Her right hand began to rub and massage her inner thigh...going higher and higher as her breathing grew harder and deeper. Mmmmm it felt so good.

She unbuttoned her shorts and slipped her hand inside. With desires now raging she began to rub and massage her clit...while her other hand continued to tease her nipples.

She could smell the ocean....out in nature....thinking of this unknown lover that she ached to feel. Feel his hands and body ....the need now so strong. Still her hands magically igniting her passion and needs.

As her clit was caressed and massaged...she could feel her pussy becoming wet. She opened her legs a little wider as her hand left her breast and joined the other hand. She lifted her hips...just enough to remove her shorts and panties. As she opened her legs again...she felt the rush of the cool air hitting her wet....causing her to gasp and the excitement rushed through her.

Again she closed her eyes and began to rub her so engorged and hard. She slid her fingers over her smooth nether lips....loving how soft they warm. Moans again stirred from deep within as she worked her finger back and forth over her pussy and then dipped inside. Ahhhhhhhhh her body arched slightly at the exquisite feeling of touching herself in this most intimate way. She began to work her finger in and out....very slowly....still imagining her secret lover touching her in like this. As her nipples felt another cool breeze caress them, chills covered her body for she had now slipped another finger inside to begin a rhythm of fingering herself inside that would send her spiraling into orgasm. Faster and faster her fingers moved...delving in and and out...deeper and touching the one spot she had never known about before.

Suddenly she cried out into the night as her body arched and rocked against her fingers while the other hand continued to rub her clit hard. She could feel the flow of her juices coating her fingers but still she continued to feed them to her pussy that now pulled at them with one orgasm after another. For the waves of passion were not abated as with each release another soon followed leaving her panting and weak.

The coolness soon touched her entire body as the breeze picked up....and her body welcomed the cool air. She brought her two drenched fingers to her mouth, and slowly sucked on them as she watched the waves. Her dazed eyes still heavy from her orgasm became a little teary as her aching and swollen pussy reminded her....that there was yet experience.

Down the beach...a good distance away....he sat watching the ocean and stars with his binoculars. The scene he had just witnessed....left him hard and wanting....

He had watched the entire event.