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The first half.

Mmmm. Your belly is shuddering - your thighs shaking. I do believe you're about to have a quick orgasm darling. You can't resist it! YEEESSS! There you cum ... mmmmmmmmmmmm that is sooo beautiful. To feel my lover in the throes of a blissful climax.

You can have my pussy right now Dee. I have my legs wide open. No knickers. Drooling for your lips. Cum Dee - fuck me hard and long. Wowwwww! You are so very gorgeous and horny. Make me cum ...tongue fuck my and slip your finger in my bum ... OMG OMG .... Oooooooo ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!

Phew! You haven't lost your touch. Do you still have sex with your girlfriend??

Sarah xxx

Oh Sarah,

You are so naughty, but I need you, I want you. I'm in my meeting, so very short email, but omg I'm so horny.

Love you

Dee xxxxxx


Phew, I'm back in my office now, grabbing a bite to eat. I know you know what I would rather be eating now. Yes, I still see my gf, but not on a regular basis, I feel my sex drive was lowered after you and I stopped, but wow - has it started again. This weekend was a blur, I couldn't stop thinking of you, clothes on, clothes off so many times, wish you were there to help, and see.

Love you lots

Dee xxxxx

PS. Please email me if you get chance, I love reading and imagining ... I'm so naughty, please spank me.

Hey Dee!

Time for a quickie only! I might have to take your knickers down and spank your bottom before slipping my hand between the crack of your bum and pressing three fingers in the wetness I can feel there. Bending you over the desk and thrusting four fingers inside you. Fucking you hard and deep - I can hear you crying out with lust and pain! My other hand is groping your tits - squeezing ther nipples. Twisting them OMG Dee, yo are soaking wet - I shall take your knickers off and wear them myself for the rest of the day, feeling the warmth of your pussy against mine. I shall have lots and lots of little orgasms as I think of it. Mmmmmmm

Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hiya Sexy Sarah,

Omg, it was so lucky you weren't online, my boss walked in just after we logged off, I would have been caught, knickers down around my ankles and my pussy so so wet.

Oh please make love to me, come to my bed now, yesssss, kiss me darling, feeling your erect nipples, running my hand to your bottom, so smooth, omg Sarah, I love your bottom, running my hands over your cheeks, kneeling on you, your laying face down, I kiss your neck as my hand fondles your bum, oh so soft, you open your legs and my fingers find your waiting clit, oh baby, it's so big, so wet, gently rubbing it, I move down and place my tongue on your growing bud, my fingers slowly entering your cunt, I lick your clit, feeling you shudder, my tongue enters you, in I feel your grab my tongue, deeper, my fingers rubbing your ashore, I hear you moan as I tongue fuck you, my finger going deeper into your ass, you kneel up so I can eat your cunt and fuck your asshole. Cum baby, cum for me, I feel you starting to cum, pushing your ass onto my finger, my tongue deep inside your cunt. Cum baby, yesssssssss aaaggghhhhhh ... omg I'm cuming baby ... yessssssssss.

Sarah, I love you

Dee xxxxx

(That afternoon I logged on and found Dee 'available' in messenger.)

'Hey Sarah darling!!'

'Are you at home Dee?'

'Yes this afternoon.'

'Mmmm .... Well Hubby is out at the moment.'

'So I have you all to myself.'

'Yes ... ready to be reunited.'

'Mmmmmmm I'm all yours darling.

Gosh Dee - such a long time since we chatted ... you were in NY ... '

'I know, I never thought it would happen ever again.'

'And I haven't chatted to anyone else since!!



I haven't either Sarah. Just waiting for us to get together again.

In this warm sunshine, I'm wearing a loose top and open knickers! Just for you Dee. How about a long kiss??

Sarah? Pleaseeeeeee. Omg ... I've missed you ... mmmm lips together again - thought I would never kiss you more.

I love the taste of your lipstick.

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