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Jonathon groaned loudly and she felt his hands wrap in her hair holding her to him.

He began to move thrusting into her mouth, gently at first but with increasing power. He pushed to hard, forcing the cock deeper in her mouth than Claire wanted. She tried to pull away but he held her head still and kept thrusting.

"No girl," he hissed at her, "you keep sucking till I cum. I want to fuck your face." Claire gave a squeal of protest that was cut off as he thrust his cock right down her throat making her gag. Claire fought against the gagging; she did not dare throw up here and now. Forcing herself to stay calm Claire felt his cock thrusting into her mouth and began to suck on it as hard as she could. She ran her hands up to feel his balls. She used every trick she knew to make him cum. Tickling his balls, sucking hard on him, and licking the head. Finally after what seemed to Claire ages he gave a sharp grunt. She felt his cock jerk and a second later her mouth was full of his cum. Jonathon held her head still and Claire swallowed feeling his cum sliding down her throat.

He released her quickly and moved back to the chair. Sat down gasping for breath looking at her. Claire knelt feeling dirty and cheap. She was being his prostitute and knew that to save her father and sister she would do anything she was told to. She sniffed forcing back a tear. Jonathon saw it and laughed.

"Crying girl and we've only just started." He laughed again and gestured to the desk "In the top draw there are some toys. Pick one and come back here." Claire climbed to her feet and walked over to the desk feeling his eyes on her back all the way. She opened the draw and looked in. Sat in the draw were several vibrators. There were small ones, big ones, gold and silver ones, and ones made to resemble a man's cock. Claire stared at them for a minute. Then she reached down and picked one. A large rubber one shaped like a cock. She carried it back to stand in front of Jonathon. He smiled at her choice.

"That's quiet popular," he told her. "Now I want you to use that on yourself. Make yourself cum. I want to see what you look like when you orgasm." Claire nodded and sank down till she was kneeling again. She switched the vibrator on feeling it's motion in her hand then began to run it over her body. The soft vibration made her skin tingle as it touched her. She moved it down to her pussy rubbing the head of the vibrator on the lips before pushing it deeper. The sensation of the vibrator inside her sent a shiver up her back. It was only then that she realised she was actually turned on by the situation. It was a shock to her. She should have been scared or horrified by this. She was being made to carry out sexual acts against her wishes. But instead it turned her on. As she pushed the vibrator into her body she knew it would not be long before she was cumming.

She began to slide the vibrator in and out of her pussy at the same time her free hand slid over her body. Cupping her breasts gently rubbing her sensitive nipples. Then moving down to her clit rubbing it softly. Claire gasped as she fingered herself, rubbing her clit in the way she knew was good. She was pushing the vibrator deeper and harder into her now. Taking almost all of it in her pussy. She hung back onto her elbows gasping and moaning hard at the growing feelings inside her. She could feel Jonathon's eyes on her, burning into her with the intensity of his stare. The fact that she was turning him on added to her feelings. She hissed as her fingers rubbed over her clit making her shift and writhe in pleasure. Then when she could stand it no longer she pushed the vibrator as far in her as she could and focused both hands on her clit. Rubbing it hard. It took only a few seconds for her to cum. With a shuddering gasp she let the orgasm explode over her.

"Well," Jonathon said after she had cum, "that was quiet a display.