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He heard water running and her gargling, then a spit, from two rooms away. He splashed water on his face as she came back toward the hallway. Her breasts hopped with her as she jumped over scattered clothes. In the hall she grabbed another washcloth and dampened it in the sink. She touched his belly then turned to the sink where she wiped her face. She had now removed her glasses. Next she wiped around her mouth, though surely she had already done that. While bent over the sink she let her butt gently brush his limp penis, which stirred a bit. She turned to face him and looked at him when she used the wash cloth for one more scrub between her cheeks.

"Oh my God, thank you. That was so hot, and you're so good. Oh, did ... did that freak you out?" She asked and then she lifted the lid of the toilet to then sit down.

"Uh, well... yeah a little," but he responded to her look with, "but God, it was so good. I'm amazed at what you can do. How do you tighten yourself like that?"

"I do an exercise called Kegels. I'll show you." She took his hand and lowered it to her still warm, but now dry pussy.

He held back and asked, "Uh, what are you getting ready to...?"

"Oh, you spooged some in my ass, I'm just going to get it out. This will help." With her other hand she had gotten some tissue. She dragged two of his fingers to her pussy, right to the inside of the hole. She closed around his fingertips in a motion like light sucking, and then she wiped her rear with the tissue. She stood up slowly to keep his fingers inside her and gave him another three squeezes and a wink. "I'm all clean," she said in a deep playful voice, and he could smell the mouthwash. She bent over right in front of his penis and lightly brushed it again with a swing of her ass. When she came up she handed him his beer and dropped the washcloths in a nearby hamper.

"Thank you," she said stooping to pick up her clothes, "so much." Then she paused and let a thoughtful look cross her features.. "She gave his limp penis a couple of mouthy kisses on the head. After another pause she gave it one long one inside her mouth. He felt he could swell to fill her mouth as it rushed to partial erection. "Mmm," she said studying it. "Yes, thank you."

They went back to her room, and he gathered his clothes while she put her denim jacket on. She bent to put on her skirt as he turned to put on his underwear, and she had another thought. She backed her ass to him, and his interested dick sought her warmth again. With one hand she clasped the back of his knee, and she brought them together. His cock nuzzled in the gap a moment as it tried to rise. She hiked onto her toes and continued to press against him as his erection rose to fill her labia, the head pointing to her clit. He felt her open and verily chomp at him with her entry which coated him with her juices again. With just a little help from her hand she popped him back inside herself with an "Ah."

Because of their height difference she had to stay on her toes, and with both hands on her hips he had to lift a little to press in. Now barely on her toes she let out a little "oomp" as she was speared - held almost aloft with his hands and his penetrating member. Again she used her opening muscles to clasp on, and as he drew out their first stroke of this coupling he saw a tight ribbon of membrane draw out with his cock - just a little bit. His first thrusts were strong and deep - all the way and she issues another "oomp" with each.

"Are you Okay?"

"You bet I am, just get it man, go," she said - the strain in her voice from trying to get her ass so high.

"What about condoms?"

"Just ... I got ya, just go."

He turned the both of them around to put her knees on the bed. She clambered up still keeping him within a firm grip. "Come on, go."

He laid in immediately with firm, deep and relentlessly steady strokes - each to his depth.