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You watch me with your wife.

"Ah, shit!" Kevin suddenly yells as his cock starts to shoot cum out.

Sophia and I jump from our seats laughing and running for the exit. We run outside and Sophia wipes the cum from her hands on her shirt as we continue laughing. Kevin comes running out a minute later. Sophia and I laugh even harder when we look at Kevin. His cock is still hanging out of his shorts with cum still dripping from it. Kevin grins at us before joining in on the laughter.

When we pile into the car Sophia wraps her arm around me and whispers into my ear, "My pussy is really wet."

She pulls away and starts up the car. As we back out of the parking space, she throws me a wink. We drive for the next few minutes and I assume we are going home until she turns into Perdido Gardens Park. It is a good sized park with a lot of places that are secluded while still public at the same time.

Sophia takes us to one of those spots and we all pile out of the car. Mine and Kevin's attention go straight to Sophia as she starts to remove her shorts. She gives us a quick peek at us, checking to see if we are watching her. As if we wouldn't be. Sophia slowly slips her shorts off her ass and then down her lovely shapely legs.

The first thing I notice is the V-string she is wearing. The small string covers her tight little asshole and her ass cheeks jiggle a little as she steps out of her shorts. She slips off her shirt with her back still turned to us. Sophia turns around, facing us with the shirt still in her hand. Her breasts look like they are ready to bust free from her bra.

My eyes travel down her lovely fit body until they settle on her crotch. I can feel my cock starting to get hard in my shorts and as I look to Kevin I can see his is doing the same. She bends over to put her shirt on the ground and her luscious breasts pop out of her bra. Her nipples are hard as rocks as her breasts hang down. When she stands back up, her breasts do a little bounce.

I move over to her and gently cup her breast in my hand as I look at Kevin then back to Sophia. I wrap my mouth over her nipple, sucking gently on it as I squeeze her breast. Sophia moans softly as she strokes at my hair with her hand. Kevin joins me a few seconds later and her starts to caress her other breast. It runs all over and around as I take her nipple in between my fingers a pinch lightly.

"Ahhh boys, that feels good," Sophia moans as her eyes go closed.

I pull away and Kevin takes over, grabbing both her breasts. He moves his mouth up to one and runs his tongue around her nipple before flicking it, teasing it. Then he takes her nipple into his mouth and sucks on it. Sophia starts to moan softly as he does.

Sophia suddenly pushes Kevin away, smiles and says, "I'm naked, why aren't you two?"

We both peel off our clothes revealing our raging cocks. Sophia gets onto her knees as her hands quickly wrap around both our cocks. She squeezes at my cock as she starts to work her hands back and forth on our cocks as we stand above her. Kevin's cock oozes down Sophia's hand as my cock throbs and twitches.

I smile at Kevin as Sophia lets go of my cock and crawls over in front of him on her knees, never taking her hand from his cock. Sophia uses her tongue to lick at his precum. She licks it from his cockhead and from her hand.

"That feels good," Kevin moans as I start to stroke my cock.

Sophia starts to work her mouth around his cock, moving it up and down. Within moments her head is bobbing wildly up and down on his cock. Then suddenly, Kevin steps back from her mouth as his cock pops from it. He grunts and cum shoots out on her face and in her hair. A blast of cum catches her in the eyes and drips to her nose. I laugh, unable to help myself.

Sophia grins and jumps on me, pushing me to the ground and onto my back.

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