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Her memories of last night.

Mistress rode my face through her orgasm and eventually sank against the bed, her breathing rapid and deep. Still locked in place, I began lapping the juices from her thighs, avoiding her too-sensitive clit.

When she recovered, Mistress unlocked me and kissed me deep again, telling me I was the best pussy eater she had ever known. I flushed at the compliment. We relaxed together for little while, laying on the best for a glass of vodka and some light conversation. I grew anxious after a while. Had she rolled a 1? Was the night over? Eventually, though, she took my drink from me and propped a pillow upright against the bedhead. "Sit against the bedhead, toy."

I sat, and she tied my wrists to the bedposts, my arms reaching out to the sides. An additional binding at the elbows gave me support and made the arrangement inescapable. She spread my legs as wide as they could comfortably go, and smiled broadly at the sight. "Stay there a moment." Yeah, as if I could go anywhere. She returned with a camera and snapped a couple of photos of me. "This is too nice to miss."

When she was done, Mistress produced her favorite vibrator, a long pink one with a clit stimulator. She sat opposite me, her legs spread and over mine. She was so close, within easy touching distance ... and yet I could not. Mistress grinned wickedly and popped the tip of the vibe into her mouth, giving it a wicked teasing blowjob which I could feel from memory, my cock iron-hard at the sight of her show and at the memory of just how good it feels. Leaning back slightly, she eased the vibe slowly inside her pussy, all the way in until the clit stimulator connected. Oh, how I envied that fucking vibe. I wanted to be inside her, feeling the tightness of her pussy, not watching some vibe take her instead.

When it was in, she turned it on low, and began stroking gently. Her eyes became unfocussed her head lolled back, as the vibes and the strokes, and the buzzing of her clit, transported her. I was irrelevant to her at that moment, all that mattered were the waves of sensation flowing into her from the vibrator. It was one hell of a show, her breasts moving and swaying with her body, her muscles tensing, relaxing, then tensing again. Where her legs crossed mine, I could feel even those muscles responding. Mistress' other hand began toying with her nipples, gently pinching them, rolling them between finger and thumb.

I felt my muscles tensing too, my arms pressing uselessly against the ropes; my hips humping pathetically into nothing, my cock bobbing, seeking but finding nothing. It was so erotic, yet so utterly frustrating.

The speed of the vibrations increased, followed shortly by the speed of her strokes. Soft moans became higher pitched and shorter. Her eyes were completely closed now, her entire body focused on her pussy and clit. The futile thrusting of my hips matched her for pace, but not for sensation. Faster, she went, and faster. Her high pitched yips came closer and closer together until a low, continuous groan replaced them, starting deep within her and building up, her hand working faster and faster as the groan rose, until every muscle in her entire body tensed at once. She teetered on the edge, then fell over it, a crashing orgasm flowing through her, leaving her slumped back on the bed, quivering, the vibe falling from her to rest between her legs, her pussy splayed wide, so close to me yet so unreachable. All I could do was watch, and try to remember to breathe occasionally.

I have no idea how long Mistress lay there.