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Lorraine, Alex, and Chrissy.

She was fully enthralled by the couple that she hadn't noticed her own hand was on her chest, slowly rubbing her arm across her breasts.

Alex pulled her attention away from the couple, now fully having rough, drunken sex, and kissed her deeply. His hand replaced her arm on her breasts as he rubbed her nipples through her shirt. She let out a quiet moan into his mouth and moved her hand to his throbbing manhood. She began to run her hand up and down the length as he began to kiss her neck once more. She pushed him back against the wall, knocking a few clothes off their hangers, barely making enough noise to cover the loud thumping and moaning of the couple outside. She dropped to her knees and rubbed him more through his pants. The teasing was beginning to overcome him when she put her teeth on the rim of his pants and pulled so they came unbuttoned and then unzipped them.

She ripped the pants down; his boxers were tight as his large erection pointed as her face. She pulled his boxers down and his cock with them. After enough force, it broke free from the hold and sprung back up towards her face. She stared for a second; taking in the sight then slowly ran her hands up his legs and to his cock. She grabbed it with one hand and ran the other down to the base then to his balls. She positioned her head underneath him and put her tongue right at the base and slowly ran it up to the bottom of the head and flicked her tongue at the end. He shivered in intense pleasure and leaned his head back against the wall.

She opened her mouth and took the head in between her lips and let her tongue dance around the very tip of his head then slowly slid it further into her mouth. Her tongue did things to Alex that he had never knew were possible. She started to take him in to her mouth faster and his hips started to rock with the motion. After a few minutes of this, she pulled him out of her mouth and moved down, flicking her tongue across the very bottom of his sack. She ran her tongue up from the bottom back to the base of his cock and then ran her tongue back up and took him back in her mouth.

He pulled out of her mouth and pulled her up to him, embracing her, thanking her for what she had just given him. He slipped out of his pants fully and pushed her against the wall. He pulled off her shirt and tossed it behind him. He took one glance out the door and saw the man had the girl on her knees, ramming her from behind. Alex quickly moved his mouth down her neck to her firm breasts. His tongue found the nipple of her right breast and began to circle it and flick it. He took it in his mouth and lightly suckled it before moving to the other. She let out more gasps of pleasure as he worked on her chest.

He began to move back up to her neck and he ran his hand down and under his skirt. He found her bare ass and squeezed it, bringing her close to him. His exposed cock slid between her legs, pushing the skirt against her hot pussy. He moved his hand up and found the rim of her lace thong and pulled it down and let it fall to her feet. His hand pulled her leg up to his side and the other unsnapped the skirt and tossed it aside. He then ran his hand down her stomach and over her smooth mound and over her soft lips. He teased the outside of her wet opening, spreading her juices all over her lips and onto her clit. Her hands tightened their grip on his shoulders as his finger rubbed her throbbing nub.

He ran back down and let his finger slip inside her. Her walls were slick and warm, inviting his finger in deeper. He ran it deeper inside then pulled it out and put it back in again. She let out a sigh and put her face into his shoulder as he pushed another finger inside. He worked his fingers around her hot opening until she couldn't take it anymore. She pushed his hand away and grabbed his cock guiding him to her slit.

She looked deep into his eyes; the only light in the closet came from the cracks in the door.

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