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"Plenty of time for this later." She whispered before stealing on last quick peck and backing away.

"Tease." Rachel whispered before turning and following her up the hill.

It too the girls most of the day to get to the camp site but it was well worth the time they'd spent on the hike. It was just a few feet from a shallow stream and completely surrounded by tall trees. Rachel was former military and Sara had plenty of experience in the Girl Scouts so between the two of them it only took a few minutes to get the tent up and water boiling over a small campfire.

"You know I really love the outdoors." Rachel mused as she lay back on her sleeping bag. She'd only agreed to set the tent up as a precaution for rain, if she had any choice in the matter she'd sleep out here under the stars which were out in full effect. A breathtaking sea of stars completely coated the sky, too many for anybody to count.

"Yeah me to." Sara replied taking a stick and lazily poking at the flames then opening bag and pouring the contents into the bag. Sara had taken her khaki's off as soon as she'd gotten her sleeping bag set up. She was still dressed in her white shirt but now she had a pair of plain white panties on as well. The way she was sitting with her legs crossed the fire dancing over her displayed slender thighs. "C'mere." Sara cooed beckoning her lover over.

"What if somebody sees?" Rachel replied sheepishly pulling her sleeping back up around herself. There really wasn't any need though; the only clothing she'd taken off was her boots which were sitting next to the fire.

"There is nobody out here." Sara replied with a wicked grin as she pulled her shirt up and over her head tossing it aside. Beneath she was wearing a plain white bra; she smiled shaking her chest at Rachel. "Trust me; we're completely alone out here." She whispered reaching back and unhooking her bra to reveal her creamy white breasts.

One last nervous look around convinced Rachel that the two were indeed alone. The dark skinned beauty crawled from one sleeping bag to the next finally pressing her lips to Sara's. As always her lover responded instantly wrapping her arms around Rachel gently tugging at her shirt. There wasn't much resistance from the larger woman as her olive drab shirt was pulled off and tossed next to her boots. "I've wanted to do this for a long time." Rachel whispered softly, letting her tongue slip between her lips exploring Sara's throat.

Meanwhile Sara tried to unfasten Rachel's black bra. Normally it wouldn't have been complicated at all but in the dancing shadows and her excitement she couldn't work the clasp. "Rachel." She gasped gently biting down on her shoulder and slipping her fingers beneath the bra strap. Instead of releasing the clasp she just pulled at the bra until Rachel's D-cup breasts were released into the warm night air.

"Ooooh." Rachel gasped as the warm air caressed her flesh. She could feel the blood rushing through her body hardening her nipples. The gasp melted into a moan as Sara's lips abandoned Rachel's shoulder and traveled down her chest. Sara didn't go straight for the nipple, instead she slowly worked her way over the succulent flesh, licking and kissing over Rachel's breasts. Her lips were so close that Rachel could feel her breath wash over her nipple but she kept her lips a few inches away.

"You like that?" Sara asked slowly trailing her tongue slowly over Rachel's stomach, circling her naval then lightly dipping into it.